Review for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass

I came across a new (to me) romance site Bitten By Paranormal Romance and requested a review which one of their reviewers promptly and enthusiastically gave.  Thanks Dee.~
“Neil MacKenzie had quite the shock when he returned home. His beloved house keeper and companion Mrs. Dannon had been murdered and an exquisite red haired beauty lay unconscious at the top of his stairs. A beauty who brings a fierce sense of possessiveness, protectiveness and a sense of ownership to Neil.
Mora Campbell could not believe her eyes. When she awoke with a dreadful headache to find her most beloved Niall, who had been presumed dead, standing over her, her heart nearly stopped. Only her Niall looked, spoke, and dressed quite different. Not only that he didn’t seem to know her. 

This is a heart warming love story. Where the couple strive to regain a future that had been stolen from them, but only have a short period of time for success. The twist to the story was a surprise and was fun to read. Neil and Mora are joined by some very interesting, and funny characters to help them on their journey. Fergus is Neil’s best friend and quite the scene stealer, in my opinion. Love me some Fergus.”~


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