Furbaby Friday with Beth Trissel

Kittens Happen…

Last Friday, I was given a tiny kitten to care for–for the weekend–but his stay is now indefinite. Sometimes, you just need a kitten, and you didn’t even know it. Hubby would appreciate my finding a home for the baby when he’s older. Meanwhile…I’m getting attached, as are the grandkids and Puppy Cooper. Cooper loves this kitten and frequently checks on it. If the baby mews, he rushes to its box to see if it’s OK, and when I let the tiny toddler explore, Cooper is on its tail. The grandkids are building the kitten a playhouse run out of Amazon boxes with connecting tunnels. Very creative and he has rewarded them by darting through their maze like a hamster. Just between us, I think hubby is destined to have another cat in his life.

When I first began Furbaby Friday, it was as a tribute to my dear little dog and best friend, Sadie. Her passing tore me up more than words can express. I still miss her terribly, and tear up thinking about her, but Cooper, Jilly, our farm dog, Luca, and my kitties are a big comfort. Peaches and Cream have been my babies since they were two week old kittens granddaughter Emma found abandoned. Cream was left in a mud puddle, so dirty we couldn’t tell he was a white kitten. He and Peaches are buddy brothers. Funny bird Kitty Pavel is attached to me in his own way. All my furbabies are rescues, and give back so much to me and the family.

(Sadie and Percy)

About a week after Sadie crossed the rainbow bridge, Kitty Percy followed her. A very sad time for us all, especially me. This little kitten that has come into our lives looks a lot like Percy did. Percy and Sadie were pals and snoozed on the couch together. They kept me company through many a writing project and the ups and downs of life. I have missed Percy a lot too, and wonder if this new kitty might be like him. You can’t replace a dearly loved furbaby, but newcomers have a way of finding a place in your heart you didn’t even know you had. They create their own warm home in the deepest recesses of our sentiments, maybe even our soul. Those people who do not love furbabies will never understand. Those who do, need no explanation. We know what our furbabies mean to us. Yes, they are a handful to care for at times, but I cannot imagine my life without them. Nor do I wish to. They are my dear friends and an essential part of my life.

(Peaches and Cream)

(Cooper and Jilly)

As of yesterday, the kitten has been named Sparky McGee.

12 responses to “Furbaby Friday with Beth Trissel

  1. Ahhh, that is so sweet. I don’t know how you came by Sparky, but I think he was meant to join your home. Once they have a name… 🙂 All your furbabies are adorable. What I’m most impressed by is that they all seem to get along, even with a new kitten. That’s pretty cool.

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    • Thanks Laurie. Yes, they do. Peaches has been a bit sulky about the baby but is growing intrigued.


    • Also, I should add, Granddaughter Emma found this baby in our barn. We didn’t know there were any strays there, and the mother must have been passing through because she’s gone. She left this baby to itself, either on purpose or because she was moving them. We don’t know, but it was alone.


  2. I can see why his stay will be indefinite, Beth. Those eyes say it all! I’ve enjoyed the pictures you’ve been sharing, especially the video. Love your other rescue furbabies!


  3. Beth, if Hero were not so sensible, I’d have a house full of kitties and dogs. Since our little dog died, we have only three cats. Hero’s health is not great (he has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s) and he’s afraid to get another dog because he might not be able to walk it and a dog might pull him down. I suppose I’ll have to be content with our cats but I really would like a dog or two. I love your Furbaby Friday posts!


  4. I love reading about your menagerie of fur babies. Sparky McGee is an adorable addition.

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  5. Love hearing about your furbabies.


  6. One can never have too many kitties. Or doggies. 🙂

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