Follow the White Rabbit With Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass

Yep, they tumbled down the rabbit hole.

Excerpt from Somewhere My Lass: 

An angry howl shattered the quiet night. Mora startled, and Neil’s racing heart pounded even harder. “Damn.”

Fergus jumped. “Cripes! He’s here. Even if he stole a car, he couldn’t drive it.”

“He must’ve found someone very obliging to drop him off.” There was no time for anything. Directing the beam up the steps, Neil sprang forward pulling Mora just behind him. “Upstairs now, Fergus, unless you want to face him alone.”

“Hell no.” Fergus shot after them. His gadget clicked away like a metal detector at a garbage site. “That portal should be wide open tonight.”

The front door rattled. The wood resounded under a battering fist. Muffled curses carried from beyond the stout barrier. “Told you we needed a taser,” Fergus panted.

Neil envisioned the force needed to fell a hippo. “I doubt that brute would be down for long.”

“Long enough to make our getaway.”

A great shoe kicked at the wood, accompanied by ferocious grunts. “Hide in my room—gun’s under my bed and loaded,” Neil flung over his shoulder.

“I’ve never fired one!”

The door gave way with a shattering bam!

‘“Aim and shoot! Can’t miss at close range.”

They tore down the upstairs hall. Ahead of them loomed the door to nowhere, eerie in the single beam of light surrounded by shadows. The intricate carvings on the old oak suddenly seemed quite ancient, and Neil wondered just where his family had acquired this particular antique. But only for a moment. Mora at his side, he lunged forward and grasped the knob.

Unbelievably, it turned. Without the key. Heavy feet pounded up the steps behind them. “We’re going now!” Holding tight to her hand, Neil threw the door wide with his other. Blackness greeted them. But not snowy blackness. Either the falling flakes were unaccountably blocked on this side of the house, or—

“MacKenzie! God’s blood, I vow ye die this night!”

“Go on!” Fergus shouted. “I’ve got my spray!”

Neil couldn’t leave his friend to face this psycho alone anymore than he could leave a child. He spun around and shone the beam behind them. They’d need the light to see, though how to wield that and his knife—he needed to get his gun. But Mora clung to his hand. How could he fight and grip her?

To his amazement, Fergus faced their pursuer. The advancing Scotsman cast a long shadow, the personification of terror. His eyes glinted with the vengeance he swore. But Fergus stood his ground. Pepper spray in hand, he let a pungent miasma fly up into his enraged face.

With a yowl, the MacDonald covered his eyes and stumbled back. “Damn ye to the eternal flames!”

He careened into a heavy side table then lurched into the wall with a thud. Down he crashed to the floor. He lay still. Possibly knocked out. Fergus’s bravery had bought them a second. If he sped back downstairs, he could get away. The keys were still in the car under the driver’s side mat. “Go!” Praying they didn’t tumble two stories down, Neil rushed through the open doorway with Mora.~

An ancient relic, a medieval crypt, a mad Highlander at their throats and time fast running out.  Mystery, suspense, romance…SOMEWHERE MY LASS

“Ms. Trissel masterfully blended the past and the present in order to create a lovely romance that spans centuries.” ~Poinsettia, Long and Short Reviews

*Available in eBook formats from the Wild Rose Press, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nookbook, and other online booksellers.

3 responses to “Follow the White Rabbit With Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass

  1. Carioline Clemmons

    Beth, that photo is how I pictured Fergus–maybe with hair a tiny bit more red. I love that book!.


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