Nifty New Gardening Gadget–the Ring Weeder

ring weederFor all you fellow gardeners, I came upon an innovative little tool to help with weeding. As you know, there are many kinds of weeds, the sort that require a wench and pickup to uproot, or a strong back and shovel, down to those smaller pesky weeds for which you need a trowel, or you think, maybe just your hand. But no, not quite. For those in between trowel and hand pulling size weeds, I’ve chanced upon the ring weeder. Worn over a glove on your index finger, this little gadget uproots the weeds with its hard plastic tip, like an extension of your hand, You then toss the weed aside and go on. And on, if you have as many as I tend to. I’m good at growing weeds. All sorts.

Ring Weeder in ActionThe ring weeder is the brainchild of Vince Suozzi, a longtime gardener, landscaper, and teacher, who conceived this nifty device after seeing the need for it over the years. With much encouragement to share his invention, he’s done so, and it’s really taking off.

Vincent with ring weederFrom Vince:

And other sites, as this innovative tool gains recognition.
Christmas BellsFor more on the Ring Weeder visit:
It would make a great stocking stuffer, but is an anytime gift for a gardener.

15 responses to “Nifty New Gardening Gadget–the Ring Weeder

  1. I will keep this in mind!


  2. LOL Beth. You have no idea how true your comment about a wrench and a pick up is out here. Since the ground is a combination of sand and clay, its basically concrete in the summer. When I first moved here, I was determined to have flowers, but soon found out why my sister just learned to love cactus and sage brush. However, I did plant roses, after working on a hole to plant them in for three days, and they bloomed beautifully! I wonder if this little gizmo is sharp enough to just cut the buggers off?


  3. Hey Beth. What a great blog post. Thanks. Everyone that has used it , seen it or saw my kickstarted video always say the same thing. Why didn’t I think of that? I had an idea and my kids helped me with encouragement and kickstarter was my oldest son Johns idea. Me and my family are so grateful for all my backers and all the people ordering online now as stocking stuffers for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and everyone. Vinnie and family


  4. What a neat invention. Might have to get one of those. I am good at growing weeds too. LOL.
    Sue B


  5. Get one!!! Let The Ring Be Your Weeder!!!


  6. Always amazed at the genius of others who come up with these mind-crafts. Truly brilliant! Another excellent post Beth, sharing now & hope you & yours have a very Merry Christmas!! 🙂


  7. Ring Weeders are still available for any occasions as gifts. New Years and wow Spring time is just around the corner!!


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