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Is There A Perfect Time? Autumn Jordon with Beth Trissel

Perfect_Cover-SnowflakeI’m happy to have my friend Autumn Jordon here to share how she came to write her new Christmas Romance Novella, PERFECT. Free at Amazon through Christmas Day.

Thanks Beth. My life has been in a funk, to say the least, the last few years. Sometimes, I don’t know which way I’m going and for what reason. I’m sure many of you, if not all, have had times when you’ve felt the same way.

***Amen to that, Autumn. I sure have.

Several months ago, after some heart-wrenching news, I opened my file to continue work on my next romantic suspense—because you need to keep putting one foot in front of the other, you know— and the words simply weren’t there. Tears rolled down my cheeks and my chest was so tight with pain. My fingers were stilled on my keyboard. I just couldn’t bring myself to write and put someone in danger. I needed laughter and love in my life at that moment. So, I did what any sane writer should do. I closed my romantic suspense file and started a new work. It was the best thing I could’ve done.

I found myself submersed in the lives of one down-on-her-luck Charleston, S.C. restaurateur and one yummy maple tree farmer who had one goal.

No. Not to fall in love.

VictorianChristmasTreeAfter totally screwing up Thanksgiving, Dylan’s goal is to make Christmas special for his two, small nieces whose parents were deployed overseas and would be absent for the holidays. However, when Darcy Witherspoon arrives in Black Moose, Vermont, his thoughts do turn to the forever kind of love that suddenly seems apparent all around him. My fingers flew across the keyboard, and with my crazy-ass schedule in a little over six weeks I wrote the end to my new holiday novella, PERFECT.

Now, some might question whether writing a contemporary holiday novella, with not a suspenseful word in it, will dilute my brand as a romantic suspense author. BRAND seems to be big a BIG word in the publishing world—a rule of sorts for marketing. To them I say, “I don’t know. I like reading both. Maybe, I’ll bring a non-romantic suspense reader over to the darker side.” And, actually, I think I’m marketing myself—a unique writer with many likes.

candle_christmasAll I know is if I hadn’t written PERFECT, I might still be sitting in front of my laptop, getting frustrated, and perhaps depressed because I needed happy, happy and wasn’t listening to my own needs. Instead, I went with my gut, finished a novella that made me chuckle, and while doing so, the oddest thing happened. Near the end of PERFECT my muse turned back to my unfinished romantic suspense.  I’m now ready to dive back into the second of the C.U.F.F series with renewed enthusiasm. I hope to finish the rough draft during the Winter Writing Fest.

I truly believe if you listen and give yourself what you need, in the end you will be a much happier person.

I hope you’ll check out PERECT over the holidays.  It’s available as a free download on Amazon now and through Christmas Day 2012.~

Thanks for sharing that, Autumn. What an inspiring story behind the story, and a much-needed boost for many of us. Definitely me. I agree, go with the muse and don’t worry so much over your ‘brand.’ The one common thread in my writing is history; there may or may not be paranormal, time travel, ghosts…

***To get PERFECT at Amazon Kindle click HERE.

Romantic Suspense Author Autumn Jordon~

I’m delighted to have my friend, Author Autumn Jordon, with me to tell us about her latest release, In The Presence of Evil, one I will be reading as I loved her last story, Evil’s Witness.   And now, I’m turning the blog over to Autumn, who asks, ‘Have you ever planted a seed?’

And she goes on:

What does planting a seed have to do with writing or a story called ‘IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL’ you ask? Stay with me. I promise you’ll get it.

Planting a seed…. You take this little, tiny thing, something so small that it could be a speck of dust you normally wouldn’t even notice and carefully place it in the soil you’ve prepared and then cover it.  Every day you water it and watch, waiting for the moment the seedling sprouts through the ground and turns its head toward the sun.  The sense of joy you feel is hard to contain, right?  Sure it is.  Admit it. You what to jump up and down and shout to the world, “See what I did.” No one will think you a whuz for saying so, so go ahead and admit it.

As the sprout grows, you feed it, protect it from harm and hoe away all the nasty weeds that take away its nutrients.  You watch it grow bigger and stronger until it is the prettiest thing. (Darn, I wish you could hear me say that in my mock southern twang)  You can’t express how proud you feel showing off what you have created, but you show it by sticking your chest out and wearing a grin the size of the Grand Canyon.  And it all started with a tiny seed.

Writing a book mirrors the process and authors feel the same sense of pride when their books hit the cyber and hard shelves?  IN THE PRESENCE OF EVIL, my new release from The Wild Rose Press, started with an idea, based on an actual personal experience.  I can only tell you a bit. A request for a bank wire transfer from my work somehow got intercepted and was requested to be routed to a Russian bank account.  This happened after Evil’s Witness was released, so needless to say, eyes turned toward me.  “Me, come on.” I laughed until the FBI entered the investigation.  I’m a country girl, born Army brat, who never wanted to be rich and bleeds red, white and blue.  Please believe me.

Anyway, I wondered ‘what if’ a woman stumbles into a hornet’s nest where the Mafia is laundering money by controlling wire transfers from a small private owned bank.  How would she stop them and who could she ask to help her?  Okay the answers to that question is easy the FBI, CIA, or police.  But we can’t have easy when writing a book.  Easy is the weed that takes away from a good story.  What if she didn’t know what was going on, until it was too late and her life was put into danger?

Again easy.  Once she found out what the bad guys were after, our heroine being the heroine we’d all aspire to be would die for her country, thus screwing the bad guys. Yeah, Gina.  So I fed the story and added in a cast of secondary characters that love Gina and who she loves, including one yummy marine hero, Cole Hanson. Yup that’s him.  SIGH.

I played ‘what if again’ and asked what you do if the lives of those you love were to hang on the whether you help to commit a crime? Would you do anything asked of you? Or would you try to be a hero?

Like nurturing a seed from a dominate state into something to enjoyed, a great deal of time goes into writing a story that whisks you away to another world.

If you’d like to learn more about Autumn Jordon and her novels, visit www.autumnjordon.com

Evil’s Witness

Autumn Jordon’s fabulous romantic suspense, Evil’s Witness, is a real nail biter and I mean that literally. I should have worn gloves while reading. This fast-paced story with all of its twists and turns captured my attention from the start and held me riveted to the end.  Both the central characters, FBI agent John Dolton and young nurse/divorced mother Stephanie Boyd, were so well fleshed out it felt as if I could sit down and have coffee with them, and I liked each of them–John for sure, very hot while still being appealingly male–but also Stephanie, which isn’t always the case. She’s a strong heroine, but not over the top beyond all possibility–a pet peeve of mine.  Nor did the author rely on creating a bitchy female to provide conflict; there’s plenty in the couple’s past and present circumstances to assure plenty of roadblocks. The romance between them was palpable and convincing, the chemistry sizzled.

The secondary characters were also well crafted and supported the story.  They weren’t just along for the ride.  As for the villain(s), chillingly realistic, but I definitely don’t want to have coffee with them.  I haven’t read much romantic suspense, normally being drawn to historical, but I’ve seen plenty of movies in this genre and Evil’s Witness would make a super movie.  I really enjoyed this book and give it a high-five!

Story Blurb:

The Zosimosky Files

Elementary school nurse Stephanie Boyd’s ordinary world changes forever when she and her children witness a blood bath. To escape the wrath of the Russian Mafia, she has no choice but to help the FBI uncover the Mafia’s mole inside the U.S. Treasury. While on the run with the handsome agent who is willing to die for them, Stephanie learns the meaning of self-sacrifice and love.

Agent John Dolton’s only break in solving the case that cost him everything is a couple of kids and a beautiful woman. But keeping his witnesses safe seems impossible when their every move is foreseen by their enemy. Within weeks, Stephanie and her children soften the loner’s heart and John allows himself to let go of his all-consuming sorrow.

This time John vows not to fail to protect the family he loves.

Welcome Autumn Jordon!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting a special guest.  Rather unusual for me, come to think of it.  I’m right much of a loner over here, just me and my imaginary friends, so I’m pleased to have fellow Wild Rose Press author, Autumn Jordon, to keep me company.  Autumn is also a Golden Heart® finalist, one year later than me.  Being a Golden Heart® finalist is kind of like being a King or Queen of Narnia, once a GH finalist, always a GH finalist.  But then, that’s just the sort of comparison I would make. 🙂

Back to my super guest.  I always enjoy reading whatever Autumn has to say because she has something worthwhile to offer in all her blog posts or whatever she’s contributing.  And she doesn’t disappoint today.  Plus I read the intro to her new release, Evil’s Witness, and it’s fabulous.  I’m hoping that e-reader my hubby is making noises about getting me for my upcoming birthday soon appears and I will make great strides through my TBR pile.  I already own a digital copy of Evil’s Witness and look forward to reading more. And now, Take it away Autumn!

First, I’d like to thank Beth for hosting me. I love her posts, as I’m sure you do too. I hope you’ll enjoy mine.

When I began to write romantic suspense, I tossed out several reams of paper. Why?  Because no matter how I tried I couldn’t keep my villain hidden. He kept voicing his POV and writing his own chapters. I nearly ripped my hair out by the roots fighting with him to stay silent. Then I read a wonderful book, How To Write Killer Fiction by Carolyn Wheat. Ms.Wheat set me straight and confirmed what my villain was telling me all along.

Is there a Who-dun-it in suspense? Of course there is. It’s when the villain will be revealed that makes the two different, among a few other elements. In a mystery, an act of violence begins the story, but most times the action is set off stage. The reader is invited into the dilemma and introduced to an already seasoned hero who solves the crime logically and through scientific methods. There is a small circle of suspects, clues and red herrings. Information is withheld from the reader and the said reader is kept in the dark two steps behind. The hero grows very little during the story. The story is all about who killed X? The villain is not exposed until the last scene and the end result for the reader is an intellectual satisfaction.

A suspense novel starts on even keel, showing the everyday life our hero or heroine. Then BAM a nightmare occurs. The hero and/or heroine are not necessarily seasoned investigators. This is where your character arc comes in to play. The hero and/or heroine will grow throughout the story.

Excerpt from Evil’s Witness:

Stephanie masked her sigh of exertion while lifting the Coleman cooler she’d borrowed for their trip. She lugged the container to her old SUV. She knew how her son felt. She wished she had the money to take them away on exciting excursions like their friends had this summer. To places like Disney World, but she couldn’t even afford a day trip to Hershey Park, America’s chocolate capital. Em’s special diet, because of her allergies, took up a third of her take-home pay. After paying the mortgage, utilities, car insurance and miscellaneous expenses, she was lucky to save a few dollars a week.

She chewed on her bottom lip. Hopefully, next week Bobby and his friends would be off on new adventures, their summer vacations a distant memory.

The howl of a diesel engine jerked Stephanie from her musing. The squeal of brakes, crushing metal and shattering glass made her spin around.

Other basics of a suspense: All action is on stage. The protagonists’ world expansions. There are surprises. The villain can be revealed to the reader immediately and he or she can have a POV.

Yeah! This made my villain happy.

Information is given to the reader but withheld from the heroes. In other words, we know what could happen if the wrong path is taken by our hero or heroine.  The reader sits on the edge of her seat, screaming at the heroine and hero not to go there.

Excerpt from Evil’s Witness:

“I don’t want to kill no kids, Victor.” Mac danced in place ready to dodge Victor’s wrath.

“You will do as I say,” Victor snapped.

She looked at the dead driver. His lifeless stare pleaded to her for justice.

“Don’t trust her,” Sheriff Morse ordered, turning his gun on her.

Stephanie refused to flinch under Morse’s scrutiny.

Gene moved in front of her. “Frank, what the hell are you doing? You’ve known Stephanie all her life.”

“There is too much at stake, Gene. She saw me kill that guy. I’m not going to jail.” Morse’s tongue skimmed his lips. “Why the hell are you trying to protect her anyway? You two have been fightin’ like junkyard dogs for years. You complain every day she’s milking you dry. This is your chance to be rid of your mistakes.”

“Steph was never a mistake to me,” Gene’s voice rose in response. Then it softened. “I was hers.”

Tears threatened to blur her vision and she blinked them away. She squeezed Gene’s arm and glanced at her ex-husband’s profile. He remained focused.

“Touching,” Victor said. “But, sorry, no. They must die here.”

The suspense story is all about the hero or heroine prevailing. Emotional satisfaction is what the reader gets from a suspense novel. And since I write romantic suspense, ever lasting love must also be found.

Excerpt from Evil’s Witness:

After a week, her touch was familiar. His heart melted. He grabbed her hand, holding her in place as he turned and smiled down on her. Her nipples pushed against her white T-shirt. He gently brushed a knuckle across one peak. “No. It was hell without you.”

“Mmmm. Same here.” She pulled back and lifted his arm around her, curling into him.  Looking out over the lake, she sighed. “I could stay here forever, if you’d let me.”

“I wish we could.” He gathered her closer and kissed the top of her head. “But eventually Bobby and Em would have to go to school.”

“I could home school.” Her chuckle was strained.

He felt her pain. He smiled while his heart wrenched. He would like nothing more than to forget about the world and stay here with her and the kids. But they couldn’t. “Sooner or later Ben will call. We’ll have to go back.”

“I know.”

Steph moved away. A cold void took her place.

She drifted to the other porch column. Leaning against it, she folded her arms across her chest. Her lips pressed together as if she was forming the right words behind them. “I know I said that our time together here was going to be enough to last me a lifetime, but—” Tears brimmed her lids. “I was wrong.  A lifetime won’t be enough.”

John stepped toward her. “I don’t know what—”

“I know, you don’t know how we can be together. So, Ben will call. We’ll go back, and I’ll identify Victor. You’ll toss him in jail and throw away the key. You’ll drive off in pursuit of the next bad guy and me…Well, I’ll go home and wonder where you are. Wonder if what I felt was love.”

The woman knew how to make a guy feel like a heel.

John pulled her into his arms. She buried her head in his chest and cried softly against him. He kissed her head and smoothed her hair. “Steph, I didn’t think I’d ever love again,” he whispered softly, cupping her chin and tilting her face up until she looked at him. “Like a bomb, you dropped into my life. Every defense I’d put up to protect myself from ever being hurt again came tumbling down. You opened up my heart. As much as you don’t want to live without me, I don’t want to live without you. I love you.”

He kissed her gently. Her arms wrapped around him and held on.  “Somehow, we’ll figure this out. I promise.”

EVIL’S WITNESS was my 2009 Golden Heart ® Entry (HIS WITNESS) released on June 18th by The Wild Rose Press.  Today, I’m giving away an e-copy of my first release a HOT, light summer read, OBSESSED BY WILDFIRE to one lucky commenter. Also, at my blog, www.autumnjordonsnotes.blogspot.com I’m holding a contest for a $50.00 Barnes & Noble certificate. Winner will be drawn July 1, so jump over and check out the details on the June 18th post.

To view a trailer and read more about EVIL’S WITNESS or me visited my website www.autumnjordon.com

If you would like to host me at your blog contact me at autumnjordon@yahoo.com

All material contained within this post may not be used without expressed permission from author. Copyright© By Autumn Jordon

A Blog Award and Contest (Inspired by Denise Alicea)


This week I (Beth) was nominated via The Pen & Muse Blog for the Creative Writer Blogger Award.  Thanks to Denise Alicea  for the great nomination!  Wooo hooo.  I’ve also had some nominations from several other bloggers whom I will endeavor to credit here.  Be sure to visit Denise’s blog for the chance to win a swell prize!

This award requires me to tell some lies and have you try to guess which one is correct. If you win, I will give away a Free download of my upcoming release, Somewhere My Lass, when it comes out on May 26th!  Be sure and leave me a contact email with your guess.

OK, here goes, which is the fact out of all the fiction?

1) I am appearing on the next Dancing With the Stars.

2) I never exaggerate.

3) I like to go sky diving.

4) I hate dark chocolate.

5) I love balloons.

6) I’m an armchair adventurer.

7) I don’t have enough dogs.

And now, I am passing this award onto some excellent bloggers!

Caroline Clemmons because we are mutual admirers of each others blogs and she’s such a sweetheart (and she gave me a blog award).

Becky Clark because she’s my friend and has a super blog and I have to snag her before someone else does!

Cate Masters, all around super to everyone lady, who happens to have a great blog (and I think she gave me this award once but I can’t remember 🙂

Autumn Jordon:  She always has something worth reading on her blog(s) and she’s a real pal.

CJ Redwine:  How could I not choose her?  You have to read her blog, she’s informative and so funny!

Mona Risk:  A lovely lady who always has something worthwhile to share (she’s also a world traveler with intriguing tales and pics from her recent adventures).

And I’m still pondering on whom to choose for number seven.  There are just far too many fascinating bloggers….

My winners are the two who guessed correctly. 🙂  Victoria and Stacey.