For the Loveliness of it All

“I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.” ~Ruth Stout

Crocus Again

Why, some of you may ask, am I so drawn to gardening? Granted, toiling in the earth has its downsides, like the aching back I will soon be complaining of, the chewing bugs, and inevitable weather affronts, but nothing is more uplifting to the spirit than a fair day in and among growing things. The joyous sights of new life returning to our beautiful valley after a long winter, the delectable scents and sounds…the trill of a meadowlark, the song sparrow singing overhead as I plant seeds in the crumbly brown ground…the swoop and soaring of the first butterfly…the pussy willow bursting with fuzzy catkins…the glowing crocus. Snow still obscures the landscape and cold wind nips my face, but the forecast promises better days and I shall soon be out sniffing the air with profound appreciation. The barnyard geese are fussy. Egg laying shall commence.

Early spring in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

The delights of spring are almost upon us. There’s always a moment that catches and holds me transfixed, and in that moment, all is perfect. All is lovely. My piece of heaven on earth.~

***Images of crocus from last year and spring in the valley taken by my mom in past years.

10 responses to “For the Loveliness of it All

  1. This needs a “Love it” option. 🙂


  2. Beautiful post Beth. Spring is hiding here. Hope you are doing well.
    Sue B


  3. Beth, After one of your gardening blog posts I am always struck with the urge to rush out and plant something. Now I’m wishing I had planted daffodil bulbs last fall, but we hadn’t recovered from our move. This year, I will plant them–and crocus and hyacinth, too. We had two robins in the yard this morning and that cheered us.


    • Oh, I love robins. Am just seeing my first ones here. I’m sorry you fell behind in your spring cheerfulness bulbs, but you’ll catch back up. Can you rush out and plant violas?


  4. I love looking at gardens, walking through them, admiring the beauty of it all, but I leave it to that. I avoid the act of growing them, because I it broke my heart when I managed to kill a small plot of my mother’s hydrangeas. Mathair and her mother (my Nana) are apart of your green thumb clan though and they are itching to get outside and do some planting. Happy gardening, Beth. 😉


  5. I love seeing all the flowers blossoming, but my allergies don’t. Nice post about the renewal of life.


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