Let’s Call It Spring!

At long last, today is the first of March.  After spending much of January and most all of February sick with one thing or another, I tottered forth into the sunshine and managed to accomplish a few much-needed errands.  Now I’m whacked and feeling it’s time for a nap.  That’s what seemingly endless virus’s will do to a body.  Considering I’m not the only sufferer in the Shenandoah Valley or the country, I think most everyone except the die-hard skiing fanatics would agree that what we all need is SPRING!  A tonic to mind, body, and spirit.

To that end, I point out the snow crocus and snowdrops blooming here and there in sheltered spots of my yard and garden.    Welcome green shoots of crocus, daffodils, tulips…are pushing up through the earth most everywhere, and tomorrow the weather is to be sunny and 60 degrees.   The pussy willow is bursting forth with catkins, and fussy barnyard geese are laying eggs.   I conclude it’s early spring and much prefer that term to ‘late winter.’  Far more mood brightening.

In keeping with the season, I’m sorting through boxes stuffed with envelopes of seeds leftover from the past year or two and ordering more (we count our wealth in seeds) as well as potatoes, strawberries, culinary herbs and all things garden.   Which as far as I’m concerned equals all things good as any true gardener will agree.  I also save seed, am a big fan of  heirloom seeds, and have been known to share  so I’m not simply hording my treasure trove.

An excellent place to be for those in want of  plants is out in the garden with me on a fine spring day while I divide perennials and thin overly generous larkspur, love in a mist, and poppy seedlings…I’ll soon tire, allowing them to take over certain spots of the garden, but in the beginning I’m imbued with the determination that this year all will be in order.  I soon concede to a more wildflower look and justify many of the weeds as ‘kind of pretty.’  We definitely have a wildlife habitat here, another justification for the unkempt tangle that encroaches as the season unfolds.  But now, all is fresh, new, and filled with promise.

In my search of every more seeds on the internet I came across an interesting site with images of vintage seed packets for sale: http://www.seedart.com/flowers.html

4 responses to “Let’s Call It Spring!

  1. Ah, a kindred spirit! We’ve had 70+ weather for about a week and a half here in Savannah and I’ve been digging, pruning, and planting up a storm. I used to garden about 2 acres and had a 30 ft perennial border so I know exactly what you mean about “kinda pretty weeds!”
    Have you ever ordered from Pinetree Gardens? They are out of Maine but sell lots and lots of heirloom seeds. They also have sections of the catalog devoted to various foreign vegetables, several categories of garden related books, natural soap and beauty product ingredients and more I’m probably forgetting! They are VERY reasonably priced. check them out. Their website is http://www.superseeds.com
    Beautiful pics!
    Happy Spring 🙂


  2. Beth, I experienced Spring in all its splendor in St. Augustine this past weekend. The temperature was a perfect 72 and the flowers were blooming at every corner.


  3. Mona, how wonderful. That sort of day is still weeks away here. 🙂


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