Geese Do Not Make Good Publicists–Cat’s Rule

I’ve spent the summer stalking our barnyard/farm geese–an old breed that came over with the Pilgrims. I think. They’re called Pilgrim Geese. The more these squawky birds see me, the more they fuss. I’ve been nothing but kind, and sneaky. I’m doubling my efforts because they bolt at the barest rustle in the grass and click of the camera. Otherwise, I’d feature them with my books. Until I figure out how to win them over–tossing feed just scares them. Crazy lady’s throwing stuff–I’m using my feline publicists Peaches and Cream. They do a fabulous job of representing me and my growing titles. Unless Cream falls asleep in the middle of a photo shoot, which he did this time.

Typical of the geese below.


Kitty Peaches, below, is excited to tell you historical/paranormal romance novel, Traitor’s Curse is .99 in kindle through 9/09. It’s book 3 in The Traitor’s Legacy Series, but written to stand alone.

Kindle Link:


3 responses to “Geese Do Not Make Good Publicists–Cat’s Rule

  1. Peaches is very good at it. Love your photos of the geese and the kitties.
    Sue B

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha… funny about the geese. Wild Turkeys are the same way with me, and they can run faster than I can!


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