New Friend and Furbaby–Adopting a Rescue Dog

Beth Trissel with 'Gi Gi' now 'Jilly' and tiny SadieWhen we brought our new rescue dog, Jilly, home we were thinking of our sad little pom-poo, Sadie, who badly misses her longtime friend, Mia. As it turns out, Jilly is such a sweet, calming dog, she’s not only helping Sadie feel better, but also me and others in the family. She’d make a great therapy dog, and is doing just that in our home. I guess we needed her as much as she needed us. I’d prayed for the right dog and she is, though not the one we originally applied to adopt. When my mom, sister, brother, niece and I made the trip to the Petsmart store in Waynesboro on Saturday, we intended to adopt an entirely different dog. But, as a friend reminded me, dogs have a way of choosing you and that one didn’t choose me. Jilly connected with my sister, Catherine, while I tried to befriend ‘Honey’. When I realized Honey wasn’t the dog for us, Catherine said, ‘How about this one? She’s really sweet. I have a good feeling about her.’

Jilly with Colin and Cailin

Jilly is such a loving dog that some caring soul had already paid her adoption fee, so money wouldn’t stand in the way of her finding a forever home. She’d been passed over for weeks until we found her, or she found us. She curls beside me on one side of the couch and Sadie on the other. Kitty Percy even sat with me after concluding Jilly isn’t the threat he’d feared and he mistrusts any new pet, even kittens. That says a lot about her good nature.

I want to thank Augusta Dog Adoptions for the wonderful work they do in rescuing many needy dogs and helping them find forever homes. And a shout out to Petsmart for their support of dog rescue and adoption. For more on Augusta Dog Adoptions visit:

Friend them on Facebook at:

From what the rescue folk and we can tell, Jilly is part Blue Heeler, a cattle dog, and part Pit Bull, which I’ve been wary of, but am learning can be very nice dogs depending on how they’re handled, and part we’re not sure what else. If you have it in your heart to adopt a dog, you may find your new best friend.

“One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you’re feeling blue is that he doesn’t try to find out why.”  ~Author Unknown

***Images of Jilly with Sadie, Me, and niece Cailin on the sun porch and Cailin and grandson Colin with Jilly in the living room.

10 responses to “New Friend and Furbaby–Adopting a Rescue Dog

  1. What a wonderful story…Jilly is a beautiful dog.
    I’ve just adopted a rescue dog from Romania…she’s a real mix of what we’re not sure but she’s such a loving,lively girl. Originally chosen to keep my 11 year old lab/collie cross, Max, company she is helping me as well..I lost my husband in November and the two dogs are giving me a reason to get out and do something.
    Rescue dogs are the best!
    Hugs xx


  2. Beautiful story, Beth, and beautiful pics to go along with it. We’ve actually recused all of the animals we’ve had. Our miniature Yorkie was abused and abandoned by her previous owners, our lab was abandoned, as was our tabby cat and beagle/jack Russell. It’s so rewarding to know that you are helping an innocent creature that’s only purpose in life is to bring love and be loved. Great post.


  3. Congrats Beth. What a sweet looking dog. Very pretty. I am so glad you found each other.
    Sue B


  4. Such a sweet story Beth. A friend here visits every weekend with her rescue cat and she has become family. I love that you, by word and deed, encourage others to rescue a pet. There are so many wonderful and deserving homeless animals out there!


  5. Thank-you for the story, we picked out a blue-heeler pit mix this weekend at the spca, because it was the only calm, not barking, sweet dog. Reading later, had a little apprehension, but after reading your story, I’m confident we picked the right dog.


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