The Old Homes Behind Historical Romance Novel Enemy of the King

Mysterious old homes, shrouded mountains and valleys hidden between misty ridges; the lure of Eastern Woodland Indians and Scots-Irish settlers in colonial American…this is what I know and love. But in writing Enemy of the King I spread beyond my Virginia home base and journeyed into the Carolinas at the height of the Revolution. Enemy of the King is my version of The Patriot with flavors of Daphne Dumaurier’s Rebecca.  Instead of Mel Gibson playing the lead in my historical romance, I have the very kewl Captain Jeremiah Jordan.

Pleasant Grove, the home featured in Enemy of the King, was drawn from Drayton Hall, the oldest preserved plantation in America that’s open to the public, located outside the city of Charleston, SC:

I also incorporated elements of my ancestral Virginia home, circa 1816, located outside the historic town of Staunton. Called Chapel Hill(pictured above) this Georgian style brick house has been in the family for going on eight generations. The old kitchen, a separate building from the main house, no longer stands but I remember it from my childhood. Some outbuildings still remain; among them the smokehouse and stable. The house itself is filled with a wonderful collection of heirlooms. The miniature china dogs I played with as a child turn up in Enemy of the King.

The ‘snake thing’ in Chapter One is drawn from an incident that happened to me at Chapel Hill when I was a girl. Back in my contest circuit days, more than one judge told me a snake couldn’t possibly get into a house and wind around the antlers of a buck mounted up on the wall. They can and one did; a rather horrifying discovery for a child to make in the wee hours on her way to the bathroom. And then there’s the fact that I always suspected the house was haunted, not sure by whom…

5 responses to “The Old Homes Behind Historical Romance Novel Enemy of the King

  1. Susan Macatee

    Looks like a beautiful house, Beth! I love visiting restored homes just to see what types of places my historical characters might live. Best of luck with your book, it’s already on my Amazon wish list!


  2. yes, I love the house its so pretty and makes you wonder what the history is behind it. The ones that people don’t already know. I will have this book as soon as I’m able to it sounds amazing.


  3. Thanks much. I love old homes. 🙂


  4. You think your house is haunted? COOL!
    That is one beautiful house Beth, I love it.
    I remember that my grandmother had an old Victorian home. It had windows and doors to nowhere. She used to tell me they went to other places and times. I guess that’s where I got the time travel thing. Love you Beth!


  5. Wow snakes and a haunted house. You sure had an interesting childhood Beth. Your book Enemy of the King sounds just as interesting.


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