Why Join Triberr?

Termed ‘One Giant Leap for Bloggers.’

Joining Triberr (I’m in three tribes now) may seem like the ultimate nerdy thing to do, at least according to my  daughters and most everyone else in my immediate circle who poke fun at Triberr’s primal terminology: Tribes (your group)–Tribal Council (where you chat with the other members/chiefs)– Bones (currency required to participate,  awarded to you at the start.  More bones are earned as you go, or can be purchased)–Tribal Stream (members blog posts)–Bonfires (broader connection stream and the place for answers)…

OK, so a little quirky, but I enjoy that stuff and like connecting with people of similar interests, in my case other authors.  And I’m still new to it all, so learning the lingo.  But I see the benefits.  For instance, if you’re a bubble gum enthusiast you could have your own tribe dedicated to various kinds of gum, blog about it to  your heart’s content and share your passion with the world  as the main idea behind Triberr is to gain more exposure for your blog/posts. Triberr is the ultimate Twitter in that tribal members retweet each others posts. Avid bloggers such as myself who labor over their posts are ever eager for more visitors.

Thus Triberr was founded by geek genius Dino Dogan–yes, I suspect that’s not his real name–who reminds me of the characters on The Big Bang Theory, a show I adore, BTW.  I like brainiac/geeks and am featuring one as the hero of my work in progress, Fergus, the strong secondary character from Somewhere My Lass is getting his own story.

But back to Triberr.   Of himself, Dino says, “Lousy Martial Artist & recovering Engineer. Pretty good songwriter, dog trainer & a biz blogger. And, global force for badassery.”  It’s all on Twitter if you want to follow him at: https://twitter.com/#!/dino_dogan

Those of you who are fans of The Office may recall the episode where Ryan invents a social forum he calls ‘Woof’ that’s supposed to tie all the other forums together.  Ryan is always up on the latest thing in the social forum arena, and I bet he’d be all over http://triberr.com/

Another high five, Dino responds promptly to pleas for help and Triberr is very user friendly.  When I accidentally formed my own tribe the first time I was ever on the site I contacted  Dino who suggested inbreeding, which sounds obscene but means merging with another tribe.  I haven’t done that yet, or invited anyone to join my as yet non-functioning tribe.  Maybe after I earn more bones.  Or buy some.  I’m fresh out.   I can hear my daughters cackling now.

25 responses to “Why Join Triberr?

  1. Good post, but Beth, you have to be invited to join Triberr. How did you join?


  2. When I joiined Triberr, it had auto tweets of blog posts, which was great. We had a small “tribe” (and I think all the terminology is way beyond juvenile, but that’s something else.) and you could count on your blog getting tweeted by your tribe. Then Twitter went and changed its terms of service, so auto-tweets are outlawed. This meant added two steps to tweeting blogs from your tribe, and frankly, if I bother going to the Triberr home page twice a week, it’s a lot. Heck, my daughter admonishes me for not spending more time on Facebook. So, for me, without the auto feature, this is yet another waste of time. But I’m sticking with it, just because I know if I leave, then all of a sudden it will get good again.


  3. I agee, Beth! And LOL about your daughters cackling. (And I love The Big Bang Theory too.) 🙂


  4. so…ahhh….wait..which character am I like from the BBT?

    Btw…Dino Dogan IS my real name. Tots. #nojoke

    And thnx for calling me geek genius 🙂


  5. I myself am a fan of the Office. LOL!
    Beth you amaze me, you are involved with so many things and I can see the interest something like this may command. Good luck and I can’t wait to dig into my new book!
    You are somethin’ else girl!


  6. Great explanation of Triberr, Beth. I’m just getting used to it–am in two tribes, the second one is just getting going. I joined a couple days after the auto feature was disabled so wasn’t ever spoiled by it. I rather like seeing everyone’s blog posts, though, even if it does take a little time.

    The Tribal Council is great because I’ve made friends with several people with whom I’ve seen around and about, but never had contact. Everyone pushes for everyone else. It’s just cool.

    And thanks, Dino.


  7. Good post. Beth. Something else to join? Shudder!


  8. I don’t see me joining any time soon, too much to keep me from writing as it is (hence my dropout today), but fun and informative post, Beth. BBT fan here. 🙂


  9. Great post Beth! I’ve never heard of Triberr until I clicked on your blog! Now I have something else I have to check out…lol There just isn’t enough hours in the day 🙂


  10. I joined one of those invite only groups (not Triberr). It had this circle thing going on, supposedly, connecting “like” minded professionals together rather than being just another social network. There were pages of rules no one seemed to follow. When people started posting get rich on the internet schemes and Amway-like business ventures, I started posting buy links and book blurbs. And was promptly lectured in an open forum by the group moderator about my improper use of the group.

    Apparently, only ventures that can make lots of people rich were allowed and my books were all about me. She then said something like,”I hope my pointing out your improper use of the group doesn’t offend.” To which I replied, “what offends is that you chose to do so in an open forum as if I were in kindergarten.” A half hour later, the moderator posted a riveting update on her laundry status. I quit the group and am now hesitant to join another “invitation” only group. The last one felt too much like a high school cafeteria with the cool kids, the jocks, the geeks, the brains, the losers, and then me…the rebel without a clue.


  11. I really enjoy Triberr. It’s a great idea for bloggers and a wonderful way for authors to help authors. Plus, I’ve met some great people and I’m learning new stuff everyday. So far, a wonderful experience!


  12. Big Bang Theory fans, don’t you just love Sheldon?


  13. Okay, I finally waded through all the trouble-shooting issues in my mailbox and replied to everything–I own the tribe Beth’s speaking of. Anyway, I thought everyone would enjoy hearing why I suddenly went from barely Facebooking to Tweeting through Triberr. My friend invited me to her tribe. I saw another tribe inviting “romance authors” and joined–50 bones! And suddenly, I was averaging 7k visits to my blog every 7 days. Then I began inviting romance/erotica authors and reviewers to my tribe (had to bite the bullet and buy bones). Now I average 7K-14K visits to my blog every 7 days. Traffic dropped a bit this month. One of my tribes vanished because the owner couldn’t handle the change to manual tweets. And Nanowrimo kicked off Nov. 1st. My blog traffic (a small fraction being web bots) was 8K+ for the last 7 days yesterday. But I joined another enormous tribe on Tuesday and my stats are rising again… If you’re a spicy-carnal romance/erotica author or reviewer and are interested in joining, contact Beth or me. You need a Twitter account and a blog to participate. I have plenty of bones to pay for your seat in my tribe too! Follow me on Twitter to shoot me a Direct Message (DM)…




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