New Reviews for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Love–Beth Trissel

SOMEWHERE MY LOVE RESIZEDFrom a reader at Amazon:

“Normally, I much prefer historical to contemporary romance, but ‘Somewhere, My Love’, the first in Ms. Trissel’s paranormal ‘Somewhere In Time’ series, with its echoes of a genteel and elegant past, caught and held my attention from the very first paragraph.

I thought the book well-written and well-paced, and Ms. Trissel expertly built the story’s suspense to a dramatic and climactic ending (and while late in the story I thought I knew the identity of the murderer, I could not be sure until the very end.) The tender, haunting scenes from Cole and Julia’s past were pure magic. The descriptions of the Foxleigh house and grounds were visually stunning. I wished I could go there to live for a while.

Face of Beautiful WomanAs for the negative feedback about Julia as a helpless female, I must disagree. We live in a day when ridiculously superhero females are held up as the norm, and women are expected to be uber everything, but such expectations are both simplistic and unrealistic. While I enjoy a spirited, feisty heroine, I also find heroines from the opposite end of the spectrum just as captivating, as well as refreshing. Julia is ultra-feminine to Will/Cole’s healthy masculinity and her gentle, quiet demeanor immediately sparks his protective instincts. That, IMO, is no bad thing in a romance.

I found ‘Somewhere My Love’ a delightful read, and look forward with anticipation to the next installment in the series.”

KissingFrom Author Caroline Clemmons’ lovely blog:  A Writer’s Life

Caroline gave Somewhere My Love a wonderful write-up and introduced my ‘Somewhere in Time’ series.  Here’s a snippet, but I urge you to visit her blog for the full post.

“Do you enjoy reading a good romance, a good mystery? Do you believe in soul mates for whom each of us is destined? Do you believe in reincarnation? In living again and again until we get it right? Then  the Somewhere In Time series is for you! And SOMEWHERE MY LOVE is a great start to the series.

In SOMEWHERE MY LOVE, Julia Morrow is a young English woman who comes to work as a tour guide at Foxleigh, a centuries old house near the James River. Sad that owners of wonderful historic homes are forced to have guided torus, isn’t it? But it’s lucky for those of us who want to visit them. And it’s lucky for Julia because it brought her to Virginia to complete her destiny.

Illustrated Excerpts From Light Paranormal Romance Somewhere My LoveJulia is amazed when she realizes that William Wentworth, who is Foxleigh’s current owner, bears an uncanny resemblance to an old portrait. The large painting is of the very handsome Cole Wentworth, who is William’s ancestor. Julia can’t explain why she’s drawn to Cole’s portrait or the eerie feeling that she knows both Cole and William. How could she have when she’s only just come to Virginia?

I don’t want to give away too much, because you will want to read this book for yourself. This beautiful story is a combination of historical romance and mystery combined with contemporary romance. Included are mystical paranormal elements. The exquisite descriptions plunge readers into the story with page-turning twists and surprises.”

Story Blurb:

Old Virginia Homes, Ghosts, And The Inspiration Behind My Paranormal Romance Somewhere My LoveFated lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it’s too late?

Two hundred years ago Captain Cole Wentworth, the master of an elegant Virginian home, was murdered in his chamber where his portrait still hangs. Presently the estate is a family owned museum run by Will Wentworth, a man so uncannily identical to his ancestor that spirit-sensitive tour guide Julia Morrow has trouble recognizing Cole and Will as separate. As Julia begins to remember the events of Cole’s death, she must convince Will that history is repeating, and this time he has the starring role in the tragedy. The blade is about to fall.

***For now, Somewhere My love is only .99 at Amazon kindle.

3 responses to “New Reviews for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Love–Beth Trissel

  1. Nice reviews. Time travel and connection to the past books are favorites. They are a nice combination of historical, contemporary, and fantasy. Will be reading this one soon I hope.


  2. Thanks so much, Pat.


  3. Wonderful reviews. I wish I could say them that well.
    Sue B


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