Sweet Saturday Sample from American Historical Romance Enemy of the King

As October 7th is the anniversary of the Battle of King’s Mountain, (1780)  that turned the tide of the American Revolution in favor of the Patriots and figures prominently in my book, I thought I’d feature an excerpt from Colonial American Historical romance novel Enemy of the King.  I’d rate the sample PG, but the book itself would approach an R rating.

Description: 1780, South Carolina: While Loyalist Meriwether Steele recovers from illness in the stately home of her beloved guardian, Jeremiah Jordan, she senses the haunting presence of his late wife. When she learns that Jeremiah is a Patriot spy and shoots Captain Vaughan, the British officer sent to arrest him, she is caught up on a wild ride into Carolina back country, pursued both by the impassioned captain and the vindictive ghost.

Will she remain loyal to her king and Tory twin brother or risk a traitor’s death fighting for Jeremiah? If Captain Vaughan snatches her away, he won’t give her a choice.

South Carolina, spies and intrigue, a vindictive ghost, the battle of King’s Mountain, Patriots and Tories, pounding adventure, pulsing romance…ENEMY OF THE KING.

“An amazing and vibrant look into the American Revolution…this sexy historical is a must read!” ~Coffee Time Romance And More


Annoyance thrust through him like molten steel. “Oh, for heaven’s sake. So now you’re not speaking to me?”

Meriwether got to her feet in a rustle of silk and addressed Neal with a regal tilt of her chin. “I should like to freshen up. Ensign Gamble, would you be so good as to direct me?”

Jeremiah stood shirtless, in leather breeches and riding boots. A shaft of sunlight played over her father’s sword hanging at his side and the dazzling glow of her gown. “You’re speaking to him?” he demanded.

Neal shot him a triumphant grin.

“Ensign Gamble is otherwise engaged,” Jeremiah said coldly.

“I am at the lady’s service.”

Jeremiah shook his head, ready to rip Neal’s from his arrogant neck. “I shall escort Miss Steele.”

“I do not require your services, Captain Jordan.”

“Oh for the love of—” He’d had more than enough. “You are dependent on me for everything. Your very life.”

“Until I reach Bobby.”

Outrage rifled through him. “After last night! Are you out of your mind?”

“Bobby will make Ferguson see I’m innocent!”

Jeremiah grasped her slender shoulders and bent toward her speaking in a low growl. “You are not innocent. You fired on an officer of the crown, and you are not going to the British. It’s too risky by half and damn disloyal to me.”

Her lip quivered, but she didn’t shrink from him. “I’m a Tory, remember?”

“When you pulled that trigger, you joined the Patriots.”


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11 responses to “Sweet Saturday Sample from American Historical Romance Enemy of the King

  1. Jennifer Lowery~Writer

    Shirtless, leather breeches and riding boots—yummy! Another great sample, Beth.


  2. So… How is she NOT distracted by a shirtless Jeremiah? Lol Or maybe she is. Great sample!


  3. I suspect she is, and thanks!


  4. Awesome sample, and great final line. This is going on my wish list.


  5. Your excerpt really showed the conflict between Meriwether and Jeremiah, as well as Jeremiah’s frustration. Good scene.


  6. You have a great story here. Yes, that last line was great


  7. I’d love to read and find out how he convinces her she really is a Patriot! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Love this snippet.. you portray his impatience so well!


  9. These two sizzle all over the page! Sounds like a great read!


  10. Thanks so much guys.


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