Inspiration from the Inky Dinky Spider

lavender in the garden

If you’re among those who insist on referring to said spider as ‘Itsy Bitsy’, so be it. I was raised singing The Inky Dinky Spider. But back to the point. Given the number of posts I’ve done centered around inspiration, it’s likely not a surprise to hear I’m experiencing some challenging times.  Being a spiritually minded individual, I’ve prayed hard. Last night, I told God if he had a sign for me, I was sorely in need, as I’d given up. This morning, I awoke singing, you guessed it, The Inky Dinky Spider.  I have no idea why. It’s not a favorite of the grandbabies, and been years since I sang it with my kids. As I pondered this seeming Divine response, I gleaned the deep wisdom in these simple lyrics.

garden in ray of sunshine

‘The inky dinky spider climbed up the water spout.

Down came the rain and washed the spider out.

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain

And the inky dinky spider climbed up the spout again.’ (In order for that last bit to rhyme, you must pronounce again with a British accent).

So, the message of the Inky Dinky is this: troubles come, but the sun returns and we try again. And again.

I’m also a big fan of the beautiful song, The Impossible Dream, but will save that for another day.

tulips in the garden-April

*I couldn’t find an image of a spider, but there are many in our garden. The big Charlotte’s Web writing spiders are especially evident. They’re in here somewhere.

Images of our garden by daughter Elise Trissel

6 responses to “Inspiration from the Inky Dinky Spider

  1. Beth, we said Itsy Bitsy, but either way it’s a delightful children’s rhyme and we had hand movements to go with it. PS Be careful quoting any songs, those composers are very selfish with even one line of their work and are apt to sue at the drop of a hat. I for one love to be quoted, but then who knows what goes through some people’s minds?

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  2. We sad Itsy bitsy here too. My mom would always sing that to me. I pray things get better for you and your family. Your posts are always very inspiring to me. Hugs.
    Sue B

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  3. i have a spider from your garden! But, alas, it is on my phone…so i can’t paste it here. i will send it in a text and then you can fiddle with YOUR phone from there! hahaha GREAT story! VERY inspiring. LOVE these kinds of messages from God.


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