7 Haunted Places To Visit In Australia

apparition creepy dead death dress eerie female figure floating forest fright ghostMany people around the world attach great value to some of the most haunted places. This becomes clearer during Halloween, a time of the year dedicated to remembering the dead. Although this centuries-old tradition began in Scotland and Ireland, it has spread over the years. Today, many Christians as well as non-Christians mark this special day. Ghost hunting tours associated with Halloween are also becoming more popular. Halloween enthusiasts state that ghosts are commonly found in abandoned houses and surprising locations. There are a number of creepy places in Australia believed to be inhabited by ghosts. As much as some people may find these locations scary, a visit to the sites is bound to be memorable.

753px-Monte_Cristo_Homestead1Monte Cristo Homestead

Monte Cristo homestead has been named Australia’s most haunted house. Ghost hunters who have visited the home claim to have seen strange lights and ghostly figures in various rooms. At the same time, a number of chilling events have been reported in this location. For instance, a boy was burned alive in the stables and a small girl was pushed down the stairs straight from the maid’s arms by a mysterious force.
Devils PoolDevil’s Pool

As the name suggests, this is one of the haunted places in Australia. Since 1939, the waters are said to have claimed the lives of more than seventeen young men. It is also said that a woman who drowned herself in the pool after separating with her lover haunts this place.
800px-Princess_Theatre,_Melbourne,_AustraliaPrincess Theater
This theater, which was built in 1854, is popular among actors and audiences. The story is told of an actor who suffered a heart attack shortly after performing on the stage. Unfortunately, this actor died moments later and it is believed his spirit haunts the stage and the dressing rooms of the theater.
Beechworth asylumBeechworth Asylum
Although the asylum was decommissioned, over 3000 patients are reported to have died in the course of its history. Many people have claimed to see the ghosts of some of the patients as well as those of former staff members. While standing in the abandoned corridors, one may hear the sound of children laughing.
???????????????????????????????Old Melbourne Gaol
At some point, this jail accommodated some of the most dangerous and notorious criminals in Australia. A total of over one hundred criminals were hanged in this place. Since that time, many people say the building is haunted by the souls and ghostly figures of those who died here.
Manly Quarantine Station
Legend has it that in the 1800s, disease-ridden ships would come to Australia from other parts of the world. In an effort to prevent the spread of the illnesses, those on board were often quarantined at this station. However, the deplorable conditions under which they lived, coupled with the diseases, led to their deaths. Today, several visitors to the station have reported strange lights, unpleasant feelings, and unexplained smells.
Railway TunnelRedbank Range Railway Tunnel
This railway tunnel was operational between 1867 and 1919. However, it is haunted by the souls of those who committed suicide along the tracks as well as those who were accidentally killed inside the tunnel. Only by taking a trip to Australia will one be able to visit these locations and learn the stories that led to them being haunted. As such, international tourists who wish to travel to this country should ensure that they have all the necessary travel documents. One of the most important documents would be an Australian ETA visa.

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Contributed by Amelia Verona.

4 responses to “7 Haunted Places To Visit In Australia

  1. Those sound interesting. Don’t think I have heard of any of those. Will have to look them up some more. Love learning about haunted places all over the world.
    Sue B


  2. Love these, Beth. Great post.


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