The Magick of Fairy Thimbles by Author Patty Koontz

Do you believe in fairies? Wee Darby and I most certainly do! Have you ever noticed a sparkle of tiny lights or gotten a quick glimpse of flickering movements from inside flower petals or beneath a cluster of wildflowers? Or even “thought” you just “might have heard” some giggling or sounds of flutes playing soft whimsical tunes, while taking a stroll by fragrant, colorful flowers, that made you smile for no reason? If so, the next time you decide to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, you might want to take a closer look . . .
Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland

Glens of Antrim, Bluebells, Portglenone Forest, Ireland

Have you ever heard the legend of the Bluebell Fairy Thimbles – then you’re in for a grand surprise when you read about the fairies that live in the fields of bluebells, which grow wild in Ireland and Scotland.
canstockphoto14778167Wee Darby and his fairy niece, Pantera, are delighted to share a wee bit about the magical lore…The legend tells of fairies that live among the bluebells growing in charming meadows and visited by hares (rabbits).  And humans, (or Krindles, as the fairies call us from what I’ve learned from Wee Darby), should be careful not to disturb or pick these flowers – you never want to anger the fairies – as they can play tricks on you.
canstockphoto19508726 Its been told how people even believed that witches turned themselves into the hares and hid among the precious plants to keep out of sight and danger. Make sure you ask permission first – the next time you get the urge to pick the precious plants . . . .
You might be surprised at just “what” or “who”  you might find…
Wee Darby and I are delighted you stopped by, and encourage you to please feel free to leave us comments, and let us know if you enjoy the site. “The Magick of Wee Darby” is coming out in early 2017.
(A Lovely illustration of my wee Pantera, (a fairy with tiny wings, who can’t fly), on her first official visit to a pumpkin patch in America) (drawn by the talented, Elise Trissel)
***The print book will be available from Amazon on October 1st-release date!

13 responses to “The Magick of Fairy Thimbles by Author Patty Koontz

  1. I hope you enjoy Patty’s delightful post, and YES! I do believe in fairies.

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  2. Thank you for sharing my post, Beth 🙂 Yes, Wee Darby and I know you believe in fairies too 🙂

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  3. Enjoy your post. Sounds like a cute book. Love the illustrations.
    Sue B

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  4. I absolutely believe in fairies! What a wonderful post. I loved the pictures and I can’t wait to get my copy of The Magick of Wee Darby. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Lane ((Hugs)) Wee Darby can’t wait for you to read it 🙂


  6. What a delightful blog today,Beth! Your daughter is very talented.

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  7. Beth, your family is so talented. I enjoyed the post and photos and look forward to learning more about wee Darby and Pantera.

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