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Historical Romance A Warrior for Christmas Out in Audio!–Beth Trissel

Yes, I know it’s not the holiday season, but hey, this is an anytime read or listen to romance. And pretty awesome that it’s in audio. Here’s the Amazon LINK.

Story Description:

Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. He plans to return to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity – until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott.

Deaf since a childhood bout with Scarlet fever, Dimity Scott intends to be cherished for herself, not her guardian’s purse, even if it means risking spinsterhood. Then the rugged newcomer arrives, unlike any man she’s ever known. Dimity has learned to manage her silent world, but unaccustomed to the dangers of the frontier, can she expect love and marriage from Corwin, who longs to return to his Shawnee life?~

A Warrior for Christmas took me by complete surprise. I expected the usual tale of a former Indian captive transcending his past to live the life of a gentleman, but Beth Trissel’s exquisite writing skill made me love this story…No reader of historical romance will want to miss A Warrior for Christmas, even if it isn’t Christmas.” ~Two Lips Reviews (Five Lips and A Recommended Read Rating)

Beth Trissel is ‘The Next Big Thing’

AWarriorforChristmas_7288_300I’m not off to a great start. I forgot today was my day. But this tardy post is coming to you via my referrals from the fabulous Kathryn Knight at: Kathryn Knight Books And the wonderful Linda Banche and Her Historical Hilarity Plus anyone else who tagged me.

And now, I invite your rapt attention as I explore such fascinating questions as, What is the title of your book? My latest release is, appropriately for this time of year, A Warrior for Christmas!

Where did the idea come from for the book? Research into my early American Scots-Irish ancestors and their interactions and clashes with Native Americans. Oh, and Tarzan. No, seriously.

What genre does your book fall under? Historical Romance. Totally. I didn’t even sneak in a ghost.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?  Are there any fabulous enough. Hmmmm…

lovely young blond womanWhat is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

‘Will he remain with her or find the call of the wild irresistible?’  Or ‘ Can she expect Love from a man who longs to return to the wild?’ This is where the white warrior imagery enters in.

Where (or when) can we get your book?  Now. A Warrior for Christmas is available in various eBook formats at The Wild Rose Press,  Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nookbook & other online booksellers. Oh, and big news, the story is being made into an audio book! Stay tuned.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? Three months

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? A warrior for Christmas fits into my Native American Warrior series along with Through the Fire, Red Bird’s Song, The Bearwalker’s Daughter and Kira, Daughter of the Moon. I don’t know of any other authors writing historical romance set in the colonial American frontier, or colonial America with a hero recently returned from the frontier, so wouldn’t know who else to suggest.

Christmas decorationWhat else about your book might pique the reader’s interest? The heroine is deaf and the hero is a white warrior recently returned from frontier life with the Shawnee. And who doesn’t enjoy a rollicking good time with Colonial American Christmas festivities?

Blurb: Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. He plans to return to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity–until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott.

Deaf since a childhood bout of Scarlet fever, Dimity Scott intends to be cherished for herself, not her guardian’s purse, even if it means risking spinsterhood. Then the rugged newcomer arrives, unlike any man she’s ever known. Dimity has learned to manage her silent world, but unaccustomed to the dangers of the frontier, can she expect love and marriage from Corwin, who longs to return to his Shawnee life?~

***The next stop on The next Big Thing (Monday the 24th) will be with the gracious and talented Mona Risk, either at her blog: http://monarisk.blogspot.com/ or The Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writer’s

Can She Expect Love from a Man Who longs to Return to the Wild–A Warrior for Christmas

AWarriorforChristmas_7288_300Dimity Scott is deaf since a bout of scarlet fever took her hearing. Corwin Whitfield, former Shawnee captive and white warrior, has recently been reclaimed and returned to high colonial society by his wealthy uncle.

Corwin wants nothing to do with this civilized world. Then he meets Dimity. Accompanying Corwin to the frontier poses more dangers than a deaf woman dares undertake. Nor has Corwin invited her.  He’s grown accustomed to Indian ways and relishes life in the wild, but now he’s heir to an estate and  Dimity is his uncle’s ward and dependent. She despises being dependent and longs to be cherished for herself, not the dowry her devoted guardian will lavish on her if and when she marries.  Corwin will gladly let her inherit all and head on back to the frontier after the new year, but what she wants is him. Does Corwin love her enough to stay?


A Warrior for Christmas historical romance novella is available for $1.99 in eBook formats from the Wild Rose PressKindleNookbookAll Romance eBooks, and other online booksellers.

Wassailing With Barbara Monajem and Her New Christmas Romance

A_Lady's_Lesson_in_Seduction_by__Barbara_Monajem_-_OCT_2012_undone_(2)Welcome my talented and scintillating friend, Barbara Monajem, here to share her new Christmas romance novella, A Lady’s Lesson in Seductionand an old holiday tradition and recipe. Leave a comment on this post for the chance to win a copy of Barbara’s book. If the blog refuses to let you leave one, email it to me at bctrissel@yahoo.com and I’ll plug it in.

Now back to Barbara.

Thanks Beth. When my editor asked me for a Christmas novella, I was overjoyed, because I love old-fashioned Christmas customs, and now I would get to write about them! Of course I thought about the usual trappings of Christmas — the Yule log, evergreens, holly and its glorious red berries, and mistletoe. Christmas cakes and plum puddings. Christmas songs.  Beverages, such as wassail and lamb’s wool… Oh, there are so many lovely customs, but in a novella, there’s just not enough time to play with them all. I stuffed in whatever I had room for and saved the rest for next time.

apples_and_hollyOne of my favorite customs is wassailing – you know, Here we go a-wassailing, among the leaves so green… It’s one of the ones I didn’t have room for, but that won’t stop me from discussing it here. The word wassail comes from an old English toast meaning “be in good health.” One kind of wassailing is going door to door singing wassail songs (some of which are well-known carols) and getting rewarded with a cup of wassail and maybe a few tasty treats. This is where the leaves of green come in — boughs of greenery over the doors and as decorations within the house. In traditional wassailing, the wassailers make a procession from room to room, banging pots and pans to cleanse the house of any evil left over from the past year. (***Makes perfect sense to me)

Another kind of wassailing is singing to apple trees on Twelfth Night to ensure a good harvest. Wassailers go from orchard to orchard to wish the trees well with songs and a toast. Even the trees get to sample the cider made from their apples, to encourage them to produce plenty of fruit in the coming year. Again, there’s lots of noise, with pots, pans, and (since we’re outdoors) guns, to drive evil spirits away from the trees.

wassailHere’s a very simple recipe for a wassail drink to warm your insides on a cold winter’s night. Quantities are approximate.

1 gallon apple cider (with or without alcohol – your choice) or apple juice, 1/2 gallon pineapple juice, Juice of four oranges, 2-4 cinnamon sticks, Honey to sweeten the brew if you have a very sweet tooth, 2 more oranges, prepared according to the directions below. More cinnamon sticks, to use as straws (kids love this)

Mix the first five ingredients in a large saucepan and warm slowly over low heat until good and hot (but not boiling). Cut the top, bottom, and most of the rind off the remaining oranges, ending up with a roughly hexagonal shape. Squeeze the oranges very gently over the pot to extract some of the juice, then slice them. Just before serving, float the slices in the wassail as decoration. My sloppy slices didn’t qualify as decorative in any sense of the word, but the wassail tasted lovely. If you don’t mind a little bitterness from the rind, you might try using thin slices of orange with the rind on. It’s much tidier and prettier that way.~

The blurb of my Christmas novella, A Lady’s Lesson in Seduction:

Excerpts From An American Rose ChristmasOnce a notorious rake, Camden Folk, Marquis of Warbury, is now consumed by desire for only one woman: beautiful young widow Frances Burdett. The Yuletide festivities at his country estate present the perfect opportunity for seduction…

After her brief, unsatisfying marriage, Frances swore never to become tied to another man. Then a passionate kiss under the mistletoe reawakens longings she thought buried forever. Can she give in to the pleasures of the body with a rogue like Cam—without losing her heart?

And an excerpt:

Frances should never have agreed to go to the orchard with the Marquis of Warbury—to gather mistletoe, of all things. She sent him a fierce, furious glare. “If you must have it, I don’t enjoy kissing.”

He eyed her from behind the apple tree. “Not at all?”

“No.” She pressed her lips together.

“Come now,” he teased. “Surely you’re exaggerating.”

Her voice was low, suffused with passion. “You can’t possibly judge how that—that invasion made me feel.”

“That bad, was it?” The marquis reached up and snipped with his shears. “You’re right, I can’t judge, but the general popularity of kissing tells me you were merely unlucky.” He came around the tree, a sprig of mistletoe in his hand.

What a fool she was; in spite of bitter experience, she wanted to kiss him, wanted kissing to be wonderful. How stupid! She was much better off—much safer—as she was.

hollyHe kissed the fingertips of his gloves and blew. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

Frances huffed.

He picked a berry from the mistletoe and dropped it. “We’ll make it a very light kiss,” he said, coming closer. “Short and sweet.”

She didn’t trust him; she wanted yet didn’t want—

A flurry of snow tumbled from the branches above, distracting her. He swooped in, dropped a swift, cold kiss on her lips, and drew away—but not far. “Was that too unbearable?” Another mistletoe berry fell to the snow.

“No, of course not,” she said, “but—”

“Well, then.” He took her hand and pulled her behind the tree. “If you don’t want me to invade you—accidentally, needless to say—you’ll have to keep your mouth shut.”

“You mustn’t do this—”

“Of course I must. No talking.”

She gave up, shutting both her mouth and her eyes. It was her own fault for coming to the orchard this morning, but she’d enjoyed their time together in the middle of the night so very much. It was only a kiss.

Nothing happened. She opened her eyes again. He was contemplating her mouth from under his lashes. “You have lovely lips.”

Through her teeth, she said, “Get it over with.”

Excerpts From An American Rose Christmas“I’ve never kissed a martyr before.” His lips curled in a lazy smile, and then he pressed his mouth coolly to hers and withdrew again. “It requires a more careful approach than we disgustingly hasty men are used to.” He flicked another berry off the sprig.

She couldn’t help but watch his mouth. What was he going to do, and when?

“Close your eyes, and whatever happens, keep your lips together.”

This time his mouth lingered on hers a few seconds, then pressed light kisses from one corner of her lips to the other. Kiss. “One.” Kiss. “Two.” Kiss. “Three.”


***Ha! I love the sound of this story, Barbara, and enjoyed wassailing with you.

Christmas Bells***Buy links:

Harlequin ebooks


Barnes & Noble


Lovely Review for Ghostly Christmas Romance Somewhere the Bells Ring at the Wordsmith Journal–Beth Trissel

“I really enjoyed this, because it was an eclectic mix between family angst, history and a century long haunting.  It may seem implausible to some, but Beth Trissel is very adept at weaving all of these elements into a tale that will tug on your heartstrings.  I was able to release a very satisfied sigh when I reached the end of the story, and found myself longing for the fulfillment of some of my own dreams!

This is a very good story, and one I am happy to recommend!”

~Reviewed by Kim Ford

For the complete review visit: The Wordsmith Journal

***Somewhere the Bells Ring is only .99 in Kindle for December!

New Historical Romance Release! A Warrior for Christmas–Beth Trissel

AWarriorforChristmas_7288_680One unique feature of this story is that Dimity Scott is deaf from scarlet fever and the setting is colonial America. Another unusual twist, former Shawnee captive and white warrior, Corwin Whitfield, would rather return to his adopted people and the frontier than inherit a costly estate. Until he meets Dimity. Then he’s in a quandary.

After wealthy Uncle Randolph reclaims Corwin following a treaty with the Indians that requires the return of white captives, he’s given a swift course in etiquette and hustled back into the fashionable world of colonial high society—a life that holds little appeal for Corwin. Expectations that he will learn to manage and ultimately inherit the family estate and undertake the care of his uncle’s ward, Dimity Scott, clash with his restless desire to return to the frontier. Any hope that he might take the unexpectedly desirable Dimity with him dissipate when he realizes the risk for her in a hard land where every sense must be tuned to danger. And Dimity won’t allow him to sacrifice his happiness for her. Nor can she abide pity, and he isn’t the only man who finds her worth winning.

Early American Sleigh RideIf you wonder how Dimity and Corwin communicate in an age before sign language and other advances for the deaf existed, so did I. But the results are surprising and not a little bit wonderful. And then there are the charming traditions of celebrating Christmas in colonial America. A Warrior for Christmas is a story I much enjoyed researching and writing. I hope you will enjoy it too.

Christmas decorationBlurb: Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. His one aim is to run back to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity––until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott.

Resolved to be cherished for herself, not her guardian’s purse, Dimity resigns herself to spinsterhood. Then the rugged newcomer arrives, unlike any man she’s ever known.  But can she expect love and marriage from Corwin who longs to return to the wild with dangers a deaf woman dares not share?

christmas-hollyExcerpt: “There she is,” Uncle Randolph said with the hint of a smile in his normally reluctant features. “My ward, Miss Dimity Scott. The little Quaker as I call her.”

Corwin thought it highly doubtful this staunch Anglican had taken in an actual Quaker. Looking past assorted tables, gilt-covered chairs and a gold couch, he spotted the feminine figure seated before the glowing hearth. A padded armchair the color of ripe berries hid much of her slender form. His first impression was of fair curls, like corn silk, piled on her head beneath a circle of lace; his second, that the young woman bent over her embroidery seemed oblivious of all else. One this unaware would never survive in the frontier. He’d been taught to move with the silence of a winged owl while observing all around him.

Wreath on door in Williamsburg“Why does she not look up at our coming?”

“Ah, well, that’s a matter I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.” The hesitancy in his uncle’s tone was unlike this man who knew his own mind and was swift to instruct others.

He squinted at Corwin with his good eye; the other perpetually squinted from an injury he’d received in a duel. “I trust you’ll not hold it against the poor girl as a sign of weakness, my boy. Warriors sometimes do and you’ve kept company with those savages far too long.”

lovely young blond womanIt wasn’t like his uncle to ramble, and Corwin shifted impatiently upon hearing his adopted people disparaged again.

“What are you saying, Uncle?”

He rubbed his fingers over a chin grizzled with whiskers. “Dimity cannot hear us.”

“At all?”

“Not a sound, unfortunately. Though she is able to detect the vibrations of music. Odd, that.”

Like the beating of Indian drums.~


A Warrior for Christmas historical romance novella is available in ebook formats from the Wild Rose Press, Kindle, Nookbook, All Romance eBooks, and other online booksellers.

Hauntingly Beautiful Christmas Romance–Beth Trissel

My ghostly Christmas romance novella, Somewhere the Bells Ring, is on sale for .99 in kindle and nookbook through the end of December, so get one for yourself and your friends and relations. Everybody needs at least two. Well, maybe not that many, but you get the idea.

The ghost is intriguing, the story a compelling mystery, not horror, and Somewhere the Bells Ring is a hauntingly beautiful romance, so a perfect read for most anybody.  But don’t take my word for it.

From Fallen Angel Reviews:
“Somewhere The Bells Ring is a haunting but strangely comforting read, focusing on timeless romance rather than spooky or scary scenes. The author is extremely talented at creating vivid scenes; her intricate descriptions leave the reader with vivid images and a strong sense of time and place. I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for an intriguing, gripping ghost story with a focus on romance rather than terror.” Reviewed by: Stephanie E
And, she gave it five angels. Thanks Stephanie