More About Ghostly Time Travel Romance Novel Somewhere My Love

NEW SOMEWHERE MY LOVE COVER2Fated lovers have a rare chance to reclaim the love cruelly denied them in the past, but can they grasp this brief window in time before it’s too late?

“Ms. Trissel’s alluring style of writing invites the reader into a world of fantasy and makes it so believable it is spellbinding.” ~Camellia, Long and Short Reviews

Blurb: Two hundred years ago Captain Cole Wentworth, the master of an elegant Virginian home, was murdered in his chamber where his portrait still hangs. Presently the estate is a family owned museum run by Will Wentworth, a man so uncannily identical to his ancestor that spirit-sensitive tour guide Julia Morrow has trouble recognizing Cole and Will as separate. As Julia begins to remember the events of Cole’s death, she must convince Will that history is repeating, and this time he has the starring role in the tragedy. The blade is about  to fall.

Face of Beautiful WomanExcerpt

A cold finger laid its icy touch on Julia and ran down the length of her spine. “How did it happen?”

“He’s said to have been run through by the very man who made that mark on the door. A Mr. Cameron. Scottish fellow he was, back in…” Mrs. Hensley pursed her thin lips, blue eyes distant. “Ah, yes, 1806. Some fuss over a woman.”

“How dreadful. What about Mr. Cameron?”

“The friend of a neighbor, I believe. He escaped and was never found. No justice was ever done in the matter.”

Julia hesitated, then asked, “And the woman?”

“Heartbroken, poor thing. She returned to England. She was a guest of the Wentworth family and greatly enamored of Cole. All the young ladies were. But he had a particular fascination with this girl.”

“Why was she so special?”

“Apart from her legendary beauty? She had an angelic quality about her. Or so the story goes.”

Handsome dark-haired young manAn irrational jealousy twanged a jarring note in Julia. In the space of a few short minutes she’d fallen in love with the man in the portrait––typical of her impractical nature and unlikely to advance her nonexistent love life. And yet, she couldn’t help plunging into this sweet madness.

She tore her eyes from the portrait. “Do you recall the lady’s name?”

Mrs. Hensley gave a little laugh. She tapped a finger to her furrowed forehead. “Isn’t that odd? It was Julia something…hmmmm.”

Was Mrs. Hensley teasing her? She had to know.

“I’ve got it. Julia Maury.” The guide arched graying brows. “You’re from England, aren’t you, Miss Morrow? Tread with care here, my girl. We don’t want you stirring up any ghosts. Foxleigh has enough already.”

Novel Notes

Berkeley_plantation_harrison_homeThe Inspiration and Historic Homes Behind Somewhere My Love

I’ve read that Virginia has more ghost stories than any other state in the Union, not necessarily because we have a more fertile imagination, but sadly because the Old Dominion has seen more bloody battles over the centuries than any other. Think back, Jamestown (founded 1607) was the site of the oldest successful English settlement and its history is a violent one. And on we go to the many heart-rending wars fought with the usurped Indians, a number of them waged on Virginia soil.

March on to the Revolution; anyone heard of Yorktown, to name just one famous battle? And let’s not forget that horrific most uncivil of wars, much of it fought in, you guessed it, Virginia.

Shirley PlantationAnd yet, this multitude of hauntings doesn’t only feature soldiers caught in an endless fray who haven’t gotten word the war’s over, although there are legions of tales that do and entire companies of ghosts said to battle on. Many tales feature the myriad of people, great and small, who dwelt in our richly historic state. The old Virginia homes and plantations have accumulated a wealth of such stories.

Thus, it was while touring some of these English styled manor homes with my dear mother that I conceived the idea for my paranormal romance, Somewhere My Love.  Added to this meld of vintage Virginia is my own heritage, a vast source of inspiration from my childhood. On my father’s side, I descend from old Southern gentry, now impoverished after the Civil War, Great Depression, and various other misfortunes, including the untimely death of my brilliant grandfather. But the gracious Georgian home his ancestor built (circa 1816) still stands outside the historic town of Staunton.

Chapel_HillsmI was ever determined our old family home place was haunted and wove stories through my fevered mind, along with my continual search for Narnia which entailed frequent treks into the old wardrobe. But I digress. Frequently.  The magnificent ancestral portraits in my family and on display in other Virginia homes held me transfixed, wondering. And it was just such a portrait of a striking dark-haired gentleman who embedded himself in my thoughts. Who was he? Why did he die so young? That other painting of the fair young lady…did she love him?

Often, the guides at these old homes are brimming with tales. But other times we are left to wonder…and ask ourselves are these folk who’ve gone before us truly gone, or do some still have unfinished business in this realm? And what of the young lovers whose time was tragically cut short, do they somehow find a way? Love conquers all, and so I answer ‘yes.’

Chapel Hill - old VA family home place

*Homes pictured in order are the most prominent behind my inspiration for Somewhere My Love:

Berkely Plantation (well worth a visit)

Shirley Plantation (well worth a visit)

Family home place called Chapel Hill (Not open to the public, also pictured in black and white.)

aunt-prattPicky Aunt Pratt
Shirley Plantation, Charles City, Virginia
January 2002

Martha Hill Pratt must have been an extremely strong woman when she was alive, that’s the only way she could have a ghost that could command so much attention. Martha Pratt was born at the plantation but married and moved to England, the portrait of her hung in the first floor gallery for years, overlooking the family cemetery. In the mid 1800’s the family decided to redecorate and moved the painting to the attic.

Night after night, family members could hear a tapping noise coming from the attic, puzzled they realized the only thing that was moved to the attic was the painting so they decided to move it to the third floor. The tapping continued so they tried the second floor.

Ghostly woman“That didn’t seem to work either so they returned the painting to the first floor where it originally hung. After that, everything was quiet again. That is until 1974 when family members shipped the painting to New York City for a display of haunted goods. Martha didn’t like it, not at all; the painting rumbled and rattled until they decided to put it in a closet for the night. The family decided that Aunt Pratt had enough, they had the frame fixed [it was damaged when it was in the closet] and hung it back in its original location where it still hangs a little crooked to this very day. The last line sums it up perfectly: “It’s just a friendly reminder from Aunt Pratt…leave me alone!

For more on Shirley Plantation and Aunt Pratt visit:

To explore other historic ‘haunts’ in Virginia check out:

To purchase Pamela Kinney’s non-fiction book, Haunted RichmondVirginia visit


Somewhere My Love by Beth Trissel

Read by Joysann

Two hundred years ago Captain Cole Wentworth, the master of an elegant Virginian home, was murdered in his chambers where his portrait still hangs. Presently the estate is a museum run by Will Wentworth, a man so uncannily identical to his ancestor that spirit-sensitive tour guide Julia Morrow has trouble recognizing Cole and Will as separate. As Julia begins to actually remember the events of Cole’s death, she must convince Will that history is repeating, and that this time he has the starring role in the tragedy.

As I read Somewhere My Love, I recalled the feelings I experienced the first time I read Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca long ago. Using deliciously eerie elements similar to that gothic romance, Beth Trissel has captured the haunting dangers, thrilling suspense and innocent passions that evoke the same tingly anticipation and heartfelt romance I so enjoyed then, and still do now.

IN LOVE5.0 out of 5 stars

Sometimes, lovers get a second chance…, October 16, 2011 By gaywinglass “Gayle” (NC) – See all my reviews

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

This review is from: Somewhere My Love (Paperback)

Sometimes, lovers get a second chance.

When British-born Julia Morrow arrives at Foxleigh, an historic old home in Virgina for a summer job, she becomes fascinated by the portrait of Cole Wentworth, murdered 200 years before on the night he proposed to another British beauty, Julia Maury. When modern day Julia meets Cole’s ancestor, Will, she’s convinced they’ve met and loved before. Now, she must convince Will she’s not crazy for seeing and reliving moments from the past and that he once lived as Cole–before history repeats itself.

I love historical romances and am fascinated by the paranormal. Somewhere My Love combines both in a haunting love story that spans two hundred years. Historical detail is woven into a murder mystery and romance from the past that spills over into the present in a thought-provoking, exciting story I couldn’t put down.

Ms. Trissel moves seamlessly from present to past, drawing the reader into Julia’s world as she remembers details from a previous life and love cut tragically short. I felt Julia’s confusion as she tried to separate Will from Cole in her heart and mind. I thought I’d have a problem with the author making a modern-day woman a virgin, but Julia’s character and back-story were written in such a way that it made perfect sense.

As Will is falling for Julia, he must decide between trusting his logical mind or trusting what his heart believes.

Are the ghosts haunting Foxleigh speaking to Julia and Will? Or have they both lived and loved before?

If you love ghost stories or stories of reincarnation, you’ll love Somewhere My Love.

Summer love and sunshineMy Rating: 4 of 5 Hearts
Sensuality: Sweet Romance
My review of this book:

Beth Trissel, a recent RWA Golden Heart Nominee, has created a very sweet romance in the classic Romeo & Juliet Style.In this tale, our present day hero and heroine begin to question whether or not true love can cross the barriers of time…

For years, Julia Marrow has felt an emptiness inside. Irresistably drawn to a place that she has never even set foot on, Julia travels from England to America in search of employment at Foxleigh. While on a tour of the premises, she enters the bedroom of the estates long ago owner, Cole. His image alone is enough to bring a flood of sensations that could not possibly be, because after all, he has been gone for over a century.

William, is a sensible man. He also happens to be the current Foxleigh resident and decendant of Cole. He, like Julia, has been suffering from the sense that something–or someone–is missing. With the chance that he may lose Foxleigh and his inheritance if he doesn’t marry well, Will is fighting his own inner turmoil when he becomes instantly attracted to his beautiful british employee. After all, Julia is nowhere near what is required of him in a future bride.

But when Julia begins to spin a tale of past love, loss and second chances, Will begins to wonder if perhaps, there may be more to his attraction to Julia than he first thought.

This was a very sweet story. The concept was great and I really adored Ms. Trissel’s characters.

Recommeded to: Romance lovers who believe that true love can stand the test of time 🙂
~Reviewed by Barbara

AMAZING COUPLE DANCINGJulia Morrow is a young woman visiting from England to work for the grand estate of Foxleigh, run by proprietor William Wentworth. The two are immediately attracted to one another and theirs is a whirlwind courtship. The only problem is that Julia is plagued by past-life memories of herself and Will’s long dead ancestor, Cole Wentworth. Certain Will is Cole reincarnated, she tries to convince him of his descent. Will is hesitant at first, but eventually believes Julia speaks the truth. As the annual Midsummer’s Eve Ball comes near, a dangerous villian is stalking the halls of Foxleigh, bent on revenge two-hundred years old.

Ms. Trissel has woven a wonderful story of historical love, mystery, and intrigue. Her poetic prose made for a delightful read. Her descriptions captured the essence of the home, and I felt as though I’d been transformed as a guest. I enjoyed watching Will and Julia discover their love for each other as events unfolded at the Foxleigh House. I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good story, excellent writing, and a heartwarming love story.
Reviewed by Jenny GilliamWRDF Reviews

Beautiful romantic couple kissing As a new summer tour guide at Foxleigh, a beautiful historic estate in Virginia, Julia Morrow is far from home. British and raised by extremely sheltering and strict parents, Julia is on her own for the first time. Almost from the moment she steps foot on the grounds of Foxleigh Julia feels as though she’s come home. Glimpses of scenes from two hundred years past flit through her brain and she can not shake the feeling that she knows this place.

Foxleigh was once home to Cole Wentworth. A former military man, Cole was all by officially engaged to an English girl, Julia Maury, Cole was murdered in his room after a sword fight with a misbehaving admirer of Miss Maury. Cole’s descendant, William (called Will) Wentworth is the spitting image of him and not thrilled about it. Even two hundred years after his death, Cole has quite the following and Will assumes Julia is one of them when he sees her reaction to meeting him.

It quickly becomes apparent to Julia that she somehow has the memories of the first Julia and she tries to convince Will that she’s not off her rocker. Will on the other hand, tries not to believe her even though she knows things that she shouldn’t and he experiences memories of his own of Cole and Julia. Intensely drawn together though, Will and Julia can not dismiss their instant and deep attraction to each other.

With an upcoming annual ball to be held at Foxleigh, events take a strange turn as they start to mirror the time before Cole’s death. Using Julia’s memories and those that Will reluctantly provides, they attempt to alter the course of things to avoid history from repeating itself.

A Little Romance, The Blue Danube, and That Glorious First Kiss!I liked the premise of this story and it was very well written with very detailed characters. I figured out pretty early who the “bad guy” would be but there were enough twists to keep me wondering if I was right or not. Somewhere My Love is written in what I call English Romance. By English Romance I mean that it’s a proper speech, dress-for-dinner type of lifestyle where women retreat to their room to rest when upset and there is always at least one imperious type family member to be won over. The men are very gentlemanly even when fueled by passion.
Reviewed by Becky, Bitten by Books

A vivid novel immersed in the genteel atmosphere of the old South, Somewhere My Love touches every sense. Lose yourself in the fantasy.
~ Deb Julienne, romance author and multi-contest finalist 

Beth Trissel takes romance to a whole new dimension.  Hop along for the ride.  You won’t be disappointed.
~ Donna Dalton, romance author

Old Virginia Homes, Ghosts, And The Inspiration Behind My Paranormal Romance Somewhere My LoveColonial Virginia is one of the most romantic settings imaginable and modern day Virginia is not far behind.  In this fascinating novel the two are intertwined to make a love story to remember.
~ Carole King, avid reader, reviewer, and author 

Beth Trissel is an up and coming talent.  Her latest work will keep you riveted from the first page to the last.  No one writes romance better!
~ Joanne Barnaba, Romance Author, multi-contest Winner

Beth Trissel, with her fresh voice and eye for a compelling story, is a hot new author in the paranormal and American historical market.
~ Author Pamela Roller

Beth Trissel has written a captivating ghost story entwining a contemporary love story with the mystery of a murder from the nineteenth century. The wonderful characters and evocative historical details caught my attention from the first page.
~ Author Helen Scott Taylor

Somewhere My Love Won the Clash of the Covers Contest at Embrace The Shadows!This enchanting story of reincarnated lovers being stalked by a danger from their previous lives draws you into the lush setting where the characters come to life.  The writing is lyrical, the history accurate and the well-developed plot compelling.  A must read…
~ Author Linda Nightingale

Somewhere My Love immerses the reader into the world of lovers from the past and present. An enchanting read!
Reviewed by Denisse Alicea, Romance Author

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
by Helen Neubauer 
Date Added: 02/16/2009
An absolutely delightful book, rich in descriptions so vivid you can smell the flowers and hear the echo of footsteps in the halls. The characters quickly become real and I found myself wanting to know more about them and what became of them when the story was done. Suspenseful…a mystery whose answer isn’t revealed until the very end. I loved the blend of supernatural, romance and history. I’ve put Beth Trissel on the top of my “favorite authors” list!

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