Furbaby Friday with Ellen Dye!

I’m happy to welcome fellow Wild Rose Press Author Ellen Dye–from the next door state of West Virginia–to share her kitty family and latest Women’s Romantic Fiction release, Relatively Crazy.

Ellen: Growing up as a true urbanite, living in apartments and moving frequently for my mother’s job, we always had a kitty or two in our family who faithfully made the move with us from town to town or state to state. Occasionally a stray, underfed, lost feline would make its way to us and was always welcomed, fed, loved and made to feel at home. But always there would be a frantic rush to find a new and permanent home for our new arrival before the landlord found out that we were over the allowable amount of kitties firmly agreed upon in our lease. And even though we never failed to find happy accommodations for our new friends I was always sad to have to say goodbye.

This is how I knew I wanted to grow up to be a Crazy Cat Lady, even though this was many years before the term was even coined. It became my dream to own a cottage in the woods where limits on kitties allowed would not exist.
My childhood girlfriends spent untold hours creating dream homes for their Barbie dolls, imagining comfortable yet spacious living areas for their future husbands and children. I, on the other hand, occupied myself arranging Barbie’s overstuffed furniture topped with paw-pleasing cushions and blankets into groupings I thought would allow for maximum kitty relaxation and calculated necessary paw space required per kitty so I could adjust my cottage-in-the-woods to comfortably house at least a dozen purring family members.

Time passed, I traveled, I grew up and then when I was ready to settle down I found my dream cottage in the West Virginia woods. Our family of four kitties and son happily settled in, relishing the peaceful quiet of the woods. Soon enough kitties just seemed to appear on the doorstep, some in need of food and shelter, some in need of medical attention, and all in need of a loving home. True to my childhood dream, I’ve had room—and no landlord to prevent—welcoming each unexpected new arrival into their forever home.

On Christmas Eve, this past year my son and I counted six kitties in our little family, five boys and one girl. It had been something of a sad holiday as just a few weeks prior we’d lost our beloved 15 year old elder-kitty, Pewter, who been with us since she was a six week old kitten, to kidney disease. And although we loved each of our kitties dearly, we still missed our silver tabby girl deeply.
The morning had dawned cold and blowing a bitter wind as my son and I were enjoying a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and watching our six kitties enjoying a holiday breakfast of chunk white tuna. It was the kind of bitter cold outside that makes one grateful for the simple luxury of a warm home and hot beverages and no outside chores to be done. Just as I mentioned this to my son, he stood and leaned toward the window. “Mom, I think there’s something in the snow.”

I turned just in time to see a fluff of gray creeping across the deck between frozen snow piles left from our last storm. Heedless of the cold I hurried outside and saw a heartbreakingly thin, sad puff of dirty gray and white fur crouched between piles of leftover snow. As I crept closer, two frightened green eyes watched me closely.

“It’s okay. You’ve come to the right place,” I whispered, inching closer. “Let’s get you warm and fed.”

I guess she decided I was a pretty good egg as she let me pick her up, carry her inside to warmth and a bottomless bowl of tuna fish. And she was immediately welcomed to the family with open paws by the rest of our herd.
In keeping with her holiday arrival we chose the name, Merry and as it turned out it fits her well. She is a very happy young lady who purrs almost continually and is always ready for a tussle with her favorite catnip mouse or a leap up the scratching post tower for a rollicking game of swat-the-tail with her favorite buddy, Elliot.

And now that spring has arrived she enjoys taking a sunbath on the deck, but she doesn’t wander off onto the grass. I think it’s because she’s as happy in her forever home as I am.

Blurb for Relatively Crazy: 

On her fortieth birthday, housewife Wanda Jo Ashton is expecting her husband’s standard gift of an E and E from T—that being Elegant and Expensive from Tiffany’s. However, what she gets is the news that her formerly successful, dependable, corporate attorney husband is leaving her to pursue the rich life of a kept man.
Left with nothing, she has no choice but to escape the San Francisco area with her sixteen-year-old daughter in tow and head toward the mountains of West Virginia and the embarrassingly quirky family she left behind twenty years ago. Here, Wanda Jo must carve out a future, complete with career and home, in the midst of family feuds, computer phobias, and the occasional home-brewing explosion.
Only the presence of her daughter and a few good friends, including her old buddy Sam Branson, make life bearable at all. Can it be true that the good life begins at forty?

Download Relatively Crazy in Kindle at:


***Follow Ellen’s Amazon Author Page at: https://www.amazon.com/Ellen-Dye/e/B002C79CSA

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20 responses to “Furbaby Friday with Ellen Dye!

  1. What a lovely story, Ellen! thanks so much for sharing with us. I agree, sounds like all of you found your perfect family home. Your cats are beautiful 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blurb, it looks like an enjoyable read. I’m looking forward to reading this one.

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  2. I love this story! Thanks for stopping by, Patty.


  3. Aren’t kitties special. I love cats but have no pets at the moment. Great title and your book sounds fun.

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  4. I loved your charming story of the kitty cottage in the woods. Sounds like my dream, though it would more than likely be filled with senior rescue dogs. Best of success with the book–it sounds great!

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  5. I love your cat story. I only had one cat over the years. I had two toddlers, hubby was in the Air Force. Charlie was his name. In those days we didn’t have littler boxes, cats went outdoors to do their business. But he never stayed out long. One neighbor borrowed him for a few hours to try to catch a mouse in her house. She returned him saying he wasn’t interested in catching a mouse, instead he stood at the window looking at our house, his home.
    One night he was restless, kept smacking me to wake me. I didn’t understand why until my husband came home after his midnight shift to find the house smelling like gas fumes–the old gas stoves that leaked gas if bumped. Charlie tried waking me to let me know, and I kept saying to leave me alone. I felt bad for not picking up on that. A few days later Charlie was in our back yard and it seems a neighbors dog killed him. Charlie will forever be my hero. It turns out our oldest son was very allergic to cats, who always found him and followed him on walks. But we got dogs thereafter.
    By the way, where in WVA are you? I like the sound of your book and will order it.

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  6. Mary Gillgannon

    Love your dream of being a crazy cat lady…and making it come true. My husband and I are well on our way to the same status, as we’re now up to five cats (and a dog). But it is hard to turn away a sweet kitty who needs a home. Bless you for your kindness to felines. And best wishes on your book. Sounds like a lovely story. Cheers!

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  7. Loved your kitty tales and your book sounds like a hoot, Ellen!

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  8. You sure have a lot of cats. Must make the household fun. You never know what antics a cat will get up to. Enjoy! All the best with your release…sound like a winner.

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  9. Thanks so much for stopping by, Patty! I hope you’ll enjoy Relatively Crazy and laugh as much reading it as I did writing it 🙂

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  10. Many thanks for stopping by, Linda 🙂 And thank you for the kind words about Relatively Crazy!

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  11. Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by today. Rescue dogs make cottage in the woods living just as much fun as rescue kitties. I have a friend in the next county over who has 9 rescue dogs in her little family 🙂

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  12. Many thanks for stopping by, Dee. Your Charlie sounds like a wonderful hero 🙂 I live In Hampshire county, are you in the area? Also thanks for your kind words about Relatively Crazy, I hope you’ll laugh as much reading it as I did writing it 🙂

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  13. How nice to meet you, Mary! It’s always a wonderful thing to meet a fellow kitty lover. I could not agree more, it’s just not in me to turn away a poor starving kitty 🙂

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  14. Hi Gerri, it’s so nice to meet you! Many thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  15. Thanks for stopping by, C.B., yes, life can be an adventure here. But mostly, we’re a cozy and calm lot always up for a nap in a nice sunbeam 🙂

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  16. What a wonderful post, Ellen. I love the name “Merry.” Sounds perfect for your furbaby. Thanks so much for sharing and all the best! 🙂

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  17. Hi Mary! Many thanks for stopping by, and yes, our little Merry is wonderful addition to the family ❤


  18. Awww what a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing!

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  19. So many thanks to everyone who took their time to stop by and read about Merry, our latest little arrival, it’s been a rel pleasure to meet you all 🙂

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