Who Saw This Coming? Sharknado!


So many apocalypse’s are threatening these days, it’s difficult to know which one to hunker down in preparation for.  And that’s not even counting the ‘Real’ one. The other evening I was stressed to the max and seeking some mindless escape, when I happened upon Sharknado at Netflix. Seriously (or not so seriously) the premise in this film is that global warming creates a super storm and a wind spout tunnels sharks up into the sky like the ‘debris’ in Twister and deposits them all over California. They also swim in like giant minnows in the pounding waves, come ashore, and consume people standing ankle-deep in the surf. Or on the beach. Or the dock, or the bar near the dock…and they can jump really high. So don’t lean over–anything.

What were these people thinking? Run for the hills! The crazed monsters had already gone after surfers and there was a lot of mayhem and blood in the water.  And screams, apparently lost in the pounding surf.

You can always tell which ditz is gonna get eaten. Dude, PAY ATTENTION if you find yourself in a horror film. Be sure you have a last name, that you’re not the Barbie or body builder gazing mindlessly at the churning waters, or the droll, but sadly, expendable side kick. Or fishing. Playing beach ball. And don’t even think about venturing into your living room. In this flick, sharks swim up roads, spill through drainpipes awash in the man eaters, attack underneath and through the roof of cars, shatter glass and break through the windows of homes in Beverly Hills. Here’s where the living room becomes a feeding frenzy. They rage on through LA. Never fear, our noble hero is a wily shark fighter and defender of the clueless. Not that he can save ALL, of course.

I confess to not having finished the entire film yet. I’m taking it in installments. One can only handle so much gripping suspense at a time. But I predict Sharknado will become a cult classic, if it isn’t already. It’s bizarrely entertaining.

13 responses to “Who Saw This Coming? Sharknado!

  1. My son wanted to watch this with me but I’ve been putting him off. Maybe we’ll give it a go!


  2. I saw Sharknado when it was a Twitter sensation and enjoyed the heck out of it. It was so appallingly dumb/awful it was good. It was especially fun with the tweets that went along with it. And you’re right, it’s a cult classic. SyFy is releasing Sharknado II the end of this month. I think they’re in NYC this time. Should be another round of ridiculously awful/good entertainment!


  3. LOL I love this movie. It’s so silly it made me laugh. I can’t wait for the next one.
    Sue B


  4. While these films are totally silly, I am reminded of their ancestors, like The Blob and others whose titles I can’t remember. As kids we were terrified, but as adults we see the truly FUN parts. The actors must have laughed hysterically at themselves. And silly aside,I would rather watch Sharknado than Honey Boo Boo! A most entertaining blog today Beth!!


  5. I wonder if it will reach the “height” of “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.” 😀


  6. Ha! Seems like a fun Summer mindless Summer movie to watch, thanx for the review! ❤


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