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Wild Rose Press Summer Treats and Reads Blog Hop (July 22-30)

Welcome to my stop on the hop. My summer treat? Gardens.  I especially love old ones, and summer is the height of their glory. Below is the garden scene from my award-winning Revolutionary War romance novel, Enemy of the King, book 1 in my Traitor’s Legacy Series. For readsI’m giving away the three book series (or your choice of titles) in Kindle or PDF to someone, maybe more than one person, who leaves me a comment saying they would like to read it and why.

lavender in the garden

Enjoy the garden tour and be sure to visit other blogs on the hop and enter the rafflecopter. Links below.

Into the Garden with Meriwether and Jeremiah:

Journey back in Time With Colonial American Romance ENEMY OF THE KING

Stone lions the size of wolfhounds sat on either side of the imposing front door as if to devour unwanted guests. Perhaps Jeremiah enjoyed their significance.

He seldom entertained and seemed happier seated astride a horse than in the company of most ladies and gentlemen. He turned the marble knob and led Meriwether out onto the crescent-shaped balcony.

Old oak alley

He leaned momentarily on the iron railing. “Feel that breeze.”


The cool wind fanned her hot cheeks. Lifting her skirts, she walked arm in arm with him down the brick steps of the gracious Georgian-style home.

Pleasant Grove had been built by his grandfather on a bluff above the Santee River and fashioned after the manor in Kent that Lord Jordan had been forced to flee in 1647 after fighting with Charles I, who lost his kingdom and his head. Fortunately Jeremiah’s Royalist ancestor had fared better than the ill-fated king and escaped to America with his young wife and her jewels. But his near capture by Cromwell and the loss of everything else had given him a wariness he’d passed to his descendants.

colonial williamsburg gardenWas Jeremiah secretly opposing a different king?

She cocked her head at him a little apprehensively. “Is there anywhere in particular you’re taking me?”

He smiled as if to reassure her. “Just farther in.”

“As you wish.” Being out here alone with him was like being in a glistening Eden. A thrush warbled from high above them in the live oak. Green-gray moss hung from its far-reaching branches and blew in the breeze, reminding her of the McChesney, her father’s largest ship, its sails billowing.

creeping thymeJeremiah held her back, the warmth of his hand radiating through her sleeve.  “You’ll spoil those fine shoes.”
He led her around the sprawling puddle she hadn’t noticed and onto the green mat creeping over the path.

The fragrant thyme scented the air as they trod on the tiny leaves and wound deeper into the garden. Newly washed hollyhocks, rosy balsam, and wine-red salvia gleamed. The glowing colors, heady fragrances, her arm tingling at his touch…stirred a pulsing awareness in Meriwether that she’d never felt in the house. There was so much she wanted to say, to ask, but couldn’t, and she darted glances at him.

Spanish Moss

He caught her eye. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing of consequence,” she almost stuttered.

He quirked his left eyebrow at her; the narrow scar gave it a slightly crooked rise. “And earlier in the parlor?”

She glanced away from his searching gaze and focused on the toe of his boot. “Just chatter.”

“Are you truly worried?”

“Only as much as anyone these days.” Still evading his scrutiny, she bent and plucked a sweetly-scented nicotiana blossom.

Whote Nicotiana

He took the white flower from her hand as she straightened, setting her skin afire, and tucked it behind her ear. “I sense there’s much left unsaid. Why won’t you speak?”

Still battling the near irresistible draw of those blue eyes, she stared at his open neckline. “I prefer to listen.”

“Yet I would know what fills your fair head.”

“Perhaps you already do,” she said, hastily shifting her inspection from his bronzed chest back to the snowy blossoms.

His voice lowered even further. “No. You are not so easily read.”

boxwood hedge

Jeremiah grew silent and led her into the avenue, as he called it, strolling with her between rows of English boxwood that reached up over their heads. The clipped shrubs exuded the warm Old World scent Meriwether remembered from childhood.

frog and water lily

“Stay a moment,” he said, stopping beside the fish pool.

The statue of his father’s favorite spaniel sat on the pebble path beside the water, a whimsical touch. The brown stone was flecked with moss, as was anything that sat out-of-doors too long, but the cocker seemed as if he really were intent on the water.

dog garden statueShe patted his granite ears and sighed. How could she confide her deepest longing and her fears?

“Such a weighty sigh. Has our walk overtaxed you?”

She lifted her gaze to his, bracing herself under the force of his study. “No. I’m much stronger now.”

“Good. You seem so. You were as weak as a newborn kitten when I first found you.”

“I only remember that you brought me here in your boat.”

He scooped up a pebble, tossing it into the pool. Goldfish scattered, and a little green frog plopped in among the lilies. “Charles Town is a graveyard. Thank God yours has not swelled the family plot.”

painted lady butterfly on catmintThe intensity in his voice took her by surprise.
“Are you content at Pleasant Grove, Miss Steele?”

“Yes,” she answered in growing confusion.


She shied away from his inquiry and watched goldfish rippling through the water like orange silk. “Why doubt me?”

“I must know.”

JEREMIAH from Enemy of the KingHis earnestness made her stomach churn. “For my part,
I am content. I trust you don’t find my presence burdensome?”

“Not yet,” he said gravely.

Her eyes startled back to his. “Do you think I will become so?”

“Quite possibly.”~


1780 South Carolina, spies and intrigue, a vindictive ghost,  the battle of King’s Mountain, Patriots and Tories, pounding adventure, pulsing romance…ENEMY OF THE KING.

Enemyoftheking_WebsiteEnemy of the King is an amazing and vibrant look into the American Revolutionary War and tells the story through the eyes of a remarkable woman. While Jeremiah Jordan himself is a strong soldier and heroic patriot, it is Meriwether Steele who makes such a great impression in this epic novel. Her dedication to the man she loves, the lengths she must go to defend herself and others, and the unstoppable force that she is makes Meriwether one heck of a heroine.

Ms. Trissel brings the countryside and its people alive with her fascinating and at times gory details. This sexy historical book is a must read!’
~ Danielle, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More~

Galloping white horses--Enemy of the King 3Colonial American Romance Novel ENEMY OF THE KINGa fast-paced Adventure Romance, is my version of THE PATRIOT.  The novel is available in print and eBook  at:  AmazonBarnes & Noble and other online booksellers~

“I love historical romances. They are one of my favorites and anymore when I think of a historical I think of Beth Trissel. She is an author who has proved herself over time. She is a beautiful storyteller. Ms. Trissel can take a story line and make it a work of art. And she did just that with Enemy of the King.” ~Bella Wolfe, You Gotta Read

The 2009 Publisher’s Weekly BHB Reader’s Choice Best Books 

***The other two novels in the series are: Traitor’s Legacy and Traitor’s Curse.

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***For the other super participating blogs on the tour, please visit: http://judyanndavis.blogspot.com/p/summer-treats-2016.html

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***Some images of our garden by daughter Elise Trissel. Giant oak from North Carolina by my mom.  Images of colonial Williamsburg and other old gardens.

A Haunted Garden Halloween Hop–Beth Trissel

On my stop in this haunted hop with fellow Wild Rose Press Authors, I’m sharing the eerie account of the poltergeist in our old farm-house and giving away my ghostly romance novel, Somewhere My Love, OR my new ghostly Christmas romance novella, Somewhere the Bells Ring, in pdf or kindle format, winner’s choice. If I’m feeling generous I may choose more than one winner. I’ve been know to do that. Just leave me a comment and tell me which story you’d like to receive if selected.  Now back to my haunting and TRUE tale:

About ten years ago, my young adult son moved into the big white farm-house on our other farm. We have two farms located near each other in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and both homes are well over one hundred years old, going  on two. Some of his guy friends moved in and everything was fine, then he and his fiancée (now wife) got to work remodeling the house. At first, no one thought much about the noises. Neither of them even mentioned a thing to me.

Then one night my son called, alone and uneasy. He was hunkered downstairs with his cat. Seems there were footsteps he couldn’t account for and a certain bedroom upstairs with a door that wouldn’t stay shut. No matter how many times he closed it, come morning it was always open. Earlier that week, his fiancé had been distressed when the bathroom doorknob turned and the door opened on her.  No one was there.  It freaked the cat out.  Didn’t do her much good either. She was promptly converted from a disbeliever in ghosts to one strongly considering their reality.

Now, she’d gone away on a trip with her church and none of my son’s other friends were around. The last of his roomies had moved out. I suspected all the remodeling they’d done to the house had stirred something up. So, I went over.

Here, I’ll digress to say I’d dreamed earlier of a small grave plot way back in the fields behind the house and of a restless spirit associated with both. As it turned out there is just such a cemetery, an antiquated one. After I arrived that evening, my son and I went upstairs to the suspect bedroom and shut the door. I wanted to scream, and not just because I’m claustrophobic.

We held hands and I repeated the Exorcism prayer sent to my mother from an Episcopalian woman in England. She’d written my mother about visiting the church manse at the invitation of the new priest who was plagued by a poltergeist–one so violent, it had flung portraits down from the hall upstairs and hurled a saucepan lid across the kitchen. But the congregants, along with the priest, had prayed it out. As this was a Christian prayer, my son and I did the same. Never again did he or his fiancé hear footsteps or have any more trouble with doorknobs turning. That bedroom door remained as they left it and the chill feeling I had in the room is gone.

Now, what do you think of that?

Here’s the Anglican prayer. Do not try this alone if the presence you sense is evil, only with a strong group of Christians, the more, the better. And join hands. Even if you think I’m nuts.

“In the name of God the FatherGod the Son and God the Holy Ghost, may this distressed soul be relieved of his obsession with this world and sent to where he belongs.”

I added, ‘go to the light,’ although a truly evil presence won’t, but a troubled, restless one may. Seems only right to offer that as an option.

This is one of the experiences that influenced the writing of my ghostly light paranormal romance novel Somewhere My Love.

***To visit the next five Wild Rose Press authors participating in this haunted garden hop just click on their blog link. Each one is giving away a prize. They are listed below:



***Royalty free images

My Upcoming Historical Romance Release–Beth Trissel!

You may not know I’ve written the sequel to my historical romance novel, Through the Fire, but I have and–wait for it–Kira, Daughter of the Moon is coming to The Wild Rose Press on November the 2nd! This novel has been a  long, long time in the works, and not because TWRP is poky.  No, it took me years to finally complete the story, one I conceived while writing Through the Fire and planned for while undergoing that amazing journey.  Though written to stand alone, Kira, Daughter of the Moon will have more impact on those who’ve already read Through the Fire  (hint, hint) as the story follows several strong secondary characters from that novel (Logan being the main one) while introducing new individuals, most importantly Kira–a singular young Scots-Irish woman.

There was no way I could write this story without Kira’s name in the title.  Very much her own person, Kira is a heroine after my own heart.  And I adore Logan’s wit, keen insight, and powerful appeal. Part of the reason it took me so many years to finally call this novel done is that I hated to let go of them, and others in this story, possibly my best one yet. But Kira and Logan live on in that vital center place where cherished characters dwell.

Blurb: Logan McCutcheon returns to colonial Virginia after seven years in the hands of Shawnee Indians. But was he really a captive, as everybody thinks? He looks and fights like a warrior, and seems eager to return to those he calls friends and family.

Kira McClure has waited for Logan all those years, passing herself off as odd to keep suitors at bay––and anyone else from getting too close.  Now that he’s back, he seems to be the only person capable of protecting her from the advances of Josiah Campbell and accusations of witchcraft.  And to defend the settlers against a well-organized band of murderous thieves.

*Gorgeous cover by Rae Monet

Timeless Romance + FREE eBook

“Love Is The Beauty of the Soul”~Saint Augustine

Excerpt from light paranormal romance novel Somewhere My Love:  FREE March 7th at The Wild Rose Press~All other titles are 10 percent off this whole week at the Wild Rose Press for Read an eBook Week.

*Note–Even after this week, Somewhere My Love is at a permanently reduced price.


Lord, give him air. Julia had engulfed him in an irresistible tide. Her mouth…he must stop eyeing her enticing mouth. “Let’s see the gardens now.”

Like a soldier on drill, Will turned and walked swiftly out of the hall and into the passage that led to the front of the house. Julia practically had to sprint to keep pace with his ground-covering stride.

The gentleman in him took over on autopilot as he stopped in the worn flagstone foyer before the paneled entrance.  He pushed open the white door embellished by the carving of colonial craftsmen and beckoned to her.  “After you.”

“Thank you.” She walked across the threshold and onto the circular brick porch ringed with an iron railing.

The breeze had picked up with the approach of evening and lifted lengths of her long hair. Her already short skirt danced in the wind. The green-gold light spilled through the trees overhead and down across her blowing mane. His artist’s eye took in the glossy sheen of red, copper, and ginger reflecting the rays. As if this weren’t torment enough, Will glimpsed even more of her shapely legs, almost to her thighs with one gust.

Julia pushed the fabric back down, seemingly too absorbed in her surroundings even to notice. “Just smell that,” she sighed, inhaling deeply.

The warm fragrance from an avenue of ancient hedges filled the mild air. “Yes. I love the scent of Old English boxwood,” he said.

She flung her arms wide at the green expanse, knotted with herb gardens, and stretching down to the gently lapping river. “Magnificent!”

Will felt weak and emboldened in one, as if he wanted to lunge with a sword and stagger from a punishing blow.

An inner voice whispered, Julia’s back.~

“As I read Somewhere My Love, I recalled the feelings I experienced the first time I read Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca long ago. Using deliciously eerie elements similar to that gothic romance, Beth Trissel has captured the haunting dangers, thrilling suspense and innocent passions that evoke the same tingly anticipation and heartfelt romance I so enjoyed then, and still do now.
~ Joysann, Publishers Weekly

***Somewhere My Love at Goodreads!

***For other special offers please refer to my previous post.

Author Susan Macatee Shares Her Writing Journey and New Historical Romance

I’m pleased to have my friend and fellow Wild Rose Press author Susan Macatee with me today.  One of the nicest women I know and very talented.  Thank you for sharing your writing and your new story with us, Susan. What has this writing journey been like for you?

It’s been a long one. (*I hear you) I dreamed of being a writer when I was still in school and actually submitted my first story to a magazine when I was in college. It was rejected with a handwritten note from the editor. Being such a newbie, I didn’t realize this was a positive rejection, so was devastated, thinking my writing was no good.  *Yes,  we learn to we cling to the ‘good’ rejections.

Although I still continued to dabble in writing stories, I didn’t dare submit anymore.

Years later while a stay-at-home mom with my two oldest sons, I started dabbling again and purchased how-to writing books to sharpen my skills. It wasn’t until my youngest son started school that I joined Romance Writers of America. That started me on a serious journey toward publication, but it was years before my first romance novel, Erin’s Rebel, was purchased by The Wild Rose Press. I now have three novels and several novellas and short stories under my belt and have ideas for many more.

*Susan, please share a bit about your new release and characters?

Cassidy’s War is a post-Civil War romance based on an earlier published Civil War novel that’s now out-of-print. I used the same characters, but they’re now five years older and their lives have been forever changed by the experiences they lived through during the war.

The heroine, Cassidy Stuart, served as a nurse volunteer and worked alongside her physician father in his home town practice. Six months before Cassidy’s War opens, her father was killed in a carriage accident, but Cassidy wants to keep his practice going with the help of her older brother, a recent medical school graduate. Cassidy’s biggest ambition is to attend medical school herself, although the profession is frowned upon for a woman in that time period.

The hero, George Masters, served as a Union soldier during the war, alongside Cassidy’s brothers. Her oldest brother, Josh, was killed at Gettysburg and George, who was severely injured in the attack, witnessed his best friend’s death first hand. After recovering at home, he reenlisted and was captured late in the war, ending up in Libby Prison. After the surrender he returned home and proposed to Cassidy, then left two days before they were to be married.

Although post traumatic stress disorder wasn’t thought of in the Civil War, George did suffer from it. After five years of wandering, drinking and earning his living as a professional gambler, he straightened out his life and obtained a job working as a Pinkerton Agent. He returns to town undercover to investigate a new doctor in town who assaulted a young woman in his father’s practice in Philadelphia and is now hiding out in George and Cassidy’s small town trying to steal patients from Cassidy and her brother.

*Sounds very interesting and realistic.  I’ll bet a lot of them suffered lingering psychological trauma from that horrific war. My passion for the past has inspired me to write stories that are straight historical or paranormal romances with a historical bent.  What inspires you to write historical romance, and you also write paranormals, don’t you?

My years spent as a Civil War reenactor inspired me to write romances set in the period. What could be more romantic than gaslight, hoopskirts and a handsome man in uniform? I also write paranormal, because I’ve always loved reading and watching movies and shows with paranormal subject matter. My favorite paranormal element is time travel. It’s just so much fun to write about a modern day man or woman being thrown into the past to find love with a figure from history. I also have a few historical vampire stories out. I was inspired to write vampires from my years watching ‘Dark Shadows’, Anne Rice’s and the late Dawn Thompson’s books. In fact, I took a writing course from Ms. Thompson and she encouraged me to write a vampire tale.  (I love this pic!)

*An intriguing mix.  What helps you bring your historical characters to life and give them authenticity?

I learned enough of the small day to day historical details as a reenactor to give my stories that authentic feel. At least that’s what readers and reviewers have said.

*What challenges do you face in building emotional bonds between the characters?  I know I struggle at times when the H&H can’t stand each other, and have had to make some real adjustments, like a new pairing.

I use templates from a course I took a few years back on the psychology of building characters. I choose opposite templates for hero/heroine and use the personality traits of each type to give them tons of conflict, but they ultimately are able to work through all of that to find the happily-ever-after ending. And the templates make their decisions feel that much more realistic, because what they do is based on their personality types.

*A template hmmm….  Mine are often inspired by dreams.  But your practical approach sounds very helpful.  Which is more important in your stories character or plot?  And along those lines are you a plotter or do you write where the muse leads you?

I’m definitely a plotter, but that said, I have to develop the characters first. Without a well-drawn character, I have no story. But I wrote my time travel romance, Erin’s Rebel, without a detailed plot outline and spent over a year getting the story straightened out enough to submit. I decided I needed to plot out all my stories, particularly full-length novels, if I was to get them written and submitted in a year or less. Otherwise, I was just wasting time and effort. Can’t wait on a muse. Lol

*I wait on that doggone muse with a butterfly net in hand.  We have a very different approach, but yours works well for you. What do you find most rewarding about your writing career and not so rewarding?

Seeing a book with a beautiful cover and my name across it, is the most rewarding aspect of writing. I also enjoy the writing process, especially the first draft where I bring my characters to life.  *Ah yes.

The least rewarding is the time and effort spent on book promotion. While I enjoy interacting with readers, most of the time I end up just sending excerpts and promo info out into cyberspace. It’s less time I can spend in the actual writing process.  *Yes indeed.

*What advice would you give to new writers just beginning this journey?

If you get a rejection with a handwritten editor’s note, get to work revising and resending that story to someone else. And learn all you can about writing technique. If I’d done that from the start, I might’ve published years before I did. And lastly, you have to be determined to stay the course for the long haul. Despite stories you see in the news, it’s rare in this business for anything to happen overnight.  *Took me 12+ years to get published.

*Also, what are some of the things you often see beginning writers doing wrong?

Probably some of the same things I did in the beginning. Sending out one submission at a time and waiting months, even years for a response. And it was always a rejection. You need to keep writing, keep submitting, so you always have something out or in the works. It makes rejections so much easier to take.  *Amen to that.

*What’s next for you?

I have a new novella coming out in April from The Wild Rose Press. Cole’s Promise is a Civil War romance and part of the ‘Love Letters’ series.  *oh good.  I’m especially looking forward to this one and you joining me in the Love Letters series.

Here’s the blurb: Cole Manning, a Union lieutenant serving during the height of the American Civil War, expects a letter from his best girl, Hannah, who promised to wait for him.  But her post contains an unwelcome surprise.  She’s marrying someone else.  Heartbroken, he vows no woman will ever fool him again.

Claire Hirsch’s fiancé died in battle during the first year of the war.  Because she could no longer sit at home mourning, she volunteers to assist doctors in the camps.  Scarred by his death, she knows loving a soldier can only lead to heartache.

Cole and Claire find solace in each other’s arms, but is their love strong enough to overcome the fear of losing the one they love?

I’m also finishing up a new time travel novella called Thoroughly Modern Amanda. The story is a continuation of my Civil War time travel romance, Erin’s Rebel. But this story is set in 1881 in a small Pennsylvania town.

*Sounds fabulous, Susan.  I hope you will return and share more with each of these exciting new releases and mega congrats  Is there anything else you would like to share with, or ask our readers?

I’m a complete baseball fanatic and live for baseball season every year. I’m hooked on my local team, the Philadelphia Phillies. I try to attend at least one game each season and watch the rest on cable. I hardly miss a game. I   also have a collection of bobble heads that sit on top of my writing desk. lol

*Who knew. 🙂

*Finally, where can we buy your books and find you on the web?

My books are featured at many sites, including my website: http://susanmacatee.com

My blog: http://susanmacatee.wordpress.com

My group blog: http://slipintosomethingvictorian.wordpress.com

I also have a Twitter account https://twitter.com/#!/susanmacatee

An Amazon author page http://amazon.com/Susan-Macatee/e/B002GILTIS 

And Goodreads author page.

Blurb for Cassidy’s War:

The Civil War is over, but Cassidy’s War is just beginning.

Cassidy Stuart longs to attend medical school. Training beside her physician father and serving as a nurse during the war, have only increased her desire to be a doctor with her own practice.  When the man who’d left her at the altar returns, she’s determined not to let him upset the plans she’s set for herself.

Until his mission is accomplished, George Masters must hide his identity as a Pinkerton agent as he investigates a physician living in George’s former hometown, a short distance from Cassidy’s home. When he finds Cassidy hasn’t married, he hopes he can rekindle their love while trying to protect her and townsfolk from the evil Dr. Madison.

Can their love be renewed despite the villain’s desire for revenge against them both?


The man in the door wasn’t Matt, but George. Had her mother let him in? He eyed her and frowned, his gaze drifting to the post in her hand.

Oh, Lord, just the man I don’t want to speak to right now.

“Cassie, Matt tells me you got a post.”

Drat, Matt! She chewed on her lower lip. Might as well tell him, he’ll find out anyhow.

She swallowed. “It’s from the medical school in Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania.” She dropped her gaze.

“And?” George prompted.

“They won’t accept me as a student.” She gazed into his eyes and shrugged. “I shouldn’t have tried.”

“I’m sorry, Cassie.” He stepped to her side and settled his arm over her shoulder. “I know how much this meant to you.”

She longed to collapse in the comfort of George’s arms. She’d found solace there years ago, when she thought him the man for her. But instead, she stiffened her spine.

“It’s all right,” she said. “It was foolish of me to try.”

George enveloped her in his strong arms. She bit her lip hoping to stave off the torrent of tears threatening to course down her cheeks. She yearned to bawl and scream at the injustice. She had the same credentials as Quinn, except for his experience as a steward during the war. But she’d served as a nurse, basically the same thing. Why wouldn’t they allow her to try?

George rubbed her back in an all too familiar gesture. The men in her life always felt the need to soothe her hurt away. Her father would’ve done the same.

She glanced up, frowning. “What are you doing here, anyway?”

He grimaced. “Not happy to see me? Reckon I deserve that. I spoke to Quinn. He told me he’ll be rebuilding your father’s practice.”

She nodded. “Now, he’ll be able to see patients over the summer and I’d hoped…” She swallowed, crumpling the post.

“It’ll all work out, Cassie.” He spun her to face him, and she buried her face against his rock hard chest. He’d filled out since she’d seen him five years ago.

She raised her face to his, losing herself in his dark gaze. He brushed her cheek with his fingers, then lifted her chin, sending delightful shivers through her body. Her lips parted in anticipation as he lowered his face to hers. His mouth brushed hers, gently at first, then pressed against her, shooting hot sparks to her core. His comforting scent of sandalwood, leather, and male enveloped her.

She sighed into the kiss, her tongue swirling inside his mouth. Her insides coiled with spiraling heat. She’d never been with a man and often imagined what it would feel like to have limbs intertwined, bodies pressed tightly with the one who set your soul aflame.

“Oh, George,” she gasped as he released his hold. Her skin moistened, body growing hotter by the minute. As a physician she knew what went on between a man and woman, but George sent her analytical thoughts spinning as want and need threw everything to the wind. She didn’t want the kiss to ever end.

“I know exactly how you feel, Cassie, but we have to stop now.”

“I know.” She nodded, not wanting to leave the warmth of his strong arms, but knowing she must. She gestured to one of the chairs.

“Sit, I’ll make tea. Then you can tell me why you’re here.”~

*Excellent excerpt.

Thanks for hosting me today, Beth!

*Enjoyed having you.  I share your fascination with the Civil War and love the Victorian era.

Cassidy’s War is available at The Wild Rose Press.

Visit The Wild Rose Press–Where Romance Blooms!

The Wild Rose Press.  or ‘the garden,’ as we authors fondly call TWRP, is having special offers and sales during this holiday season.  In case you missed it, my Vintage American Christmas Ghost Story Romance Somewhere the Bells Ring is out and available in various e-book formats for only $3.50.  If the story qualifies for one of their sales, it will go for even less.  Don’t miss out.  Join The Wild Rose Press newsletter to stay on top of exclusive giveaways this holiday season–Free Books, Gift Certificates and more!

Garden Gourmet–Recipes from The Wild Rose Press

‘A holiday gift just for you!

You can now download our free holiday cookbook. thank you to all the authors and staff who contributed recipes to make another Wild Rose Press holiday tradition possible.

Main store link:

Wilder Store Link:

Have a safe and festive holiday season.’

From The Wild Rose Press

*I have a sweet and sour pork (chicken or beef) recipe under main dishes on the main store link.

Sweet Saturday Sample from NA Historical Romance Red Bird’s Song #3

Red Bird’s Song is an adventure romance novel with a The Last of the Mohican’s flavor and a recent finalist in the 2012 EPIC Ebook Awards.  I’d rate this excerpt PG, or PG 13 for those of you with particularly delicate sensibilities.  Actually, if that’s the case, don’t read the book.  Read Into the Lion’s Heart instead.  It’s tamer. 🙂

*For a list of other authors participating in Sweet Saturday Samples click here.

Third Excerpt from Red Bird’s Song:

A scream ripped from Charity’s throat.  She grabbed up a stout stick and spun around.  Shaking the loose mane from her eyes, she brandished her makeshift weapon. “Stay back!”

He arched one black brow. “You think to strike me with that?”

Before she heaved another ragged breath, he snatched it away. “What now?” he challenged.

She lunged, pushing against his rock-hard chest—like trying to dislodge an anvil. She dug in her heels and struggled to knock him off balance and down the slope. Not a prudent move. She’d unwittingly placed herself in his hands.

He snapped unyielding arms around her. “I have you.”

She twisted, shrieking, in his steely grasp, kicking at his rooted legs and grinding her feet into the earth. The fragrance of spearmint charged the air. How ironic to die surrounded by such sweet scent.

Gripping her tightly, he forced her down to the leafy ground in a press of hard muscle and heated skin. His gleaming black hair spilled over her face as he pinned her thrashing arms. “Stop fighting me.”

“I’ll fight to the end!”

He straddled her and stilled her pummeling legs. “For your life? Have I tomahawk or knife in my hand?”

She gaped up at him, her breath rasping in her throat. Whether he spoke in bemusement or annoyance, she couldn’t tell from his controlled expression, but the weapons remained at his side. And he wouldn’t waste gunpowder and a lead ball on her when he could so easily kill her with a single blow.

“You’ll let me live?” she gulped in short bursts.

“Did I not say you will come with me?”

She searched his eyes for signs of malice and saw none, only a keen watchfulness. Her stomach churned as he clasped her wrists with one hand and reached toward his waist.

A spasm shuddered through her. Had he only been tormenting her? Was he—even now—drawing his knife?

She squeezed her eyes shut, moaning, against the cruel blade. But no fatal kiss of steel met her throat. Instead, firm, warm fingers lightly stroked her cheek.

“I have no wish to do you harm. You are my captive.”

She opened her eyes in breathless tension. There it was again, that piercing gaze. If she hadn’t already been winded, one glance from him would have robbed her of air. She inhaled his scent, both intimidating and strangely compelling.

Her panting eased. “What will you do?” she asked hoarsely.

“Slow you. You run like peshikthe, the deer.”

**RED BIRD’S SONG is available in print and or digital download from The Wild Rose Press, AmazonBarnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

Write What You Know

Happy last day of March. What a fine day to welcome Maggie Toussaint.

Write what you know
By Maggie Toussaint

Write what you know. I can’t tell you how many times I heard this advice as a new writer, how many times I still hear it. Sure you can research to your heart’s content, but there’s nothing like knowing something, of having experienced it firsthand. When you convey that level of understanding, the words leap off the page.

That’s what writers, editors, and readers want.

A story that leaps off the page.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I decided to try this approach.
With an eye toward blockbuster sales, I listed my previous careers: aquatic toxicologist, technical writer, chemist, industrial hygienist, biologist, college student, golf course worker, movie house ticket sales… None of those screamed best seller. They’d been rather routine jobs.

Had I missed the point of write what you know? I was more than these job titles. I was a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend, a guitarist, and so much more. I’ve felt loss and injury and injustice and yearning for things I couldn’t have. I’ve marveled at a baby’s perfect fingers, hugged a sleeping puppy, and fried myself silly under the southern sun.

A resounding aha moment occurred. It sounded a bit like mental thunder, felt a bit like virtual lightning. Could writing 3-D characters really be so easy?

Once I changed my perspective, character possibilities rolled in like flood tide. I’d known the terror of being in a car careening through a ditch on two wheels. I’d known heartache from bad breakups with boyfriends. During my rebellious teen years, I’d inadvertently hurt myself and others with my behaviors. I’d been the mother of an unconscious child, despairing and praying.

A glittering universe of ideas beckoned.

I rolled up my sleeves and let the ideas flow.

The longing I felt to
, connect with my late father became the story seed for HOUSE OF LIES. The sisterly tug of war over jointly held property became SEEING RED. The shadowed woods where I kept losing my golf ball became the murderous setting for IN FOR A PENNY. And the financial black hole of keeping a nonprofit for horses going became NO SECOND CHANCE.

Were these entire books scripted from my life? No way. But the story seeds, the “what if” moments, came from an emotion attached to events I’d experienced.

Once I embraced emotional depth, characters yammered at me day and night. Don’t get me wrong – my friends and family aren’t poured onto the page verbatim. (Only my mother would read that!) Instead, I layer my characters taking a bit from this person a bit from that one. It’s like having an entire wardrobe of coordinating separates. You match them up, add a little attitude, and off you go.

Here’s what I learned. Write what you know and who you know. Do it in a way that is interesting and expressly you. Be real about the truths in your writing.

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And, since I have your attention, two new Maggie Toussaint releases are on the horizon. MUDDY WATERS, a fall 2010 romantic suspense, features the secret passions of a small town. ON THE NICKEL, a March 2011 mystery, sprang from the indestructible car my daughters drove in high school.

Maggie Toussaint

No Second Chance
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