Kitten Rescue and My New Book Release

Peaches and Cream with EliseWednesday, my new historical romance novel, Traitor’s Legacy, came out. Authors know, and readers can guess, the effort needed to spread the word. But two tiny kittens also need me. Monday, my feline loving granddaughter, soon to be 7-year-old, Emma, found a minute, very mad, abandoned kitten. About two weeks old, I guessed, which involves feedings every 3-4 hours round the clock (I use a small syringe from the vet because he hates the bottle) and bottom cleaning because kittens can’t ‘go’ themselves at this age. And very young kittens must be kept warm. I use a canning jar with a tight lid and refill the bottle every few hours with hot water, and keep him in a small cloth-lined box, covered with a towel.

Peaches and CreamThis seemed like enough of a challenge, then on Tuesday, Emma and her younger brother Owen found an even tinier kitten (the runt brother of the first little guy) soaking wet, muddy, hollering its head off and looking like a drowned mouse. Turns out, their farm cat mama had four in the litter and wasn’t interested in the two smaller kittens. And, I discovered they had a respiratory thing. So, first thing Wednesday morning of my release day, I’m at the vet’s office, so tired from being up worrying over the kittens I tried to answer my phone by just saying hello without hitting the on button. The brothers (the vet says they’re boys) are on an antibiotic (a little drop in a syringe) twice a day for two weeks and a vet approved supplement for their feedings. The formula from our dairy cows that I usually whip up using a cup of  whole milk, an egg yolk, and teaspoon of vegetable oil, recommended by an old country vet years ago, was deemed to be too iffy for these guys.

I’m calling the kittens Peaches and Cream, as the original brother is a pale apricot and fuzzy, and the runty kitten who was muddy brown has revealed himself to be a white kitten trying to be a Siamese with gold tipped ears, tail, and paws. There’s a wild Siamese Tom cat running around the farm I suspect to be the father. Or the mother’s father. Some connection. Cream is the hardest hit by the virus so requires extra care.

Traitor's Legacy resized pgYesterday was my big book blast blog tour day for Traitor’s Legacy. I faithfully tried to make the rounds, but was beat. Last night I slept on the couch to be near the kittens. If at all possible, they are NOT dying on my watch. Tiny Mite, the newborn kitten I rescued last fall and failed to save, still haunts me.

So hey, I have this new book out, and kittens to take care of. And I’m too tired to think straight or even know what day it is. But I’m told the eBook is half price off at The Wild Rose Press, available in pdf, ePub and Mobi (pocket) which means for Kindle. Traitor’s Legacy is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and from other online booksellers.  And I’ve maybe got another hour and a half until the next feeding and clean up session. Wish me luck! I try to tell myself not to get so attached to the kittens, not to care so much, because it’s awful when they don’t make it. But I do.

Proceeds from this novel will go toward vet bills. He’s seeing them again soon.

20 responses to “Kitten Rescue and My New Book Release

  1. From a cat lover with a 21 year old feline, thank you for rescuing the babies. I hope all works out for you and them. And congratulations on your new book. The cover is very, very nice.


  2. Bless you for helping them. I am praying for these little kitties. I hope you get time to rest in between. Hugs. I’ve been trying to share your books posts as I see them to help. I know I have said I love the cover but; I don’t think you would mind hearing it again.
    Sue B


  3. I echo Sue’s blessings. Our very large tuxedo cat was the runt of the litter and we had to feed him from a syringe, then a pablum-like substance, and then on to kitten food. He is so healthy and must weigh about 17 pounds now. He can stand on his hind legs and see what’s on the kitchen counter. He is my companion and follows me from room to room.


  4. Best of luck on the kittens. I rescued a newborn the mother had abandoned. Turned out she had reason. I named it Siren due to it’s constant screaming. When I put it in my cleavage area of the bra, it got renamed Squeaker. Sadly, it had internal deformations about it’s heart, but for the 3 days it lived, it was warm and loved. On day two it seemed to be better, but day three it died. I cried like a baby as I put it’s tiny coffin into the ground. Yes, I made it a coffin.


  5. Oh Liza how sad. Good job though Beth you have a kind and special heart.


  6. My cats, calico sisters, were found abandoned in a friend’s garage 13 years ago. Kudos to you for taking them in. Best of luck with the kitten and the new release. The cover is beautiful!


  7. Your new book looks sooo good. And thanks for sharing your adoption of two tiny kittens. We are cat people, my husband and I and have had many adventures with the tiniest of them as well as the full grown stubborn ones. Love them all. Wish you well with the new book and the nursing babes.


  8. BT/DT with a 4-week old, 12 oz. kitten, Beth, though mine wasn’t sick, just – as you say – mad as all get out! He’s now a huge cat, all 18 pounds of him, and still too cute for words. Keeping my fingers crossed your two make it. Màiri Norris


  9. Aw Beth, you are such a cat mommy! Sending prayers for the babies, I know how it is, you just can’t leave them! I’ve been sharing your book, even sent a copy to a friend! It’s great! Hugs!

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  10. Beth, your book looks great! Hope your kitties thrive. A lot of work.


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