I Got A New Puppy. The End.

(Cooper–a Morkie puppy)

If you’ve ever had a new puppy, you know what I’m talking about. The end of life before puppy (BP) breaks loose. In this case, his name is Cooper, so it’s BC. Has a biblical ring to it, but his whole name is Special Agent Dale Cooper from the eccentric FBI agent in Twin Peaks. Daughter Elise got me into the show. Back to Puppy Cooper. Oh my gosh, what a week it’s been. First, we had the never-ending car ride there and back (back was twice as long) to get the little guy on Sunday. Cooper is from South Carolina. We live in Virginia. Traffic was bad. Toward the end, I was singing the lyrics to the Sloop John B (Beach Boys), especially this bit:

‘Let me go home
Why don’t they let me go home
This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on.’

We finally made it home, and Cooper has a nice puppy playpen setup instead of a crate. I call it base camp, and it has his bed, toys, water, pee pad.. He tolerates it pretty well, except for those incensed occasions when he doesn’t. The family all love him and have descended in adoring droves. But after everyone leaves, he looks around to ask ‘where did they all go?’ Yep. He’s a tad spoiled.

I badly needed a little friend after my dear Sadie died of congestive heart failure about the time Cooper was born. He just turned nine weeks old. He’s already touchingly devoted to me, and declares in every way possible, that I am his person. At the moment, he’s also a chewy little dog who wants the run of the house but isn’t housebroken yet. Plus, as often happens to pups with the stress of moving to a new home, he got an upset tummy. This has resulted in a lot of extra cleanups, worry, phone calls to the vet, and a trip to the clinic. He’s now on a special diet, probiotics, and medication. So far–knock wood–he’s better today. Cooper is a Morkie–a Yorkie Maltese mix, but more Yorkie than Maltese. These pups are especially prone to tummy upset.

I’ve lined the couch with bedding so he can play up and down the length of it while I’m on my laptop–during those occasions when he’s not trying to eat it. And he loves to sit with me, which is good, because that will be his job. Sadie has passed the torch to this tiny boy. I still miss her terribly. Part of me always will. But I am glad for my new buddy, despite all the work of a new puppy.

Welcome little Cooper. You are finding your place in my heart.

27 responses to “I Got A New Puppy. The End.

  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! Chew toys! Must have many chew toys. Enjoy your little sweetie, Beth.

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  2. Congratulations! He’s adorable.

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  3. I’m so glad you and Cooper found each other. You’re quite brave and I admire you for adopting him. I still can’t quite bring myself to adopt another dog since Jasper passed. We’ve got Spaz and Charlie, rescue cats extraordinaire so it’s their job to “re-train” me. 😉

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  4. pennyburwellewingauthor

    Cute puppy. They’re a lot of work, but so full of love and devotion. Congrats of your new love.


  5. So glad you found a new pup to help fill that hole. It took me about six months after our Ruby passed, but I’ve never regretted it. Congrats on such a little cutie!

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  6. I am so happy for me. What a darling baby!

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  7. Jackie Wisherd

    Your little dog Cooper is very cute.

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  8. Cooper is the most adorable little guy. I’m so happy for you, Beth! You need his companionship and he needs yours. Once the puppy stage is over, you’ll be fast friends with less work. I am wishing we had another dog, but Hero maintains he still isn’t ready.

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  9. He’s adorable. Congrats on your new friend.
    Sue B

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  10. Beth, you’re the perfect mom for Cooper. I remember when we got Rino, a 4-weeks German Shepherd, the kids were small seven and three, and I never had a dog. No one told us that Rino was had diarrhea. For three days I cleaned after him. And then I told my husband. Either him or me in this house. But the kids already adored him and were ready to let me go! Eventually he got better and became my third kid.

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  11. Igniting happy memories. Thanks.

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  12. I’ve toyed with the idea of a puppy. Maybe, I should look at older dogs. I don’t think we could deal with messes and chewed up furniture! Good luck to you, Beth.

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  13. The thing about puppies, no matter how rotten they are, we love them. Maybe because they love us so much.


  14. When he gets a little older, we’ll need to get our pups together to play!

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