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Time Travel Romance Somewhere in the Highlands On Sale for .99

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Time Travel Romance

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Time Travel Romance

Time travel romance novella Somewhere in the Highlands is reduced from 2.99 to .99 through March 31st at Amazon.
Story BlurbThe MacDonalds are coming! When Elizabeth MacDonald (a.k.a Beezus Mac) thrusts a sealed gold box at Angus Fergus amid panicked requests for him to hide the stolen artifact, she has no idea the ancient cloth it contains bestows unearthly powers. Red MacDonald knows and he’s hell-bent on traveling 400 years into the future to claim the charmed relic, even kill for it. Protecting Beezus from his old nemesis is only one of Fergus’s problems. Before they can stop him, Morley MacDonald, descendant of Red MacDonald, snatches the prize and leaps through the time portal to head the MacDonald clan and kill Fergus’s MacKenzie ancestor. If he succeeds, Fergus will cease to exist.

Danger grows in the feud between the MacDonalds and the MacKenzies as the pair, along with an ingenious friend and high tech inventions, returns to 1604 Scotland to face these brawny Highlanders and reunite with kin. Will Fergus overcome his mistrust of Beezus and fan the growing spark between them before they battle Morley? If he waits, it may be too late.

Old Victorian StaircaseExcerpt From Chapter One:

Early November 2011, a Victorian home in historic Staunton, Virginia

Footfalls pounded down the stairs from the second story. A woman cried, “They’re coming!”

Beezus? Angus Fergus lowered his leather recliner with a thump. “Who is?”

Long brown hair spilling down over her red Trekkie T-shirt dress and hoodie, Beezus Mac tore into his living room. Particularly surprising as Fergus hadn’t even realized she was in the house.

“Here!” She thrust an ornate gold box at him. “Hide this!”

He set his laptop on the end table beside the jellyfish mood lamp and ‘There is no try, only do,’ Yoda coffee mug, and sprang to his feet. Warily, he took from her hands the gilded chest, its metal cold in his grasp. The only other light in the room came from the laserpod streaming a starry blue galaxy on the ceiling making everything appear surreal, especially her find—or take.

He gaped into her frightened eyes. “What is it?”

Darting glances over a slender shoulder, she insisted, “No time to explain. They’re coming. The MacDonalds are coming.”

An old fear welled in him. “All of them?”

“Not certain. I heard shouting behind me.”

Lock and Key series7No angry bellows reverberated in the old home. Yet. “Beezus, what have you done?”

She gulped out, “I borrowed your energy field detector—”

“Absconded with it, you mean.”

“And went through the portal,” she rushed on. “Only supposed to be an in and out job, but I was seen in the crypt.”

He dropped his gaze to the shine of gold. The reliquary had a disturbingly familiar design associated with some seriously bad mojo. It came to him—Raiders of the Lost Ark!

“Cripes, Beezus. Tell me you didn’t steal the Ark of the Covenant.” According to the Old Testament, anyone who touched it was zapped by a bolt from heaven.

“The original is God knows where, and considerably larger, Fergus. This is from Persia, or some ancient place, carried to Scotland by the Knights Templar.”

fierce highlanderThat accounted for it winding up with the MacDonalds. “Any idea how many irate Scotsmen are on your tail?”

“Might only be one. Sounded like more shouting than that.”

“If it’s the fiend I’ve encountered, all it takes is one.”

Fergus raced to a corner of the room, flipped open the head on the life-sized droid, a replica of R2-D2, and stuck the jewel-like chest inside its body at a vertical angle. He snapped the head shut. Turning around, he ran into the front hall, making a mental note to find a new place to stash his stuff now that Beezus knew of his secret safe—assuming he lived that long. He grabbed the lightsaber from the Chinese urn holding canes and umbrellas in the foyer.

Beezus followed at his heels. “But that’s just a toy!”

“Actually—” He hit a switch on the end and the weapon of the Jedi came to green glowing life. “It’s a taser. I made a few alterations.”

She drew up. “Cool.” Even in her near panic, she sounded impressed.

“Grab a stout walking stick while we’re at it.”

Springing to action, she snatched a heavy knobbed cane with an impish monkey head.

“You would choose that one.” The same cane Neil had wielded in pursuit of the Red MacDonald two years ago. Fergus pivoted and made for the winding staircase. “What were you doing back in the MacDonald camp at Domhnall castle?”

She clambered behind him. “That’s where the portal leads.”

“Still? I figured the portal would’ve shifted after it closed.”

ancient doorWhen he last passed through the wormhole connected to the mysterious door upstairs, it had been from the crypt below the castle chapel. He’d magnified the sensor in his energy field detector to pick up any activity, however slight, but not a blip or a buzz—until now. And Beezushad been the one to find it?

Annoyance and alarm melded in the flood of emotion coursing through him. “And you went through it because?”

“That reliquary should be mine. I’m the rightful MacDonald descendant.”

“How do you figure? There are hundreds of them, even got their own restaurant. You may have heard of it, Mickey D’s?

“Not this line. And I’ve got the key to open that chest.”

She probably swiped that too. In a flash of insight he realized Beezus Mac must be short for Elizabeth MacDonald.

“Why don’t the original MacDonalds have the key?”

“Lost it during one of the raids on the castle. It turned up later in the family. Domhnall’s in ruins now.”

Retro Keyhole“And the gold box I just hid?”

She panted, “In a Scottish Museum.”

Exactly where it belonged. Fergus never should’ve told her about the wormhole linked with this house and his adventure through it two years ago. In a moment of weakness, punch-drunk from too much caffeine, lulled by those bewitching golden-brown eyes and an overpowering desire to share with someone, he’d succumbed.

She’d hung around the perimeter of his cyber circle, a geek wannabe, or so he’d thought. A recent transplant to Staunton, she’d appeared on his doorstep as though drawn to him, the fortunate chosen one. He should have realized no woman that good-looking paid him much notice without an ulterior motive. If only he wasn’t so attracted to her.

“You’re fortunate you didn’t get stranded back there. The portal’s unpredictable.”

She was practically on his heels. “This is bad enough. You’ve got to keep the MacDonalds from coming through.”

“I can’t close a fricking wormhole, Beezus. Just drive back anyone emerging through it.”  Or die trying.

In his Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock T-shirt and jeans, he wouldn’t appear much of a threat to a 17th century Highland chieftain. But it was imperative to keep the Red MacDonald out of the house and the 21st century altogether. His last appearance here had fatal consequences. The man was a murderer, vowing vengeance. And none too fond of Fergus.

Well, the feeling was mutual.

full moon and clouds--blue-black night sky, hauntingFergus tore down the upstairs hall lit by the floral china lamp on the table along one gold print wall. A full moon shone through the windows, the old glass wavy in the light.


At the end of the passage stood the intricately carved door, the oak darkened with age. The stained glass archway above it fanned out in a half circle of saffron, red, and gold like the entry to a chapel. The door to nowhere, so called as it led out onto a nonexistent balcony. But nothing could be further from the truth when the portal opened.

The aged wood swung wide.

Through the blackened archway appeared the demon Fergus dreaded ever to meet again, Red MacDonald. Shadows dulled the fiery mane blowing over his scarlet and green plaid, but Fergus spotted the great sword slung across one broad shoulder in leather back scabbard. The hilt of the claymore protruded above the giant’s shoulder blade.

One step closer and stout legs encased in full-length green trews came into view. Then those glittering blue eyes.

Man's_face_and_eyesHow he hated those eyes.

The enraged Scotsman pierced him with a glare. “You!”

A primal yowl tore from some place deep inside Fergus and he raised his lightsaber.~

***Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Time Travel Romance Somewhere in the Highlands is the sequel to Somewhere My Lass. Available in kindle at Amazon.

New Release Bash: “Dark Sentinels Prequel” by Dariel Raye

Welcome to my friend, Dariel Raye, here to tell us about her new release and a bit about the others.

Dariel: In response to readers’ questions and requests, there’s a new addition to my award-winning “Dark Sentinels” series! “Dark Sentinels Prequel” is LIVE. Here’s the cover and blurb for the new release as well as information about other available books in the series.

Dark Sentinels Prequel

“Dark Sentinels Prequel”

Sometimes a girl has to go the extra mile to capture the man she loves, especially when she’s a sentinel wolf shifter from Washington state with no possible mates for miles.

Orphaned in childhood, Dr. Syreena Adler learned at an early age to depend on her twin brother, Sable, and herself, but phone conversations with a Georgia sentinel she’s never seen spark unexpected desire.

Southern red wolf sentinel Cord Velasquez has spent his life atoning for the death of his entire family. He wants a life with Syreena, but when she surprises him with an impromptu visit, the realization of his greatest fear seems inevitable.

Amazon            Barnes and Noble

Dark Sentinels Book One--Sable

Dark Sentinels Book One: Sable  

Sable, a sentinel wolf shifter, is captured and locked in his wolf form until Akila, a veterinarian, tries to tame him and unleashes a 6’5″ baby blue-eyed surprise.

Dr. Akila Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save as many stray animals as possible. The only child of wealthy, yet distant parents, she’s convinced that love is not for her. Until…

Sable’s search for his twin sister leads him to Akila. Born into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others, he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Akila’s loving, protective nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to trust each other enough to overcome a new, deadly enemy.

Dark Sentinels Book Two Torin

 “Dark Sentinels Book Two: Torin”

When greedy land developers set their sights on Dark Sentinel land, Torin turns to attorney Stephanie Bates for help, but she’ll need his protection to stay alive long enough to save his land.

Real estate lawyer, Stephanie Bates, has risen to the top of her field through meticulous sacrifice and goal setting. She has no time for distractions – and that includes pets, messy relationships, and loose ends.

Torin DuMont is a forensic scientist who chose the profession to avoid dealing with people as much as possible. Raised by a stepfather who hated him, he’s been forced to live a life of solitude, fueled by anger and distrust. When wolves and shifters start turning up dead, Torin must battle an enemy bent on destroying those he was born to protect. His greatest challenge, however, is Attorney Bates and the surprising effect she has on his heart.

 On the Web

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            About the Author

The WolfDariel loves books, animals, and all things paranormal. Dariel has written articles for The News Item of Mobile, and Black Health Magazine of Atlanta. A classically trained pianist and vocalist with a degree in piano and vocal performance and a master’s in counseling psychology, she completed studies for a Ph.D. with the exception of her dissertation. She is presently writing a shifter romance series, “Dark Sentinels,”  two Nephilim series with vamp-like heroes, “The Alerians” and “Children of Cain,” several erotic paranormal/fantasy romances inspired by blog flashes, and an erotic fantasy newsletter serial. Lives with a very spoiled Dobie/Coonhound and a passel of black cats. To learn more about Dariel and her books, visit her blog and join her newsletter.

RafflecopterStarts 2/13/2014 – check my blogger site for tour hosts!

How Cancer Influenced a Ghost’s Tale by Author Juli D. Revezzo

benefitsalebannerFrom Juli: Cancer. The big C. Chances are, you’ve known someone in your circle that has had it or you know someone who knows someone who does. It’s something no one wants to think about. There are several strains of it researchers know quite a bit about—breast cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer—and many more that they don’t. Fibrolomellar type Hepatocellular carcinoma it’s called. Ever heard of it? No? I’m not surprised. It’s a rather rare form of liver cancer and only seems to affect young people and has a very high death rate. One in particular, my little brother, dealt with it for many years. He went through every damned form of chemotherapy the doctors had for him, and quite a few experimental ones. A few years ago, the cancer killed him. Yet before that day came he enjoyed all the usual pursuits for a young man. He was incredibly in love with the Lord of the Rings and roller coasters. Tried, for many years—unsuccessfully—to get me on one. One of his biggest loves was horror movies and the holidays—particularly Halloween. For a few years he even worked at a professional haunted attraction in our hometown. He loved Ghost Hunters and shows of its ilk and wanted to go on some paranormal hunting gigs, but never got around to it.

One thing I regret (other than the roller coaster thing. ;)) is that he never got to read my Antique Magic series. I think he would’ve loved (my heroine) Caitlin and her ghosts. Hence why I dedicate them to him. This year, I wanted to do something a little different than just toast his birthday, though. The Fibrolomellar Cancer Foundation is always in need of donations for funding research and so forth so with the release of the next book in the series—Drawing Down the Shades— for the next few days, I’d like to donate my Amazon royalties from the sale of the series, to the group. So if you’ve been thinking about the stories, eyeing them, wondering whether or not to give them a try, why not? The proceeds will go to the FCF and hopefully, do some good. While you, my friends, will get some great stories to pass a winter’s night. The series comprises three stories so far, with a fourth coming next summer, if all goes well. Wanna peek?

The Artist's InheritanceThe Artist’s Inheritance (Antique Magic, book 1)

The balance between good and evil can be an art… or a curse.

Trevor and Caitlin were once happy newlyweds, profiting from Trevor’s art. Until Trevor inherits his brother’s house, and with it, his part of a family curse. Now, Caitlin will stop at nothing to save her beloved husband from insanity and suicide, even if it means she must embrace her destiny and become a witch.

Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (Antique Magic, book 1.5)

Though their fame became legend, a rumor cropped up about the Fulmer family: Something terrifying stalked Caitlin and her beloved Trevor. Something the bits and pieces she left claimed she had to make sense of. When the curator of their collection finds Caitlin’s long forgotten diary, she wonders will it tell the whole tale? Will it tell why Caitlin seemed so determined to tell the difference between reality and nightmare? Why she thought her world twisted? If she really became a witch?

Perhaps the answer lies between the lines of her story, one of lessons, struggles, and hopes for each new year.

What truths will her Book of Shadows reveal?

Drawing Down the Shades - Juli D. RevezzoDrawing Down the Shades (Antique Magic, book 2)

Life is good at Starfort Collectibles until the owners, Caitlin and Trevor Fulmer, acquire a beautiful statuette with a murky past. Shortly thereafter, mysterious hauntings wreak havoc on the couple when a ghost in the attic threatens retribution. Caitlin presses her coven for help before the ghost succeeds in meting out deadly punishment—on Trevor.

The three books are available online at the following:

The Artist’s Inheritance buy links: AmazonBarnes and NobleSmashwords:  For the paperback: Createspace:

Caitlin’s Book of ShadowsAmazonB&NSmashwords:

Drawing Down the Shades: AmazonB&N: And Smashwords:

I hope you enjoy them.

Caitlins book of shadows v6_2smallFrom Beth: I’m sure we will and thanks, Juli. I’m so sorry about your brother. What a great thing to dedicate these stories to him and donate to the cancer fund.

For more on Juli visit her website: http://julidrevezzo.com/

Blog: http://julidrevezzo.com/blog

Like her on FacebookGoogle+:

At Good ReadsManic ReadersPintrestShelfariStoryfinds: Tumblr: Follow her on twitter: @julidrevezzo

Author Lynn Sholes and Native American Historical–Woman of the Mists

Woman of the Mists_Cover ImageWelcome Lynn Sholes, who shares her writing journey and the inspiration behind her NA themed historical novel Woman of the Mists. Lynn is giving away the eBook to someone who leaves a comment. The winner will be announced Monday morning. So you have the weekend.

Lynn: I was a senior in high school when I attended an assembly that had an enduring impact on dreams of my future. I remember hearing the introduction of the guest speaker, James Michener. I was totally mesmerized. In my mind this man seemed to consume the entire stage with his presence. I had read Hawaii and there, right before me, stood the man who had written it. I recall looking at him with such wonder and thinking, wow, that’s what I want to do. I want to be a writer.

Years crept by filled with excuses for putting off my aspiration. First it was I’m going to write a book when I get out of college and then it was when I settled into my marriage and my new job, when the babies were out of diapers, when I wasn’t running carpool everywhere, when the kids were no longer in organized sports, when I could afford to quit my day job. And then I had a birthday that got my attention, and with it came the reality that the time to write was never going come on its own. I had to make the time.

Red-Tailed HawkThe first attempt was an experiment to see if I could sustain 100,000 words. I did. I stored the completed manuscript in a box where it still remains for my eyes only. During that time I learned a lot about myself as a writer and also that the typewriter thing wasn’t working out for me. I needed a computer. So, on the way home from work one day I stopped at a computer store, told the sales person I wanted one of those (an Apple IIc), a printer, and software. I was nervous all the way home because I’d never made a major purchase without discussing it with my husband. My whole family was in shock when I unboxed it and set it up in the dining room. It was obvious they believed I had lost my mind. That night when everyone had gone to bed, I planted myself in front of the tiny green screen excited to begin my book. To my horror I realized I didn’t have anything to say, no story to tell.

Luckily, I was participating with the Broward County Archaeological Society in digs and salvages. One day as I scraped away layers of black muck with my trowel, I uncovered an interesting artifact. Often while we worked on the Indian sites we made up stories about the artifacts. The find that intrigued me that day was a lovely polished columella pendant (the columella is the center spiral of a conch shell). I created a story about how a man had given the pendant to the woman he loved. As I spun the story, I realized this was the seed of the novel I was going to write. At last I had a something to say. The result was WOMAN OF THE MISTS.

Story Blurb:

Long before the arrival of Columbus to the new world, a magnificent and brave people flourished in a verdant tropical land. Their culture, steeped in spiritual life and tradition, provided them sacred wisdom and strength that survived generations.

In this land of abundance, a young a woman, Teeka, surrendered her heart to the shaman’s son, Auro. But when a raiding rival tribe invaded their peaceful village and she was stolen away by their leader, her life changed forever.~

***Amazon Link for Woman of the Mists:

Lynn Sholes_Author ImageAbout Lynn Sholes:

As a native Floridian, Lynn became intrigued by the prehistoric people of Florida as she researched their history and took part in excavations. It was this that birthed the seed ideas of her first six novels, writing as Lynn Armistead McKee. Now writing as Lynn Sholes, she has teamed up with Joe Moore writing international bestselling thrillers. Lynn has presented numerous fiction writing workshops and has been a writing trainer and coach for schools in Broward and Citrus County, Florida. She now writes full time from her home in the Sunshine State.

Visit Lynn Shole’s Amazon Author Page

October Workshop–Herbal Lore and Medicinal Plants in the British Isles–Beth Trissel

herb gardenCome one! Come all! I’m leading this workshop for Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, but it’s also open to the public. For more info and to register visit the link. The workshop runs through October and will be interesting and informative. Although the focus of the herbs are those used historically in the British Isles, if someone has a question about Native American plants, I can help out there too. Be an active participant or a lurker, just don’t nibble on the hemlock while hiding behind the trees. The material can be saved for later perusal. Lively interaction does make the class more fun, however.

English country garden flowers and herbsRegarding homework assignments, (assuming you’re a writer) this isn’t mandatory, but I suggest at some time during the workshop you incorporate one or more of herbs into a scene you’ve written and post it for feedback in the broader group, or email it to me privately and I’ll tell you if I think the herb choice and use seems appropriate. I will post some examples from my own novels. My role is to offer information, inspiration, and kicks and giggles.

For Lovers of Time Travel

castle turretWriting, or reading, a story set in any historical era is traversing time in a way, as would be a futuristic setting, but I’m referring to actual time travel stories. In my Somewhere in Time series the boundaries of time and space are hurdled in various manners. This idea has always fascinated me, also of discovering new lands. I’ve been seeking Narnia since childhood and never gave up the quest. C.S. Lewis is my favorite author and has been since I read his Chronicles of Narnia. I’m nothing if not devoted. Any fellow Narnians out there?

“Things never happen the same way twice.” C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian; The Return to Narnia

A concept I bear in mind while writing.

Door, Old, Fantasy, Halloween, Gothic Style, Mystery, Spooky, Wood, Medieval, Doorway (2)The theme behind my Somewhere in Time series is that the story opens in an old home, so far Virginia (I’m a Virginian with deep roots in this richly historic state), and then transports the reader back in time either in the same wonderful old house (I love old homes), or another place entirely such as the Scottish Highlands. As is the case in Somewhere My Lass and Somewhere in the HighlandsBoth stories convey the characters to and from 17th century Scotland via a portal in time. The unifying characteristic of the series is the paranormal/time travel element, but the stories themselves aren’t necessarily tied together, though some are, and will be. It’s the encompassing theme that matters. Doors play a big role in this series. Behind every door lies a secret, an intriguing puzzle to be solved, so these romances are also suspenseful mysteries.

Fergus, the unlikely hero of my latest release, Somewhere in the Highlandsheads up this fast-paced Sci-Fi Fantasy Time Travel Romance. Untold hours of scheming, dreaming, writing and revising went into the story. Yes, there will be another title in this continuing saga. Don’t ask me when, but plotting is underway. Somewhere in the Highlands is book three in the seriesfollowing Somewhere My Loveand is the sequel to Somewhere My LassSomewhere the Bells Ring is a hauntingly beautiful Christmas romance.

Blurb for Somewhere in the Highlands: 

The MacDonalds are coming! When Elizabeth MacDonald (a.k.a Beezus Mac) thrusts a sealed gold box at Angus Fergus amid panicked requests for him to hide the stolen artifact, she has no idea the ancient cloth it contains bestows unearthly powers. Red MacDonald knows and he’s hell-bent on traveling 400 years into the future to claim the charmed relic, even kill for it. Protecting Beezus from his old nemesis is only one of Fergus’s problems. 

Before they can stop him, Morley MacDonald, descendant of Red MacDonald, snatches the prize and leaps through the time portal to head the MacDonald clan and kill Fergus’s MacKenzie ancestor. If he succeeds, Fergus will cease to exist. Danger grows in the feud between the MacDonalds and the MacKenzies as the pair, along with an ingenious friend and high tech inventions, returns to 1604 Scotland to face these brawny Highlanders and reunite with kin. Will Fergus overcome his mistrust of Beezus and fan the growing spark between them before they battle Morley? If he waits, it may be too late.~


Fergus turned to dive after Hal’s hazy form.

No time to glance at his watch. It had been a mad scramble since they first charged through the portal, but five minutes must’ve passed by now. That truck needed to blow!

A loud boom and bright light answered his prayer.

“Fire in the hole!” Fergus shot down to the hard-packed earth and stone below.

Hal grabbed him, breaking his fall. “Always wanted to shout that, didn’t you?”

“Yep.” Fergus swept his gaze over the faces faintly illuminated by the glow from above. “You guys OK?”

“A relative term,” Hal grunted. “But tolerable.”

Beezus gave a short nod. 

“This place is just as charming as I remember. No wider,” Fergus noted.

“Real cozy,” Hal said under his breath.

“Dug by dwarves, I expect. You may need to crouch down as we go along.”

“Counting on it.” Hal again. Beezus was sucking in deep gulps of air.

Fergus fished in a pocket for the LED flashlight and flipped it to green. That hue made everyone appear garish, but would show up less in the gloom. Beezus looked scared spitless, and with good reason. Morley might as well have painted a big red X on her. She was ‘it.’ But Fergus would die before he’d let Morley take her. The problem was, he might not still be here to stop him.

No room to ponder that challenge now. The clicking that emanated from Hal told Fergus his quick-witted friend had retrieved his ultrasonic device to better navigate their way. He’d better think fast too.

“Here, Beezus.” Fergus pressed the flashlight into her trembling fingers. “We can’t risk you bringing up the rear in case we’re pursued and you’re snatched again. Shine this ahead and follow the tunnel. Hal will go next and me last. And don’t look too closely at your surroundings.” He remembered his last trek through this tunnel with rats scattering across their feet, not to mention spiders and pushing through cobwebs. Wishing he could take her into his arms, Fergus laid a hand on her shoulder. “We’re right behind you. And if all goes as planned, Niall waits ahead.”

She lifted a quivering chin, resolve in her eyes. “Watch your back.” Snatching up trailing skirts with one hand, she directed the light with the other.

Angry voices sounded overhead.

Fergus snapped, “For God’s sake, don’t they ever give up?” 

“That would be a negative, Captain,” Hal said gruffly.

somewhere_my_lass_resized 2He tailed Beezus and Fergus brought up the rear. At least the really big men couldn’t get through this narrow pass. That still left a considerable foe. Of course, Fergus had smoke bombs inside his coat to toss over his shoulder. And he did. Luckily the breeze was in his favor.

Coughs and curses carried from behind, then a man with a strong Scottish burr roared, “After them, lads!”

Amazon Link for Somewhere in the Highlands, in case you missed the one above. And for its predecessor Somewhere My Lass.

 The Somewhere in Time Series; where the past meets the present.

***Royalty free images. Cover by my talented daughter Elise

The Scent of Roses Blog Hop–Beth Trissel

The Scent of Roses by Charlene RaddonAuthor Charlene Raddon has been writing historical romance novels for over thirty years. Her work has won several awards and much well-deserved praise. Here is what she has to say about her newest release.

“Any day when a new book is released is exciting for the author. I’m thrilled to announce that my eBook, The Scent of Rosesis now available. (***I love the title)

The Scent of Roses is a sequel to my last eBook, To Have And To Hold, but stands alone and does not need to be read in order to be enjoyed. Whip Kincaid, from The Scent of Roses, is the half-brother of Buck Maddux from To Have and To Hold. Whip also has a twin, Cale, who readers met in Buck’s story, which gives me an excuse to write a third book for this series.

The added touch of paranormal elements made The Scent of Roses a fun story to write. Who doesn’t enjoy haunted houses with hidden passageways? When I first moved to Utah, I lived in this house. No, there weren’t any secret passageways, but in every other way, my description of the old house is accurate. The third element new in this book is the subject of polygamy.


Rosalyn Delaney came to Whisky Ridge, Arizona expecting to receive aid from her estranged husband, Josiah Bullock, in escaping the crazed leader of a polygamist cult determined to have her. She’s broke and has nowhere else to go. But Josiah is dead, murdered the very evening of her arrival. The town is in uproar, searching for the suspected killer, Josiah’s business partner, Whip Kincaid. Rosalyn also learns that Josiah has taken a second wife.

Whip is innocent but to prove that, he needs to stay out of jail. He hides in secret passageways in the old house he and Josiah shared. Smythely, the elderly butler who came with the house, is the only other person aware of the passageways. Lurking between spiderwebbed walls and using the abundance of peepholes provided allows Whip to keep up with what’s going on. Sneaking out at night allows him to investigate. He’s particularly interested in Rosalyn Delaney, and for more than one reason. Besides being attracted to her, he’s sure she knows something about the murder.

But does she? Is she safe at Rose House? Will she be safe from Whip Kincade?

I hope you enjoyed this peek into The Scent of Roses. Find it here, at Amazon.com.”


***Be Sure To Leave A Comment With Contact Information. At The End Of The Hop, A Name Will Be Drawn From Those Who Visited and Commented At Every Blog. PRIZE IS A $45 GIFT CARD FOR AMAZON OR B&N, WINNER’S CHOICE. Other bloggers are also offering giveaways so make sure you hit them all.~


Red Bird's Song CoverAs for me, I’m giving away a digital download of Red Bird’s Song in pdf or kindle format. Red Bird’s Song is Book 3 in my Native American Warrior Series. A 2012 EPIC Ebook Award Finalist

Much of the history and events in Red Bird’s Song and Native American historical romance novel Through the Fire were inspired by accounts I uncovered while researching my English/Scots-Irish ancestors. My fascination with Colonial America, particularly stirring tales of the frontier and the Shawnee Indians, is an early and abiding one. My forebears had interactions with this tribe, including family members taken captive. I have ties to Wicomechee (the hero in the novel) an outstanding Shawnee warrior who really lived and whose story greatly impacted Red Bird’s Song. I’ve included more on Wicomechee at the end of the novel. 

“This is a beautifully written story filled with adventure and suspense…This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating.” Night Owl Book Review by Laurie-J

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“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” –Beth Trissel

This was love at first sight, love everlasting: a feeling unknown, unhoped for, unexpected-in so far as it could be a matter of conscious awareness: it took entire possession of  him, and he understood, with joyous amazement, that this was for life.” ~ Thomas Mann, on Romance

“I think we dream so we don’t have to be away from one another.  If we’re each other’s dreams, we’ll always be together.”  ~ Hobbes, on Romance, as in Calvin and Hobbes.

“Love won’t be tampered with, love won’t go away, Push it to one side and it creeps to the other.” ~ Louise Erdrich, on Romance

Cover for the Lady and the Warrior“And he took her in his arms and kissed her under the sunlit sky, and he cared not that they stood high upon the walls in the sight of many.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien

“Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” ~ Unknown

“It seemed to her that truly loving anyone incurred a great deal of risk to one’s heart. And if she were parted from him now, the memory of him would go with her all of her days…a painful ghost.” ~ Charity in my Native American historical romance novel, Red Bird’s Song

My 'Somewhere in Time' Series--Beth Trissel“An irrational jealousy twanged a jarring note in Julia. In the space of a few short minutes she’d fallen in love with the man in the portrait—typical of her impractical nature and unlikely to advance her nonexistent love life. And yet, she couldn’t help plunging into this sweet madness.” ~ Julia in my ghostly time travel romance novel, Somewhere My Love

“…Your father would shoot me if he were still alive. And your brother may yet have that chance.”

“Shhhh…” She cupped her cool hands to his battered face and covered his lips in a tender kiss…soothing him with her love like a healing balm.

~ Jeremiah from my colonial American historical romance novel, Enemy of the King

The_Bearwalkers_Daughter_Cover3“Lusting after Karin was bad enough. Falling in love with her—out of the question. Out of the question, he repeated to himself, and at odds with his independent nature.” ~ Jack from my historical-paranormal romance novel The Bearwalker’s Daughter

“That someone worthy of her vaulted regard should esteem her in return was joy unbounded. True love seemed more than she dared to hope for from Corwin, but affection…”~Dimity from my historical romance novella A Warrior for Christmas

“In a careful hand he wrote, My dear Madame, uncertain how else to address Dimity. By the light of a thousand sunrises and countless full moon circles I grew into the warrior called Black Hawk. I do not know how to become the man named Corwin Whitfield, nor if I wish to be…” ~Corwin from A Warrior for Christmas

somewhere_my_lass_final1 (1)“The meeting between them was brief, but she’d not forgotten the tingle shimmering through her at the touch of his hand on hers, or the heat of his eyes.  Infinitely much had changed between them since that initial childhood encounter––she but a lass and Niall not yet grown.  Though she’d loved him even then.”

~Mora from Scottish Time Travel Romance novel, Somewhere My Lass

“He strove for control as his lips answered, lightly at first. Then molten waves washed over him and the four elements within him wrestled in tremendous upheaval; the Earth shuddered and groaned, rushing Wind whipped desire through him, Fire enflamed him, and passionate Rain drummed him with rising want like flood waters. Catching her to him, he pressed his mouth over hers far harder than he’d intended.”

~ Shoka from my Native American Historical romance novel, Through the Fire

“Her eyes flew open. “That’s not true! I love—” she halted in mid-flow, unwilling to make that momentous declaration. “I mean—oh, damn it all.”~ Rebecca from Through the Fire

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. And that’s what you’ve given me. That’s what I’d hoped to give you forever.”― Nicholas Sparks

“I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”
― Jane AustenPride and Prejudice

***Royalty free images. Daughter Elise Trissel did all the covers in this post.

Super Review for Kira, Daughter of the Moon at Examiner.Com–Beth Trissel

Historical romance novel Kira Daughter of the Moon“Kira, Daughter of the Moon by Beth Trissel has witchcraft and murderous thieves and so much more inside its pages…The story line is well written and will keep you turning the pages to see what’s going to happen next and then next and then next again. Don’t forget about the murderous thieves. Many individuals like to read romance novels because of the formula; girl meets boy, girl nearly gets boy, girl loses boy and then in the end with many of them the girl finally gets the boy. It’s read for entertainment and relaxation, but this is one page turner you might read in record speed. Except when you get near the end. If it’s read slower the story will last longer. That’s when it’s time to savor the story for a while and when the story is really good it almost seems a shame to begin another book with the memory of the current book still fresh in your mind.” ~Reviewed by Martha Decker, Dallas Paranormal Examiner

***For the full review visit: Examiner.com

***Kira, Daughter of the Moon is available in print and kindle at Amazon, in print and various eBook formats at The Wild Rose Press, in Nookbook, and from other online booksellers.


Hauntingly Beautiful Christmas Romance–Beth Trissel

My ghostly Christmas romance novella, Somewhere the Bells Ring, is on sale for .99 in kindle and nookbook through the end of December, so get one for yourself and your friends and relations. Everybody needs at least two. Well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea.

The ghost is intriguing, the story a compelling mystery, not horror, and Somewhere the Bells Ring is a hauntingly beautiful romance, so a perfect read for most anybody.  But don’t take my word for it.

From Fallen Angel Reviews:
“Somewhere The Bells Ring is a haunting but strangely comforting read, focusing on timeless romance rather than spooky or scary scenes. The author is extremely talented at creating vivid scenes; her intricate descriptions leave the reader with vivid images and a strong sense of time and place. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an intriguing, gripping ghost story with a focus on romance rather than terror.” Reviewed by: Stephanie E
And, she gave it five angels. Thanks Stephanie