The Talented Maeve Greyson Is My Guest~

I’m delighted to have Maeve with me.  She’s a lovely, gracious lady and has made it to an impressive level in the Kensington Brava / RT Book Reviews Writing with the Stars contest.  I’ll let Maeve tell us a little about her intriguing entry, her recent release, and herself. Take it away, Maeve~

Not every first meeting is love at first sight…

I admit it. I love a good spat between the hero and heroine. I’ve always heard there’s a fine line between love and hate and I adore romances that push the limit. I know you’ve read them. The hero picks at the heroine until she snaps –or vice versa. They explode into a heated tirade and end up in each other’s arms.  I often wonder if this is some sort of throwback to the days when little boys pestered little girls until they ran home in tears?  It seems like the MORE the little boy likes the girl…the more he aggravates her. Come to think of it, I married just such a pestering “little boy”.  But THAT’s another blog. 😉

Beth was kind enough to invite me to her lovely blog to talk about my paranormal romance, ETERNITY’S MARK.  I’m so excited that my story has made it to the final round of the Kensington Brava / RT Book Reviews Writing with the Stars contest.  I wanted to share a “never before shared” excerpt. So, I decided Taggart and Hannah’s first meet would be a lovely taste. Hannah’s irritated that she’s been interrupted from a very emotional day to meet some stranger in the town’s small café. This excerpt gives you a bit of  a hint at the sparring about to ensue.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into ETERNITY’S MARK and if you’re so inclined to help me bring home the win, I’ve included the voting link below:

Voting link:

Taggart and Hannah meet:

The bell on the wire hanging above the door jangled.  Taggart knew it was her before he raised his eyes; he sensed it by the way the skin tingled at the base of his neck.  Her energy tickled a shiver up his spine.  The sacred guardian’s aura flooded the room and he was her protector.  He would’ve known she entered his presence even if he had been blind.

Taggart hid his grin behind the white ceramic mug he clasped between his hands.  The collective jaws of the Guild of Barac’Nairn would’ve hit the floor had they been sitting at Taggart’s side.  Hannah MacPherson, the blessed guardian, was not what they would’ve expected.  Taggart chuckled into the depths of his cup.  As far as he was concerned, the fiery lass beamed the definition of pure delight itself.

The tiny, young woman ordained to be guardian of the sacred Draecna sported a ratty St. Louis Cardinal’s baseball cap pulled low over snapping green eyes.  Her auburn ponytail exploded through the tattered hole in the back.  The tangled mass of curls tumbled down her back as though a windstorm had tossed her into the cafe.  Grass and mud stained the ragged knees of her jeans.  Her well-worn tee shirt clung to her curves like tissue wrapped around a tempting gift.  Taggart sat down his coffee, stretching back in his chair unable to resist chuckling again.  He’d never seen a woman don such boots.   Steel-toed work boots laced tight about her tiny ankles.  She plodded across the room like a heavy construction worker.

He held his breath to keep from laughing aloud as she stalked her way over to the counter.  He could tell by the way the woman stomped, she prepared to unleash the hounds of hell if any dared cross her path.  Such a fierce small package, she reminded him of the territorial wood nymphs of Glenoc Mur.  She’d barely reach the middle of his chest, yet she stood coiled so tight, the woman stood ready to explode.

The longer Taggart studied her, the more his amusement faded.  True, Hannah MacPherson brewed for a fight.  Taggart shifted in his seat as the realization hit; he stood centered in her crosshairs.  Taggart peered closer.  She also suffered; her face revealed a great deal of emotional pain.    Her wound simmered deep.  Hannah MacPherson might be small but her heart swelled with sorrow.

Taggart sucked in a slow breath, struggling against an uncomfortable stirring deep within his chest.  His precious guardian had been deeply hurt; she fluttered as a wounded bird.  Taggart watched as Hannah’s head turned with eyes narrowed when Millie whispered and pointed in his direction.  He unfolded his frame and stood beside the table as Hannah whirled and barreled his way.

“Mr. de Gaelson?  I believe you wanted to see me?  I’m Hannah MacPherson.”  Hannah stuck out her hand as though daring him to take it and fixed Taggart with a green-eyed glare.

Taggart closed his hand around Hannah’s cold, stiff grasp and held it as he leveled with her gaze.  “Please, call me Taggart.”

“What can I do for you, Taggart?”  Hannah clipped the words with a jerk of her hand, rubbing her fingers as though his touch disturbed her.  She shot Millie a brooding glare, her glance sliding back to Taggart as if blaming Millie for his presence.

Taggart bit back a smile.  The woman wasn’t going to make his life easy.  He read the wariness in Hannah’s eyes and the way she’d withdrawn from his touch.  Good.  She should be wary.  It would increase her lifespan and make protecting her somewhat easier, albeit getting close to her and winning her trust could prove even more of a challenge.  Taggart nodded toward the table while he motioned for Millie.  “Would ye like some coffee while we talk?”

“Not really, thanks.”  Hannah sent Millie scuttling back around the counter with a single shake of her head.  “I don’t mean to sound rude, Mr. de Gaelson­­−”

“Taggart, Ms. MacPherson.  Please.  I asked ye to call me, Taggart, remember?”  Taggart cleared his throat.  God’s teeth, the stubborn woman insisted on doing things her own way.  Lucky for her, they were on this side of the threshold.  If they were in Erastaed, he wouldha sifted them to someplace quiet and spelled her.  He’d seal her lips and open her ears so she’d have no choice but to hear his words.  By Isla’s golden beard, she had to see she needed protection.  ‘Twas time she faced her destiny.

About Maeve:

Maeve Greyson writes paranormal romances from her cozy little home in western Kentucky.  Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, her stories spark with magic and love, where anything might happen to get to that happily ever after.

Her writing partner, Jasper –the rat terrier/Chihuahua mix, critiques all her work.  Under his sharp eye and the endless support of her husband of over thirty-one years, she snuggles back in their secluded wood and pours her daydreams into the keyboard.

Her debut novel, BEYOND A HIGHLAND WHISPER, just became available from The Wild Rose Press and she recently contracted THE HIGHLANDER’S FURY with them as well.

Maeve’s Links:

Facebook: OR!/
The Wild Rose Press:

51 responses to “The Talented Maeve Greyson Is My Guest~

  1. Hi Maeve and Beth! I loved your excerpt and just voted for you. Good luck.
    That’s a gorgeous dagger BTW.


  2. Hi Jule! I’m so glad you enjoyed the excerpt and thank you so very much for your vote. I thought the dagger fit right in with Eternity’s Mark’s tone. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.



  3. I’d like to thank Beth again for having me visit her lovely cyber home. It’s so great to be here!


  4. Oh, Mauve, yeah I want this so bad. And I want time to sit down and enjoy it. I loved his amusement and then shift into caring. Brilliant.


  5. Maeve, I voted for you a while back, after you let the loop know about making it to the final round.

    Love the excerpt! I can see why you’ve made it this far. 🙂



  6. Beautiful writing, Maeve. I can see why your in the final round. Your excerpt pulled me right in.

    Fingers crossed for you.


  7. Yes, this is a superb excerpt! Kewl to have you with me, Maeve.


  8. Barbara Wesbrook

    Beautiful writing Maeve. And great blog Beth. Loved the excerpt.


  9. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    Very nice! Best of luck!


  10. Loved the excerpt. Hope you win!-I want to read the whole thing. I already voted for ya. Good luck!


  11. Loved the excerpt, Maeve! I already voted for you.
    Good luck!


  12. Wonderful excerpt, Maeve! I’m biting my nails to get this book. It’s at the top of my list when I finish reading the 4 books I HAVE to read:)


  13. Maeve,
    I love the excerpt. My current WIP has a rough first meet. I love it when the H/H are thrust into conflict from the get-go.


  14. Voted for you Maeve! Great excerpt. Good luck!


  15. Enticing excerpt, Maeve. Great to see you on Beth’s gorgeous blog! Good luck with the contest!


  16. Wonderful excerpt–I love a good meet! I just reminded everyone on my facebook page to go vote…I’ll hit twitter later. Only one more day! 🙂


  17. explosive excerpt, Maeve, I could almost smell Taggart’s coffee. I voted for you a while ago.


  18. Caroline Clemmons

    Maeve, this is my favorite of the excerpts I’ve read. Your narrative is wonderful–such beautiful descriptions that paint pictures in the reader’s head. You and Beth are a fine pair, because each of you is a gifted author. Thanks for sharing.


  19. Hi Beth– I always enjoy your informative posts about history and plants, too.

    I loved the excerpt! I do hope you win and of course I’ve voted.
    I’m so excited for you! It soooo close now.


  20. LOL! I’ve driven my family crazy, Beth, and I’ll be SO glad when it’s all over. It’s been a wild ride but I’m ready to unbuckle my seatbelt and DEPLANE!


  21. Lovely excerpt, Maeve. I love paranormal and fantasy romances. I also really enjoy Scottish Historicals, and you’ve blended all of those elements. Just the kind of a book to curl up with by the fire on a cold, snowy night.

    To answer the question, all meetings don’t have to be sweet. When the hero and heroine are at odds initially, I enjoy watching passion chip away at the obstacles so love can bloom. Gorgeous Blog, Beth!
    Fiona Neal


  22. Fiona, I’m so glad you liked the excerpt. Thank you so much for stopping by. 🙂


  23. Loved the Excerpt!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Best of luck with the contest!!!


  24. Great article Ladies! MAEVE WILL WIN! It’s my prediction. I will always vote for her. She is an exceptionally talented writer. I am so glad to be in the same writing circle. 🙂


  25. Hi Maeve! Thanks Beth! When will this one be released? I love this topic since it’s what I’m struggling with right now…first meet. I’ve had two rounds so far and it still doesn’t click for me. This sounds like another great hit! Good luck in the contest sweetie.


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