Interview with the Fascinating Morgan D’Arcy–Beth Trissel

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Welcome Morgan. For those who may not know, will you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My full name is Morgan Gabriel D’Arcy. I’m a concert pianist, the Earl of St. Averil, and I’m in love. That last fact aside, I suppose I should describe myself. I’m 6’2” with long blond hair and blue eyes. My ancestral estate Royal Oak is Devon, England.  I renamed the castle after the night I spent with Charles II hiding in an oak at Boscobel while Roundheads scoured the countryside in search of the King. I am and was a Cavalier, a King’s man, a singular breed. Incidentally, I’m a vampire. (Awesome bio. I sided with the Royalists too, btw.,)

What are three quirky facts about you that no one would know or assume otherwise?

Most people have no idea that I’m a vampire. I glamour my appearance so that no one is aware of the fangs or the cat-eye pupils.

That I have insecurities. No one thinks a world-renowned pianist and English lord should have skeletons in his emotional closet. I won’t share, but one of these insecurities is the reason I became a vampire. I didn’t want to grow old and ugly.

I love ice cream but can’t eat it, of course. (Tough break about the ice cream,, but the glamour thing is totally cool.)

Old RuinsI must ask, who are you in love with?

Her name is Isabeau Gervase. She is a brilliant and talented geneticist, as I’d planned. She will need all her talent and brilliance to solve the riddle and the problem that I will present her. Her impetus: To save our unborn child. (I love her name. And yours…)

What is it like to die?

I never actually died in the literal sense of the word.  Vampires are viral mutations not corpses. A fragile blood-borne pathogen mutates human DNA. The Vampire Effect transforms mortals into immortals. My mutated DNA is the source of our forbidden child’s problem. (How utterly intriguing)

When not playing the piano, what do you like to do?

Drive my Aston Martin Vanquish S as fast as it will go. I love sports cars and have a stable of them at Royal Oak, including an Austen Healey 3000. I also love horses and own several. My favorite breeds are the Andalusian and the Lusitano. (How kewl is that!)

I enjoy theater as well, reading and watching over Isabeau. I have watched over her since she was a child when I appeared to her as an angel.

sinners20_(2) (1)Any questions you’d like to ask my handsome guest?

Morgan stars in Linda Nightingale’s paranormal romance, Sinners’ Opera.

In Morgan’s own wordsFor almost four hundred years, I’ve witnessed miracles of technology and the political wars that reshaped the world’s destiny. I’ve seen much to hate and a great deal worthy of forgiveness. I was born May 29, 1632, the only son of the Earl of St. Averil and his Lady Ilsabeth de Gueraint D’Arcy. He died at the Battle of Naseby fighting with Charles I. My mother died alone in 1685. By that time, an unnaturally long youth had forced me to fake my own death for the first time.  I watched from afar, unable to attend her funeral.

Yesterday, I was a celebrated pianist. I learned my art on the harpsichord from an Austrian genius named Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Later, I studied with Liszt, Ravel and Debussy. From the Duke of Newcastle then the Frenchman de la Gueriniere, I learned classical horsemanship.

Tonight, I am a wanted man. Mortal justice would hang me for a crime I did not commit. My brethren wish to destroy me for a crime I committed with willful intent.

It all began in December, a brief six months ago. Actually, my saga began in 1659 before the restoration of Charles II, but that’s another story…

This is our story—Isabeau’s and mine—our Folie à deux.

Sinners’ Opera is available in print and kindle on Amazon:

And at the publisher’s website, Double Dragon Publishing:

CarnalDesire-510_(5)Visit Linda’s website, for a free Morgan story!

Also, available this month from Double Dragon Publishing, Cardinal Desires, a paranormal romance, about a forensic psychiatrist, a serial killer and a high-profile media reporter who only does night broadcasts.~

***If you like beautifully written, absorbing dark paranormal romance, Sinner’s Opera and Cardinal Desires are an enticing read.

7 responses to “Interview with the Fascinating Morgan D’Arcy–Beth Trissel

  1. Wow, Beth. Great Interview. But, what to ask an immortal? Hmm. Unless it were to give anything away, I would like to know if Isabeau is an immortal as well? Mathair is curious if you have the same aversion to the sun as most vampires?


  2. Great interview. I also would like to know if Isabeau is immortal or if she is to solve the mystery of bringing you back to mortal life.


  3. Inion, Isabeau is not immortal. She is the mortal I love and the mortal who holds my dreams in her hands.


  4. Caroline, Isabeau’s mission isn’t to bring me back to being a mortal, but I do have plans for my beautiful geneticist. Thanks for dropping by! Best, Morgan


  5. I must wonder if Morgan remembers our times together.


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