Furbaby Friday with P.L. Parker!

I am happy to welcome my friend and fellow author, P. L. Parker, back to the blog to share the wonderful story of her rescue kitty.

P.L. Parker: …and then there was Dorie! Here she is in her favorite spot, relaxing as she checks out her territory.

My parents were notorious for taking care of stray cats, feral or otherwise. It was not unusual for them to have up to 17 cats that they took care of at any given time. Before long, people would hear about the cat man and would drop off unwanted cats nearby and they made their way to Dad and Mom’s place. Eventually, they found a free service that would catch the cats, spay them and then bring them back.
Just a month or so before Dad passed away, this half-grown little female cat showed up at their place. She was nervous but friendly, but she was lucky if she got a bite or too of food before the other cats chased her away. Anyway, Dad paid her special attention because he was sure someone had lost her. He put up signs, contacted the vet clinics and the animal shelter but no one ever came to claim her.
When Dad passed away, we moved Mom from their home in Ontario, Oregon, to Boise and she moved in with my sister. Mom had been confined to wheelchair for many years and my sister became her full-time caregiver. It was a rough time, back and forth to Ontario to take care of their place.
We worried about the cats and a neighbor promised to feed them while we looked for homes, preferably farms since the majority were feral. But then there was Dorie! Mom worried about her so one day I grabbed a pet carrier, drove to Ontario, and caught the little booger. She cried all the way back to Boise but she recognized Mom so she settled into the house pretty quickly.
It wasn’t long before Mom realized Dorie would play fetch. Not only would she retrieve a ball and bring it back and drop it before Mom, but if it wasn’t close enough, Mom would tell her to push it closer and the little girl would do just that! Here is a video of Dorie playing fetch. Watch how she shoves the ball with her paw closer to Mom.

Because of her unusual markings, Dorie is referred to as a “cow” cat, white with black circles around her body. She is a loving little girl, a scamp, a talker and full of hell most of the time, but a really sweet cat. She gave Mom hours of enjoyment before Mom also passed and now my sister loves this little cat dearly, but she loves me too. Whenever I visit, she spends the entire time rubbing against me, giving me kisses and showering me with attention!
Dorie found a place in our hearts and she is here to stay.

Beth: What an adorable kitty!

For more on P.L. Parker visit:

Her Amazon Author Page:  https://www.amazon.com/P.-L.-Parker/e/B002BMIAPM/

8 responses to “Furbaby Friday with P.L. Parker!

  1. Dorie is adorable! Thank you for sharing the video and her story.

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  2. What a wonderful post! Dorie is precious . . . and beautiful 🙂 thanks for sharing this lovely story and video

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  3. She is just too cute. She must have been a great comfort to your Mom. While we try to remember that our pets don’t have the same feelings we do, I find they give and take love just as freely. Lovey story!

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  4. Thank you ladies for commenting. Dorie did love Mom and she has found a home with my sister. My sister also ended up with my Mom’s little dog after mom passed but she loves them both as her own now. I forgot to add, Dorie’s favorite game is chase her own tail. She can play that for hours. She also can get up on top of areas where it seems impossible. Very creative and busy all the time.

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  5. Awww what a treasure your parents got with Dorie! She was meant your family. When your Dad tried to find the ones who lost her, he didn’t know she was meant for them. Such a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Dorie is a beauty. 😀

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  6. She is a cutie and so much fun. Dad had adopted another stray who found his way to their house years ago. Called him “Gat” for “Gatling”. He was Dad’s shadow. Didn’t like riding in the car but if they were on vacation, he was perfectly content to sleep in the fifth wheel. That was a house after all.

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  7. Oh, and when Jack goes to my sister’s house, Dorie immediately starts looking for the light on the floor. Jack will play for house letting her chase the dot of light.

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