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The Scent of Roses Blog Hop–Beth Trissel

The Scent of Roses by Charlene RaddonAuthor Charlene Raddon has been writing historical romance novels for over thirty years. Her work has won several awards and much well-deserved praise. Here is what she has to say about her newest release.

“Any day when a new book is released is exciting for the author. I’m thrilled to announce that my eBook, The Scent of Rosesis now available. (***I love the title)

The Scent of Roses is a sequel to my last eBook, To Have And To Hold, but stands alone and does not need to be read in order to be enjoyed. Whip Kincaid, from The Scent of Roses, is the half-brother of Buck Maddux from To Have and To Hold. Whip also has a twin, Cale, who readers met in Buck’s story, which gives me an excuse to write a third book for this series.

The added touch of paranormal elements made The Scent of Roses a fun story to write. Who doesn’t enjoy haunted houses with hidden passageways? When I first moved to Utah, I lived in this house. No, there weren’t any secret passageways, but in every other way, my description of the old house is accurate. The third element new in this book is the subject of polygamy.


Rosalyn Delaney came to Whisky Ridge, Arizona expecting to receive aid from her estranged husband, Josiah Bullock, in escaping the crazed leader of a polygamist cult determined to have her. She’s broke and has nowhere else to go. But Josiah is dead, murdered the very evening of her arrival. The town is in uproar, searching for the suspected killer, Josiah’s business partner, Whip Kincaid. Rosalyn also learns that Josiah has taken a second wife.

Whip is innocent but to prove that, he needs to stay out of jail. He hides in secret passageways in the old house he and Josiah shared. Smythely, the elderly butler who came with the house, is the only other person aware of the passageways. Lurking between spiderwebbed walls and using the abundance of peepholes provided allows Whip to keep up with what’s going on. Sneaking out at night allows him to investigate. He’s particularly interested in Rosalyn Delaney, and for more than one reason. Besides being attracted to her, he’s sure she knows something about the murder.

But does she? Is she safe at Rose House? Will she be safe from Whip Kincade?

I hope you enjoyed this peek into The Scent of Roses. Find it here, at Amazon.com.”


***Be Sure To Leave A Comment With Contact Information. At The End Of The Hop, A Name Will Be Drawn From Those Who Visited and Commented At Every Blog. PRIZE IS A $45 GIFT CARD FOR AMAZON OR B&N, WINNER’S CHOICE. Other bloggers are also offering giveaways so make sure you hit them all.~


Red Bird's Song CoverAs for me, I’m giving away a digital download of Red Bird’s Song in pdf or kindle format. Red Bird’s Song is Book 3 in my Native American Warrior Series. A 2012 EPIC Ebook Award Finalist

Much of the history and events in Red Bird’s Song and Native American historical romance novel Through the Fire were inspired by accounts I uncovered while researching my English/Scots-Irish ancestors. My fascination with Colonial America, particularly stirring tales of the frontier and the Shawnee Indians, is an early and abiding one. My forebears had interactions with this tribe, including family members taken captive. I have ties to Wicomechee (the hero in the novel) an outstanding Shawnee warrior who really lived and whose story greatly impacted Red Bird’s Song. I’ve included more on Wicomechee at the end of the novel. 

“This is a beautifully written story filled with adventure and suspense…This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating.” Night Owl Book Review by Laurie-J

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Super Review and Recommended Read for A Warrior for Christmas–Beth Trissel

AWarriorforChristmas_7288_300“A Warrior for Christmas took me by complete surprise. I expected the usual tale of a former Indian captive transcending his past to live the life of a gentleman, but Beth Trissel’s exquisite writing skill made me love this story. In just 53 pages, she created a warm and exiting backdrop and brought to the lovely scenery characters that made the story come alive. Ms. Trissel will make the reader truly wonder if everything is going to work out well between Dimity and Corwin because she created internal and external conflict that could persuade Corwin to return to the wilderness he loves. I really liked the way Ms. Trissel handled the problem of a deaf character communicating with other characters in the story in convincing ways. No reader of historical romance will want to miss A Warrior for Christmas, even if it isn’t Christmas.”~

Recommended Read

For the Full Review Visit: Two Lips Reviews

Gardening in August–Or Not–Beth Trissel

“Gardens are a form of autobiography.”~Sydney Eddison
If, by late August, a gardener is wondering how long it will be until frost arrives and tidies up the robust weeds growing in and among everything, or if she/he is thinking of tacking up a sign to declare the grounds a wild game preserve, then that person has lost the battle. Again. And, as usual, I remind myself to look for the beauty amid the tangle. It is there, in the soft pink anemones, bold zinnias and bright orange tithonia, Mexican sunflower, that towers above the black-eyed susans and rose-colored cleome.
Masses of fall asters bloom in shades of lavender and blue and butterflies flutter all over the place––monarchs, swallowtails, orange skippers, and tiny blue hairstreaks. Hummingbirds are darting, and the moths that resemble them. Goldfinches streak from sunflower to sunflower singing in that euphoric chatter finches have. When I was a child a close friend made the observation that our family hummed happily at meal times. Well, so do birds in their way.
The writing spider (see Charlotte’s Web) has woven stories throughout the garden, intelligible only to her and perhaps the fairies. Blue-green dragonflies hover over the pond, ducks bob, and squeaky frogs plop into the water every time we walk past. At night, the peepers sing from the tall grass in the meadow, and the crickets and katydids. Owls hoot and screech, bats zing through the dusk and nighthawks pirouette. Come to think of it, this is a wild life preserve.~
“No two gardens are the same.  No two days are the same in one garden.”  ~Hugh Johnson
***This is an excerpt from my nonfiction book, Shenandoah Watercolors, a 2012 Epic eBook finalist. Free in Amazon Kindle from August 19th — the 23rd.
*Image of our old red barn and abundant sunflowers by daughter Elise
*Our garden with cleome flowers in the foreground taken by Elise
*Butterfly on red Bee Balm taken by Elise

Three NA Historical Romances At .99 Plus Giveaway for the 4th–Beth Trissel

To celebrate my love of all things Native American, three of my novels/stories with a NA theme are priced at .99 each and I’m giving away the eBook of Red Bird’s Song to an enthusiastic visitor who leaves me a comment. Enough enthusiasm and I may give away more than one copy (kindle or pdf, winner’s choice).

Yes, I’m easily flattered. Oh, the vanity. 🙂

A quick look at the books, and a pause to mention I will choose my winner or winner of Red Bird’s Song next Friday.

Blurb for Red Bird’s Song:

Taken captive by a Shawnee war party wasn’t how Charity Edmondson hoped to escape an unwanted marriage. Nor did Shawnee warrior Wicomechee expect to find the treasure promised by his grandfather’s vision in the unpredictable red-headed girl.

George III’s English Red-Coats, unprincipled colonial militia, prejudice and jealousy are not the only enemies Charity and Wicomechee will face before they can hope for a peaceful life. The greatest obstacle to happiness is in their own hearts.

As they struggle through bleak mountains and cold weather, facing wild nature and wilder men, Wicomechee and Charity must learn to trust each other. ~

2012 EPIC Ebook Award Finalist

“This is a beautifully written story filled with adventure and suspense…This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating.” —Night Owl Book Review by Laurie-J

“I loved the descriptions…I felt I was there…Many mystical episodes are intermingled with the events…The ending is a real surprise, but I will let you have the pleasure of reading it for yourself.” —Seriously Reviewed

“With Red Bird’s Song, Beth Trissel has painted an unforgettable portrait of a daring and defiant love brought to life in the wild and vivid era of Colonial America. Highly recommended for lovers of American history and romance lovers alike!”~Virginia Campbell

“The storyline of Through the Fire is well-written and uncommonly descriptive. Ms. Trissel took great time and effort to research Indian beliefs and their way of life. Anyone who buys this book will take great pleasure in it.” ~You Gotta Read by Laura

“Through the Fire is full of interesting characters, beautifully described scenery, and vivid action sequences. It is a must read for any fan of historical romance.” ~Long and Short Reviews by Poinsettia

 2008 Golden Heart® Finalist

Blurb for Through the Fire:

At the height of the French and Indian War, a young English widow ventures into the colonial frontier in search of a fresh start. She never expects to find it in the arms of the half-Shawnee, half-French warrior who makes her his prisoner in the raging battle to possess a continent––or to be aided by a mysterious white wolf and a holy man.~

 ***Normally 4.99, Through the Fire is On sale for .99 in Kindle and Nookbook through August 17th.

Blurb for The Bearwalker’s Daughter:

Timid by nature—or so she thinks—Karin McNeal hasn’t grasped who she really is or her fierce birthright. A tragic secret from the past haunts the young Scots-Irish woman longing to learn more of her mother’s death and the mysterious father no one will name. The elusive voices she hears in the wind hint at the dramatic changes soon to unfold in the mist-shrouded Alleghenies in Autumn, 1784.

Jack McCray, the wounded stranger who staggers through the door on the eve of her twentieth birthday and anniversary of her mother’s death, holds the key to unlock the past. Will Karin let this handsome frontiersman lead her to the truth and into his arms, or seek the shelter of her fiercely possessive kinsmen? Is it only her imagination or does someone, or something, wait beyond the brooding ridges—for her?

(A revised version of Daughter of the Wind)

“Ms. Trissel’s alluring style of writing invites the reader into a world of fantasy and makes it so believable it is spellbinding.” -Long and Short Reviews

“I loved the plot of this story, oh, and the setting was wonderful.” -Mistress Bella Reviews

“I found this book fascinating.” -Bitten By Books

***On sale in Kindle for .99.

Blurb for The Lady and the Warrior:

An abused young wife stranded in the Alleghenies in 1783 is rescued from drowning by a rugged frontiersman who shows her kindness and passion. But is he more than he seems? And can they ever be together?

About The Lady and the Warrior:  A short historical romance story with a The Last of the Mohican’s flavor to give readers a taste of my full-length American historical romance novels.  If you like The Lady and the Warrior, chances are you will enjoy Red Bird’s Song and Through the Fire.  Both have a strong Native American theme interwoven with the plot.

***Available at Amazon Kindle for .99 each.

For Lovers of Gardening and Country Life (And Wannabes)

My award-winning nonfiction book, Shenandoah Watercolors, is free at Amazon Monday May 14th–Wednesday May 16th.  Written in a month by month journal style, Shenandoah Watercolors follows a year in my life on our farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Excerpt from May:

“The quality of mercy is not strained,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,

Upon the place beneath; it is twice blessed;

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes…”

~William Shakespeare

The heavy rain has given way to a misting drizzle, but streams of water pour down from the hills and make new ponds and creeks. It’s chilly with that raw wet feel. This spring is awash in moisture and amazing after last summer’s searing drought. I’m struck by the intense beauty around me, and I thought I was already seeing it, but it’s so much more somehow. The grass seems to shimmer, yet there’s no sun out today, and the meadow is so richly green it’s like seeing heaven.

Our barnyard geese are enraptured, as much as geese can be, with all the grass. If there’s a lovelier place to revel in spring than the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains, I don’t know it. Narnia, maybe.

I’ve been thinking about my favorite places. The pool I like best lies in the woods near a place called Rip Rap Hollow in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A splendid falls cascades up above, but I like the pool far more. We always meant to go back, but never have. The cold water ripped through me like liquid ice and is as clear as melted crystal.

I could see the rocks on the bottom, some slick with moss, others brown-gold in the light where the sun broke through the leafy canopy overhead. Trout hid beneath big rounded stones or ones that formed a cleft, but the men tickled them out to flash over the flat rocks strewn across the bottom like a path. Drifts of hay-scented fern rose around the edges of the pool, warming the air with the fragrance of new-mown hay, and made the shady places a rich green.

Now, that’s a good place to go in my mind when I’m troubled. The problem with cities is that people don’t learn what really matters. Don’t really feel or know the rhythms of the earth. When we are separated from that vital center place, we grow lost. Sadly, most people will never know what they are lost from, or where they can be found.~

***FREE kindle at Amazon. Also available in print with lovely photographs taken by my talented family.

“This is perhaps the most beautifully written memoir I’ve ever read. Its lovely and languid descriptions of the picturesque valley, the farm and gardens are equaled only by the charming and funny descriptions of the antics (and conversations!) of the farm animals. What a joy this is to read…” Amazon Reviewer C. G. King

Seriously? The Cost of a Small Latte is too much for an ebook?

The state of ebooks in general and kindles in particular is a turbulent sea these days.  Amazon chummed the waters and authors are in a frenzy giving or practically giving away their hard-won books in an ever-increasing attempt to capture readers.  Temporary sales and giveaways are fine–I’m all for that and am very generous as many recipients can attest–but not as a perpetual state.   And that’s what I see happening.  Readers buy the kindle fire or whatever electronic reading device they’ve sunk money into, and have come to expect free or nearly free books to load it with.

My novels took years to research and write and rewrite and agonize over at much personal sacrifice.   My shorter novellas also required a great deal of blood, sweat, and tears to complete.  And  they aren’t even worth the price of a cup of coffee?

Maybe I should just give up and watch the Big Bang Theory and Grimm, my current obsession.  And gardening, of course, I always garden.  And read cheap books written by other talented authors.   Writing?  Well, I can always do that for my own amusement.

Sweet Saturday Sample From Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass #3

For more authors participating in Sweet Saturday Samples click Here.

Excerpt: Mora Campbell focused her giddy senses on the gentleman kneeling by her side. He stared at her as if she were a silkie or some other fantastic creature. Even with her head aching like the beating of a Hielan drum, the appeal of her rescuer wasn’t lost on her. My, but he’s a handsome one. Eyes colored like a brooding sky. The strength in his face bespoke the bearing of a great chieftain. His demeanor marked him as a leader. Surely he was a commanding laird.

As her vision cleared, she looked more closely. There was a dearly familiar quality about him, though she couldn’t fathom why. Searching the haze fogging her mind, she strained to remember.

Her thoughts swirled around the beloved image of a man. Niall. He looked like Niall. And he had the same masculine allure and deeply sensual air. Why was his thick brown hair clipped so short? It should fall down around his well-muscled shoulders. Outlanders might wear their hair shorn in sech a manner, but he didn’t seem to be foreign. Unless…

Her eyes dropped lower. What did he mean by wearing the clothes of an Englisher, if that’s what they were? They looked to be some sort of trews or breeches, she guessed, and a jacket right enough, but not in any fashion she’d ever seen before. The narrow striped scarf he wore at his neck was most peculiar. What purpose did it serve? And the cane he held in blood-stained fingers had the oddest face. Frightening even. If he were an Englisher, he had style all his own.

He laid the cane down, his intent gray eyes searching hers. “Who struck you?”

The force of his gaze held her. “The MacDonald, the divil.”

Her apparent champion narrowed his gaze. Lifting one hand, he lightly touched the tender lump on her forehead. His scent wafted around her—masculine and clean, like fresh wind on a braw day. She breathed it in, savoring his essence.

“You’ll need a Cat Scan, and the police will be here any moment.”

She had no notion what service this cat he spoke of might render her or what these police were, but she liked the gentle feel of his fingers and the way tufts of hair curled at his strong neck like tendrils of ivy on a stone wall. She wanted to smooth his hair with her fingers…stroke the line of his neck.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

His query disrupted her musing in a low tone pleasing to her ears. Though his voice lacked any recognizable accent, she’d swear she knew it in her very being.~

“Beth Trissel has a way with her characters that brings them to life in your mind’s eye as fully realized people, who you want to win their battles, and find ever-lasting love. Her plot is complicated and unpredictable, and her eye for the detail of ancient Scotland is wonderful. Romantic fiction has been enriched by adding the time travel aspect to it, breathing new life into a genre that stretches back to the Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters.
The kind of book you can get lost in. Well-written and exciting, Trissel hits a home run with her time-crossed lovers.” ~Amazon Reviewer Robin Landry

Somewhere My Lass is available in various eBook formats from my publisher The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

Book Club Members Please Note

I’ve put together a new page featured in the header section of the blog with discussion questions plus background information on the colonial frontier setting for my historical romance novel Red Bird’s Song.   This novel is unique both in the era it focuses on and the history that inspired the story.

Blurb: Taken captive by a Shawnee war party wasn’t how Charity Edmondson hoped to escape an unwanted marriage. Nor did Shawnee warrior Wicomechee expect to find the treasure promised by his grandfather’s vision in the unpredictable red-headed girl.
George III’s English Red-Coats, unprincipled colonial militia, prejudice and jealousy are not the only enemies Charity and Wicomechee will face before they can hope for a peaceful life. The greatest obstacle to happiness is in their own hearts.
As they struggle through bleak mountains and cold weather, facing wild nature and wilder men, Wicomechee and Charity must learn to trust each other.~
“This book touched my soul even as it provided a thrilling fictional escape into a period of history I have always found fascinating.”
~ Reviewed by Laurie-J for Night Owl Romance

“With “Red Bird’s Song”, Beth Trissel has painted an unforgettable portrait of a daring and defiant love brought to life in the wild and vivid era of Colonial America. Highly recommended for lovers of American history and romance lovers alike!” Review by Virginia Campbell

Red Bird’s Song is available in print and eBook from my publisher, The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, Barnes&Noble and many other online booksellers.  Local bookstores can order it in.   If your library doesn’t have it, ask them to get the paperback or the eBook.  I am a big fan of  libraries and have made donations to various ones  but can’t supply them all.

2012 Epic eBOOK Award Finalist

New Sweet Saturday Sample from Light Paranormal Romance Somewhere My Love

Star-crossed lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it is too late?

Newly arrived at Foxleigh, the gracious old Wentworth home in Virginia, British born Julia Morrow is excited at the prospect of a summer working as a guide in the stately house and herb garden. She quickly discovers the historic plantation holds far more.~


A wildly irrational hope pulsed inside Julia. She bit her lip, hoping Will wouldn’t think her balmy. “Is it possible we’ve met before?”

The spark of life in his eyes faded. “I don’t see how.”

Yet, like a distant melody growing stronger, she instinctively knew his voice…him. “I’m not familiar to you at all?”

“How could you be, Miss Morrow?”

That name sounded alien on his lips. “It’s Julia.”

His face tightened in an almost imperceptible wince. “I’d prefer we retained formal working titles. At least until we’re better acquainted.”

Disappointment washed through her. “Then you really don’t remember me?”

He ran long fingers through his hair. “I’m sorry.”

“I know you, somehow,” she persisted.

An inner struggle flickered in his eyes. Wariness won out and he set his jaw. “The mind sometimes plays tricks on us, especially when mixed with an active imagination.”

“It’s more than that…rather like waking from a sleep when you cannot clearly recall the dream, only feel it.”

For a moment, he seemed pensive, then that sardonic look returned to his eyes. His gaze narrowed. “You’re dreaming, all right. I expect you’ve joined the throng of women in love with the dashing Cole Wentworth.”

Julia felt a blush burning her cheeks. She couldn’t deny that possibility. The name alone ripped through her.

“Is this a problem with your working here?” he asked.

Mustering what dignity she had left, she drew herself up. “I’m fully capable of conducting myself with propriety, Mr. Wentworth. I’m British, for God’s sake.”

He frowned at her. “The Brits don’t have a monopoly on self-control. But I’ll allow you the benefit of the doubt in this instance.”

She crossed her arms over her chest. “Very good of you, I’m sure. I’ll endeavor not to put you out again.”

He made an impatient noise under his breath. “I’ve been all through this before, Miss Morrow.”

“Making allowances for Brits?”

“No. Admirers of my legendary cousin, superb horseman, exquisite artist, gallant nobleman struck down in his prime. Despite our similarities, I am not Cole Wentworth. There’s one glaring difference between us.”

“He’s more charming?” she suggested.

William shot her a sarcastic smile. “He’s dead. Do try to bear that in mind.”~

*For more Sweet Saturday Samples click HERE.

**If you’d like the opportunity to win the eBook of Somewhere My Love jump down to my Spook-A-Licious Blog Hop Tour post and leave me a comment.

***Somewhere My Love is available in print and or eBook formats from online booksellers large and small at a reduced price.

Sweet Saturday Sample from NA Historical Romance Red Bird’s Song (#2)

Hello all.  I’m sharing another sample from Red Bird’s Song, an adventurous Native American historical romance novel with a Last of the Mohicans flavor.

This excerpt is from the heroine, Charity’s, point of view and I would rate it PG, unless, of course, you have extremely delicate sensibilities.

He slid the musket over his shoulder by a woven strap. A faint smile curved his lips. “You wish to go live among the trees? Come with me.”

Instinctively, Charity shied back.

The warrior closed the distance between them and
extended a corded arm circled with twin bands of
silver.  His voice went from butter to grit. “Now.”

Musket shots cracked above the rapid water. War whoops rang through the trees. Charity scrambled back with a shriek.

He lunged at her. Jerked fully to life, she flung the basket at his chest and spun around. Catching up her skirts, she raced over the uneven ground along the river.

She had only the hair of head start, but by heaven she could run. Hadn’t her brother, Craig, said as much?

Clinging to his praise, she tore through grass heavy with seed heads. The slap of her shoes and swish of her petticoats sounded alongside the rapid water.  She sensed but didn’t hear the warrior’s stealthy pursuit.  Dodging rocks masked by the haze, she hurtled across downed branches, risking a nasty fall. But what did that matter with the hound of hell snapping at her heels?

Faster! Heart pounding in her ears, she leapt over a moss-encrusted log and stumbled. Grabbing a bent sapling for support, she righted herself and sprang away through a blur of color. Her chest thudded. She could scarcely get her breath and shot a glance over her shoulder.

Lord, no! Her pursuer’s glove-like moccasins had the advantage over her square-toed shoes, as did his ground-covering strides. He rapidly narrowed the gap between them. God save her or she’d be killed and scalped like her father.

Summoning every ounce of speed, she spurted ahead, sides heaving, pain stabbing her chest.

She flew around a bend in the river and stopped short. A prickly tangle of burdock and brambles blocked the path. She looked wildly around.

No way through. Shooting to the side, she clamored up the bank.

Down she went, sliding over loose stones, lurching forward with outstretched hands and scraping her palms. She ignored the sting and scrambled up to pelt through tall grass and spikes of mullein. If she hid among the stand of cedars just ahead, he might not find—-too late.   He’d come.~

***To visit other authors participating in Sweet Saturday Samples click HERE.

**Red Bird’s Song is available in print and or digital download (eBook) from all major online booksellers, and some not so major.

**Pics of the stream and the old musket were taken by my mom.