Kicking Off Furbaby Friday

Attention pet loving authors and readers, I’m kicking off a new weekly blog feature in honor of dear little Sadie who was my faithful writing companion, as was my curmudgeonly cuddler, Kitty Percy.

Both Sadie and Percy left me in late winter within a week of each other, and it’s been very hard without them. This is the last image I took of the two by my side. But precious memories go on, and I’m grateful for other writing buddies. Puppy Cooper needs to settle down a bit, but he’s beginning to sit with me when not in scamper mode. Peaches and Cream, who also act as my publicists, are purry pals. Jilly has a seat at my right side while I research and type away on my keyboard. She also has every other seat in the living room if she wants. All surfaces are covered with sheets that can be changed due to her shedding, and I’ve added towels for the occasional puppy puddle. But Cooper is getting better about that, I say cautiously. (Cooper sitting by my knee.)

My furbabies help me to write. I know many authors greatly appreciate their furry companions, and cherish memories of past friends. Peaches and Cream are ready assistants (when not snoozing in a sunbeam), as is Jilly, below, giving me the ‘I didn’t do it look.’ *She did. Kitty Pavel is a funny bird, but does his best.

I rescued these animals, but they are the ones who rescue me. Every day.

My thinking is to have authors share about furbabies who are or have been part of their writing life, and then share the highlights of a recent release. No erotica. Pet pics are essential. If you’re an animal loving author, please message me about a spot at or leave me a comment. Or both.

28 responses to “Kicking Off Furbaby Friday

  1. This is a beautiful tribute to your fur babies and a wonderful idea all around! 💖💖💖💖

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  2. I LOVE this idea! Our pets–past or present–never really leave our sides. I’ll be emailing you for a spot, Beth!

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  3. Your furbabies are so beautiful.
    Sue B


  4. Cathy Hammerschmidt

    Great idea! I’m a fur-mom myself and love the idea of seeing everyone’s furchilden!

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  5. Great idea, Beth. I’d love to participate. Who doesn’t love dogs and cats?

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  6. How sweet Beth! We all love our present and departed fur babies!

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  7. What a lovely idea. And what a beautiful way of keeping their memory alive. ❤ I really felt for you losing not just one beloved pet, but two, in such a short time. I would love a spot one day when I've finished my current WIP, and I'll be in touch then, but in the meantime I'm looking forward to reading everyone's posts. 🙂

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  8. jennygardiner947

    sorry about losing your babies! You have a menagerie! We lost our last pup last winter–heartbreaking. Still have kitty, parrot and my daughters rabbit. My girls just got puppies so I’m getting vicarious puppy fix with theirs!

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  9. That is good Beth, fur babies play such an important part in our lives. We don’t have one at this time but did in years past, and plan to again. Cooper is a sweetie! 🙂

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  10. Fur, feathered and scaled babies are our children. Our dog, parrot and 45 year old box turtle go everywhere with us. The love camping!


  11. Think this is a wonderful idea and looking forward to the posts!

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  12. Lovely idea!! I’ll look forward to Furbaby Fridays. 🙂

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  13. Very cute my friend;) I love your huddle cuddle of pets,your little comforters. ❤ ..Fun blog.Look forward to seeing your little friends. Princess Beebz sends her love to all your furry friends.

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  14. This is a GREAT idea! Would love to be included 🙂

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