Two Historical Romances Sold to Amazon Encore Publishing!

Award-winning historical romance novel

Award-winning historical romance novel

I’m excited to announce the sale of two of my NA themed historicals, RED BIRD’S SONG and KIRA, DAUGHTER OF THE MOON, to AMAZON PUBLISHING under their Encore Publishing Division. Encore Publishing Division is an imprint devoted to taking successful small press books with decent sales and reviews, and improving their exposure and sales.

I’m honored Amazon selected my novels, along with some from fellow authors, to contract through The Wild Rose Press. Red Bird’s Song will re-release exclusively to Amazon on August 25th, and will no longer be available in e-format from other online vendors after that date. Books in Print will still be available. Kira, Daughter of the Moon will follow on September 22nd. Same deal.

2c646-historicalromancekiradaughterofthemooncoverbyraremonetRed Bird’s Song was inspired by events that occurred to my early American ancestors in the colonial frontier and their conflict with the Shawnee during the border Wars, most significantly, the French and Indian War. Kira, Daughter of the Moon, the sequel to Through the Fire (exclusively with Amazon), also strongly features the English/Scots-Irish and their clash with the Shawnee, and the unlikely love stories that came out of this dramatic frontier era. These three novels, plus The Bearwalker’s Daughter, are part of my Native American Warrior series. My short story, The Lady and the Warrior, gives a glimpse into these bygone, but never forgotten by me, days.

***For more on these and other titles visit my Amazon Author Page.

12 responses to “Two Historical Romances Sold to Amazon Encore Publishing!

  1. Congratulations!

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  2. Congrats. That is wonderful news.
    Sue B

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  3. Congratulations and way to go, Beth!!!! Bless your heart, I am thrilled for you! ((Hugs))

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  4. This is so exciting, Beth! Way to go!


  5. This is such a giant step in your career, Beth! I’m so happy for you!!!!!

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  6. Congratulations,Beth. So sorry we’ve been ghosts for quite some time. I had a bit of a cancer scare and Mathair and I have been toiling away to get the sequel to The Perfect 7 out. We’re very happy to be back in the blogosphere and visiting our favorite blogs. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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