I Cannot See His Color from ‘The Village’

I thought the film The Village was fascinating and very well done, and really don’t care if reviewers weren’t all that wild about it.  An extremely creative concept for a movie and the actors were superb.

But I’m particularly taken with the soundtrack and am writing to it lately while I work on the new light paranormal romance in my ‘Somewhere’ series.  Here’s one of my favorites by composer James Newton Howard, entitled I Cannot See his Color. The very appealing heroine, Ivy, is blind but can see people’s auras or color.  Hauntingly beautiful music.  Exquisite violin.

5 responses to “I Cannot See His Color from ‘The Village’

  1. I had technical difficulties getting the song to post properly but its up now.


  2. I also enjoyed The Village. It didn’t so well in the box office, but I found the story fascinating. I’m a big fan of the director: M. Night Shyamalan. If he has a movie out, I’m there to see it.

    The music was perfect for the setting. I loved the mysterious and haunting story of the Lady in the Water. If I remember right, the music was really good, too.


  3. Beautiful music. Just recently found your blog. I’m looking forward to reading your books


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