Murder Mystery/Ghost Story Romance Novel Somewhere My Love and Ebook Giveaway~

QuantcastIt’s the two-year anniversary of the release of my début novel Somewhere My Love which inspires me to do a post in its honor.  I loved writing this story, and it has received many enthusiastic comments and reviews. ~ Greatly appreciated.  If you would like to read the novel, leave me a comment to that effect.  I will choose a winner for a free digital download.  *Leave me an email.  Drawing on Nov. 1st.

“As I read Somewhere My Love, I recalled the feelings I experienced the first time I read Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca long ago. Using deliciously eerie elements similar to that gothic romance, Beth Trissel has captured the haunting dangers, thrilling suspense and innocent passions that evoke the same tingly anticipation and heartfelt romance I so enjoyed then, and still do now.”
~ Joysann, Publishers Weekly

Inspiration for Somewhere My Love

I’ve read that Virginia has more ghost stories than any other state in the Union, not necessarily because we have a more fertile imagination, but sadly because the Old Dominion has seen more bloody battles over the centuries than any other. Think back, Jamestown (1607) was the site of the oldest successful English settlement and its history is a violent one. And on we go to the many heart-rending wars fought with the usurped Indians, a number of them waged on Virginia soil. March on to the Revolution; anyone heard of Yorktown, to name just one famous battle? And let’s not forget that horrific most uncivil of wars, much of it fought in, you guessed it, Virginia.

And yet, this multitude of hauntings doesn’t only feature soldiers caught in an endless fray who haven’t gotten word the war’s over, although there are legions of tales that do and entire companies of ghosts said to battle on. Many tales feature the myriad of people, great and small, who dwelt in our richly historic state. The old Virginia homes and plantations have accumulated a wealth of such stories.

Thus, it was while touring some of these English styled manor homes with my dear mother that I conceived the idea for my paranormal romance, Somewhere My Love. Added to this meld of vintage Virginia is my own heritage, a vast source of inspiration from my childhood. On my father’s side, I descend from old Southern gentry, now impoverished after the Civil War, Great Depression, and various other misfortunes, including the untimely death of my brilliant grandfather. But the gracious Georgian home his ancestor built (circa 1816) still stands outside the historic town of Staunton.

Chapel_HillsmI was ever determined the family home place was haunted and wove stories through my fevered mind, along with my continual search for Narnia which entailed frequent treks into the old wardrobe. But I digress. The magnificent ancestral portraits in my family and on display in other Virginia homes held me transfixed, wondering. And it was just such a portrait of a striking dark-haired gentleman who embedded himself in my thoughts. Who was he? Why did he die so young? That other painting of the fair young lady…did she love him?

Often, the guides at these old homes are brimming with tales. But other times we are left to wonder…and ask ourselves are these folk who’ve gone before us truly gone, or do some still have unfinished business in this realm? And what of the young lovers whose time was tragically cut short, do they somehow find a way? Love conquers all, so I answer ‘yes.’

The old family home place, Chapel Hill, pictured above.

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*Somewhere My Love won the 2008 Preditors&Editors Readers Poll for Best Romance Novel ~ Available in Print and E-book from my publisher  The Wild Rose Press and various online booksellers.

16 responses to “Murder Mystery/Ghost Story Romance Novel Somewhere My Love and Ebook Giveaway~

  1. Hi Beth, I’d love to read Somewhere My Love. I enjoyed the Herbal class you just finished too.
    Thanks a bunch,


  2. Beth,
    I love Virginia. I was born there and lived the first 10 years of my life there before moving to NC. My dad’s mom war raised in Fredericksburg. During the civil war, the house where she grew up was taken over by the Union and used as a hospital. An injured confederate soldier tried to escape. He fell on the floor and bled to death. The stain is still there. As is a grease stain on the living room ceiling where my ancestors hid a ham underneath the floor boards. When my girls were little, we spent the night there. And both daughters claimed to have looked out the window during the night to see a man in “funny” clothes standing beside an old oak tree staring up at the house. The next morning, my aunt said it was a confederate soldier’s spirit and that he stopped by that tree often, looking up to check on the inhabitants inside. When the tree was hit by lightening 3 years ago, it was found to be completely hollow inside. It shouldn’t have still been standing. And as far as I know, since the tree fell, the ghost has not returned.
    I love historicals. And I’d love to read Somewhere my Love.


  3. I would love to read this story. My ancestors were from Virginia, and one of them was instrumental in getting Franklin County named after Ben Franklin.


  4. Caroline Clemmons

    Beth, Thanks for another of your beautiful posts. How wonderful to have grown up in that house! No wonder you love history and know so much about it. SOMEWHERE MY LOVE a terrific book of which you should be very proud.


  5. Hi Beth,

    You have a lovely, diverse history. Are you watching the 5-part series about North American Native Indians on American Experience. It’s fascinating, informative, and wonderfully re-enacted.



  6. I would love a chance to win your book. I have never been to Virginia but; I have seen some beautiful pictures of it.


  7. Beth, the series is called, We Shall Remain, and is airing on PBS.
    Full episodes are online too.


  8. Hello, Beth, I love your work and would love to read this one. -Laura


  9. Oh, my email is L_Hogg at comcast dot net


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