Lovely Review for Red Bird’s Song

5.0 out of 5 stars Rousing romantic adventure will reward lovers of history~

Charity Edmondson flees the prospect of an unwanted marriage to a childhood friend only to become the captive of a Shawnee warrior. Once her life becomes entwined with that of the handsome and passionate Wicomechee, her destiny becomes one with the proud Shawnee. Her family and friends have suffered great losses at the hands of the Shawnee tribe, and Charity has a great fear of her Indian captor and his clan. However, his patience, honor, and surprising gentleness soon show Charity that there is more than one side to the conflicts between the Shawnee and the settlers and their army.
Wicomechee claims Charity for his wife, and she soon carries his child. They face many perils on the journey to the lodge of Wicomechee’s grandfather, and their enemies are numerous and varied in their harmful intent. The man Charity once feared becomes the man whom she cannot live without, and the two of them forge an undeniable love and unbreakable bond. When the truth of Wicomechee’s true heritage is revealed, many lives are changed and the future becomes uncertain. Will the bravest of warriors leave the life he has always known to protect the woman he loves more than his own life?
With “Red Bird’s Song”, Beth Trissel has painted an unforgettable portrait of a daring and defiant love brought to life in the wild and vivid era of Colonial America. Highly recommended for lovers of American history and romance lovers alike!

2 responses to “Lovely Review for Red Bird’s Song

  1. Congrats on the great review. It was a wonderful book.
    Sue B


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