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Sweet Saturday Snippet from Historical Romance Kira, Daughter of the Moon–Beth Trissel

From Chapter One:
“My secret in exchange for yours.”
Tantalizing.  He was drawing her into his snare, but she couldn’t resist asking, “How do you know I’ve a secret?”
“To begin with, you’re hiding in a tree.  What from, a wild beast?”
“Near enough.  You.”
He smiled.  “Was I to think you a large red bird, or overlook you entirely?”
Drawing her remaining shreds of dignity around her like a mantle, she said, “This isn’t one of my best hiding places.”
“Indeed?  Where are the others?”
“That would be telling.”
The strengthening breeze tossed the branches around them as he considered.  “You never could keep secrets from me, Cricket.  I’ll discover them and you.”
An assertion she found both disturbing and oddly heartening.
His lips curved as if the deed were already done.  “Why were you hiding?  Am I so very frightening?”
“Oh––I feared you were some sort of warrior.”
The humor faded from his eyes.  “I am.”~
‘A beautiful Scots-Irish healer in the rugged Alleghenies finds herself accused of witchcraft. With the terror of the French and Indian War fresh in her mind, can Kira love a white warrior?’
BoM_April_2013_copy (1)Although written to stand alone, Kira, Daughter of the Moon is the sequel to historical romance novel Through the Fire.
***Available in print and eBook from The Wild Rose Press,  Amazon, at Barnes & Noble in Nookbook, and other online booksellers.
***To visit more authors participating in Sweet Saturday Samples Click HERE!

Historical Romance A Warrior for Christmas Out in Audio!–Beth Trissel

Yes, I know it’s not the holiday season, but hey, this is an anytime read or listen to romance. And pretty awesome that it’s in audio. Here’s the Amazon LINK.

Story Description:

Reclaimed by his wealthy uncle, former Shawnee captive Corwin Whitfield finds life with his adopted people at an end and reluctantly enters the social world of 1764. He plans to return to the colonial frontier at his first opportunity – until he meets Uncle Randolph’s ward, Dimity Scott.

Deaf since a childhood bout with Scarlet fever, Dimity Scott intends to be cherished for herself, not her guardian’s purse, even if it means risking spinsterhood. Then the rugged newcomer arrives, unlike any man she’s ever known. Dimity has learned to manage her silent world, but unaccustomed to the dangers of the frontier, can she expect love and marriage from Corwin, who longs to return to his Shawnee life?~

A Warrior for Christmas took me by complete surprise. I expected the usual tale of a former Indian captive transcending his past to live the life of a gentleman, but Beth Trissel’s exquisite writing skill made me love this story…No reader of historical romance will want to miss A Warrior for Christmas, even if it isn’t Christmas.” ~Two Lips Reviews (Five Lips and A Recommended Read Rating)

For Lovers of Gardening and Country Life (And Wannabes)

My award-winning nonfiction book, Shenandoah Watercolors, is free at Amazon Monday May 14th–Wednesday May 16th.  Written in a month by month journal style, Shenandoah Watercolors follows a year in my life on our farm in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Excerpt from May:

“The quality of mercy is not strained,

It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,

Upon the place beneath; it is twice blessed;

It blesseth him that gives and him that takes…”

~William Shakespeare

The heavy rain has given way to a misting drizzle, but streams of water pour down from the hills and make new ponds and creeks. It’s chilly with that raw wet feel. This spring is awash in moisture and amazing after last summer’s searing drought. I’m struck by the intense beauty around me, and I thought I was already seeing it, but it’s so much more somehow. The grass seems to shimmer, yet there’s no sun out today, and the meadow is so richly green it’s like seeing heaven.

Our barnyard geese are enraptured, as much as geese can be, with all the grass. If there’s a lovelier place to revel in spring than the Shenandoah Valley and the mountains, I don’t know it. Narnia, maybe.

I’ve been thinking about my favorite places. The pool I like best lies in the woods near a place called Rip Rap Hollow in the Blue Ridge Mountains. A splendid falls cascades up above, but I like the pool far more. We always meant to go back, but never have. The cold water ripped through me like liquid ice and is as clear as melted crystal.

I could see the rocks on the bottom, some slick with moss, others brown-gold in the light where the sun broke through the leafy canopy overhead. Trout hid beneath big rounded stones or ones that formed a cleft, but the men tickled them out to flash over the flat rocks strewn across the bottom like a path. Drifts of hay-scented fern rose around the edges of the pool, warming the air with the fragrance of new-mown hay, and made the shady places a rich green.

Now, that’s a good place to go in my mind when I’m troubled. The problem with cities is that people don’t learn what really matters. Don’t really feel or know the rhythms of the earth. When we are separated from that vital center place, we grow lost. Sadly, most people will never know what they are lost from, or where they can be found.~

***FREE kindle at Amazon. Also available in print with lovely photographs taken by my talented family.

“This is perhaps the most beautifully written memoir I’ve ever read. Its lovely and languid descriptions of the picturesque valley, the farm and gardens are equaled only by the charming and funny descriptions of the antics (and conversations!) of the farm animals. What a joy this is to read…” Amazon Reviewer C. G. King

Out in Print–My Book About Gardening & Country Life!

At long last Shenandoah Watercolors is out in print!   My talented daughter Elise labored hours and hours to design the layout and incorporate her and my mom, Pat Churchman, and husband Dennis’s beautiful photographs of the Shenandoah Valley and mountains.  Also a few vintage images from times past.   A lovely coffee table sized book, Shenandoah Watercolors will be a joy to those who want to savor the images and linger with me in my beloved valley.
The book is available at Amazon.  I authorized other outlets for it as well but am not sure where it many show up for sale, so wouldn’t count on it being anywhere else.  The cost is as inexpensive as we could possibly make it for a book of this size with many colored images.  We won’t get rich, that’s for sure, but hope to share our love of the country, of our valley and the mountains, of family and all that’s good.  And God bless those who join us.

“An Entire Love Story…In A Small Package!”

My recent short historical romance story, The Lady and the Warrior, has some lovely Amazon reader reviews–thought I’d share.  Thanks all!

Blurb: An abused young wife stranded in the Alleghenies in 1783 is rescued from drowning by a rugged frontiersman who shows her kindness and passion. But is he more than he seems? And can they ever be together?

Amazing “Short Story”: “This is a wonderful read and just the thing for those times when you don’t have hours and hours to devote to reading. This author is able to pack an entire love story with strong emotion into a small package. Personally, I think it is great to find a short story to introduce me to a new author. If you are looking for a short read with great historical details, this is the one for you.” ~By Scarlet

Romance at its best!: The Lady and the Warrior is a sweet and tender romance, the kind of romance that makes readers sigh with…could it be longing? What woman wouldn’t love to be rescued by tall dark and handsome? In a short time she manages to capture the harshness of the wilderness and the wonderful intervention of fate that turns a near tragedy into a lovely tale of happily ever after. The cover is nice too! Loved it!~By Jinny K B

An enchanting read: I put down more books than I read, but I loved this story. Zane/Nighthawk was a powerful character. I fell in love with him and that’s what I want in a romance. ~By Linda B. Nightingale

Loved It: I really wish this wasn’t such a short book it really was going so well and then bingo all over with. I’ll look into more from the author. The cover was also very beautiful. Happy Reading, Enjoy. ~By Kooks

Beautiful! All of Beth Trissel’s books are well researched, beautifully written works of vivid living art. The characters come alive and pull you in so that you are no longer reading a story…you’re living it with them.

All of her leading men are they type of men you want to come to YOUR rescue.

I believe that, even though The Lady and the Warrior leaves you wanting more…it’s enough. It was a joy to read. And the cover is beautifully done also. I love it! ~ By Beth Liveringhouse

Beth Trissel is awesome portraying the Shawnee: “Beth Trissel brings the lore of American Indian to light as never before. The Lady and the Warrior touches the very soul of the Shawnee.” ~Author Melinda Elmore

Treat yourself! : Don’t have time to sit down with a full length novel? Then treat yourself to this delightful glimpse into the Allegheny Mountains in the year 1783. I was swept away by the imagery of the mist-shrouded wood. I felt the numbing chill of the damp early spring. Ms. Trissel is a true artist. She literally paints with words. Yes –the story is short but it’s long enough to cheer on the abused heroine who refuses to give up. It’s long enough to fall in love with the kind hero whose life hasn’t been all that easy either.

Don’t hesitate to give Beth Trissel’s world a try. Trust me. You’ll never want to leave. ~By Avid Reader

***The Lady and the Warrior is .99 at Amazon and free to Prime members.

For One Brief Shining Moment

“Don’t let it be forgot
That once there was a spot
For one brief shining moment that was known As Camelot!”  King Arthur in the musical/film adaptation of Camelot

Clearly that movie from long ago made a deep impression on me because those lyrics keep going through my mind.  I love the songs, most of them anyway.  And I didn’t get to stay in Camelot for more than one brief shining moment either, but to quote my beloved English Author Miss Read, “And with that she must content herself.”  Or, to term it more fittingly, I must content myself.

But I had my moment and ascended to the top ten in best-selling free historical romance in Amazon kindle next to my idol, or one of them, Jane Eyre.  Happy sigh.  Now that my story is back to a whopping .99 it will swiftly descend.  But perhaps some readers will fondly remember me and consider my other (many other) longer works.

Early Spring in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

My nonfiction book about gardening and country life, Shenandoah Watercolors, a 2012 EPPIC eBOOK Finalist, is FREE at Amazon through the 8th, then free for prime holders–$2.99 for others.

Daughter Elise, my mom and I are hard at work on the print version of this book that includes lovely photographs of the valley and mountains taken by my talented family.  Stay tuned for breaking news on this unbelievably time-consuming project.  The print will also be for sale through Amazon.  At least, initially.

This winter has been exceptionally mild, especially in comparison to the past two that were horrific.  Here’s where I point out that I found a brown woolly bear caterpillar last fall with no black rings on it at all–the hard winter indicators–so knew the winter would be super mild.  Now we’re heading into an early spring which is lovely, but worrying.  We hope a hard freeze doesn’t zap everything being lured out too soon.  I’m featuring an excerpt taken from the March Chapter in Shenandoah Watercolors.  The book is divided into months.  These images are from last spring.


That come before the swallow dares, and take

The winds of March with beauty.”

~ William Shakespeare

‘Tis the time of daffodils, swaying in golden reign as if in King Arthur’s court, brave and cheerful, no matter the weather. If I had to choose one flower to symbolize the essence of spring, it would be the faithful daffodil. Its unique sweetness exudes this most beautiful of seasons and has since I was a child.

Bright crocus are also favorites and take me back to Easter eggs hidden beneath their purple petals and the perfume of hyacinths waft the riches of ancient Persia. Is there any greater wealth than the scent of spring flowers? These are treasures all can share.

Commercials on television promote fabric softeners and carpet fresheners that promise the scent of spring meadows or fields of flowers, but how many people have any idea what a meadow really smells like, or anything else in Nature. Breathe the real smells whenever you can.~

The Old Order Mennonite woman up the road from us has her tidy garden neatly plowed and her peas in. Not long ago I saw little boys in long pants and hats and pigtailed girls in cotton dresses out planting potatoes. Elise and I seeded a small salad patch and mulched the age-old asparagus and rhubarb that push up along the garden wall. We spread crumbling manuery hay over the garden and pressed Dennis into tilling it, but we’re looking at a big plot of empty with a great deal of work ahead of us before it’s crowded with corn, beans, tomatoes, and pumpkin vines. We ordered red, blue and yellow heirloom potato tubers from a company located in Maine, but they haven’t come yet. A New Englander’s idea of spring planting may be June.

Today our neighbor’s clothesline is hung with a long row of clean wash flapping in the breeze. The pants range from men’s to boys and the hems of the dresses lengthen with the line, as though graded by size. Another Old Order woman farther up the road has such a long clothes line that it reaches from the house way up into the sky and out quite a ways. She must use a pulley to reel her laundry back in.

How good her clothes will smell caressed by the wind and sun, but I’m too lazy to do my laundry this way. I didn’t always have a dryer, though. I remember the numb fingers and stiff jeans and towels, also the sheets scented with that heavenly fragrance of earth and sky.~

*Daffodil and Lunaria

Old Order Mennonite neighbor’s wash line

Check out all the reviews for Time Travel Romance Somewhere My Lass at Amazon!

As of today, Somewhere My Lass has 19 four and five-star reviews at Amazon,
The newest review from Romance Novel Junkies says: “The glowing reviews for this book are not to be ignored. If you are not really a fan of time travel, this book will make you feel differently. Even though this was a romance novel, the adventure of the whole book was exciting and appealing to me as well…Truly, this was a good adventure and romantic time travel story that delivers.” By Romance Novel Junkies “Lady Raven Rave”
Like many others, she also requested a sequel featuring Fergus, the strong and unique  secondary character in Somewhere My Lass.  I’m at work on a story featuring Fergus who will probably be the first brilliant geek hero to time travel between contemporary Virginia and the 17th century Scottish Highlands.

Sweet Saturday Sample from NA Historical Romance Red Bird’s Song #3

Red Bird’s Song is an adventure romance novel with a The Last of the Mohican’s flavor and a recent finalist in the 2012 EPIC Ebook Awards.  I’d rate this excerpt PG, or PG 13 for those of you with particularly delicate sensibilities.  Actually, if that’s the case, don’t read the book.  Read Into the Lion’s Heart instead.  It’s tamer. 🙂

*For a list of other authors participating in Sweet Saturday Samples click here.

Third Excerpt from Red Bird’s Song:

A scream ripped from Charity’s throat.  She grabbed up a stout stick and spun around.  Shaking the loose mane from her eyes, she brandished her makeshift weapon. “Stay back!”

He arched one black brow. “You think to strike me with that?”

Before she heaved another ragged breath, he snatched it away. “What now?” he challenged.

She lunged, pushing against his rock-hard chest—like trying to dislodge an anvil. She dug in her heels and struggled to knock him off balance and down the slope. Not a prudent move. She’d unwittingly placed herself in his hands.

He snapped unyielding arms around her. “I have you.”

She twisted, shrieking, in his steely grasp, kicking at his rooted legs and grinding her feet into the earth. The fragrance of spearmint charged the air. How ironic to die surrounded by such sweet scent.

Gripping her tightly, he forced her down to the leafy ground in a press of hard muscle and heated skin. His gleaming black hair spilled over her face as he pinned her thrashing arms. “Stop fighting me.”

“I’ll fight to the end!”

He straddled her and stilled her pummeling legs. “For your life? Have I tomahawk or knife in my hand?”

She gaped up at him, her breath rasping in her throat. Whether he spoke in bemusement or annoyance, she couldn’t tell from his controlled expression, but the weapons remained at his side. And he wouldn’t waste gunpowder and a lead ball on her when he could so easily kill her with a single blow.

“You’ll let me live?” she gulped in short bursts.

“Did I not say you will come with me?”

She searched his eyes for signs of malice and saw none, only a keen watchfulness. Her stomach churned as he clasped her wrists with one hand and reached toward his waist.

A spasm shuddered through her. Had he only been tormenting her? Was he—even now—drawing his knife?

She squeezed her eyes shut, moaning, against the cruel blade. But no fatal kiss of steel met her throat. Instead, firm, warm fingers lightly stroked her cheek.

“I have no wish to do you harm. You are my captive.”

She opened her eyes in breathless tension. There it was again, that piercing gaze. If she hadn’t already been winded, one glance from him would have robbed her of air. She inhaled his scent, both intimidating and strangely compelling.

Her panting eased. “What will you do?” she asked hoarsely.

“Slow you. You run like peshikthe, the deer.”

**RED BIRD’S SONG is available in print and or digital download from The Wild Rose Press, AmazonBarnes & Noble and other online booksellers.

Release Day For Historical Romance Novel THROUGH THE FIRE!

My third release for this amazing month is THROUGH THE FIRE, fast-paced historical romance novel with a THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS flavor & a mystical weave, 2008 Golden Heart ® finalist. Out today at the Wild Rose Press. http://thewildrosepress.com Already out at Amazon, it will soon be widely available at online booksellers in both digital download and print. Local stores can order it in.