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Can She Expect Love from a Man Who longs to Return to the Wild–A Warrior for Christmas

AWarriorforChristmas_7288_300Dimity Scott is deaf since a bout of scarlet fever took her hearing. Corwin Whitfield, former Shawnee captive and white warrior, has recently been reclaimed and returned to high colonial society by his wealthy uncle.

Corwin wants nothing to do with this civilized world. Then he meets Dimity. Accompanying Corwin to the frontier poses more dangers than a deaf woman dares undertake. Nor has Corwin invited her.  He’s grown accustomed to Indian ways and relishes life in the wild, but now he’s heir to an estate and  Dimity is his uncle’s ward and dependent. She despises being dependent and longs to be cherished for herself, not the dowry her devoted guardian will lavish on her if and when she marries.  Corwin will gladly let her inherit all and head on back to the frontier after the new year, but what she wants is him. Does Corwin love her enough to stay?


A Warrior for Christmas historical romance novella is available for $1.99 in eBook formats from the Wild Rose PressKindleNookbookAll Romance eBooks, and other online booksellers.