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Did You Not Hear My Lady & BBC’s Robin Hood

Such a beautiful old song, originally written by Handel.  This version is especially fun for fans of BBC‘s Robin Hood.  The producer of the video portrayed the song from Guy’s POV with clips showing him and Marian together.  Unusual, as Sir Guy of Gisborne (played by the hot Richard Armitage) is the Sheriff of Nottingham’s right hand man and Robin’s nemesis in the series, but it works–even though Marian lacks the requisite golden hair mentioned in this classic song.

BBC’s Robin Hood is a different spin on the age old tale of Robin and his merry men, a mostly enjoyable production.  I could, of course, quibble with a few details.  The series is quite a radical departure from traditional Robin Hood tales in more than one way.

If any of you missed out on BBC’s Robin Hood, also carried in America, I’ve included the trailer from Season One.  It gives too much away to include trailers from subsequent seasons.   I admit to not being entirely happy with the way season two went and can see why season three ran into problems.  But it’s still well worth a look!  I wish they’d revive the series, myself.  You can’t have too much Robin Hood.

*I rented the series from Netflix.