Why Do I Keep Getting Hooked On Canceled Shows? –Beth Trissel

Terra-NovaBecause we only have the cheapest dish option available, and live beyond the reach of cable out here in the country, I’ve gotten used to finding shows on Netflix or Amazon (I have Prime). After hours tapping away at my keyboard, I don’t want to see any more words, so kicking back to watch something appeals to me. Do I check in advance to see if–what everyone else already knows–my latest diversion is gonna leave me hanging–again? No. I blithely embark on a new adventure, only to discover that once more I have no idea how the cast of (insert name here) ultimately fares. Being an author, I’ve gotten so I just make up my own ending and go on. But it’s a little annoying. The family hear the wailing, and daughter Elise suggested double checking first, but that makes too much sense. She also suspects Amazon is throwing a lot of these canceled shows up on Prime (free) for a reason. (*Image from Terra Nova)

the-sarah-connor-chronicles-Yes, I love British mysteries and period shows/films, but for true escapism, there’s nothing like sci-fi fantasy/ paranormal. And these seem especially doomed.

Some of the shows I’ve liked and learned were canceled, some infamously, and the whole planet–except for me–was already in possession of this knowledge are:

Terra Nova: I loved the mix of sci-fi, futuristic with the Jurassic Park setting.  Guess I never lost that childhood fascination with dinosaurs. Sadly this great series only got one season. Which I discovered this week and am not happy about it.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Fascinating show. Two seasons before they ended. Abruptly.

jerichoThe Event: Very interesting concept, only got one season.

Firefly: Really enjoyed its one and only season. I saw on The Big Bang where Sheldon wrote the network to vehemently protest the show’s demise. And I add, the movie that came out later to try to make it up to us doesn’t cut it.

Survivors. Interesting show, bit of a stretch, but WTH? Totally left us hanging. Needed Season Three.  We’ll never know what happened to Tom, unless you want my version.

SurvivorsJericho:  Yes, I’m one of the people who like this show, though not until long after its hasty ending.  It got two seasons.

I currently like Grimm, so this may be its last season. Also a fan of Falling Skies and am amazed it’s hanging in there, but this last season wasn’t so great. Probably why. For you Walking Dead fans, luckily I found it too gory and only made it partway through Season One. I loved the cast, just not all those zombies and they have an alarming way of reappearing.  So it will, no doubt, go on forever.

9 responses to “Why Do I Keep Getting Hooked On Canceled Shows? –Beth Trissel

  1. I consider myself the kiss of death. If I like I show, it will be cancelled. 🙂 Sigh. I also just found Alphas on Netflix and looked it up after watching a couple of episodes and really liking it – just cancelled with an unresolved cliffhanger. Of course it was.


  2. I like Grimm too, Beth. I tend to find shows after they’ve been on for several years, like, NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory.


  3. I have a tendency to find shows once they’ve wrapped. Like, Will and Grace, Roseanne, Seinfeld. Thank God for reruns. I was crushed when they canceled Terra Nova. I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan. Mathair and I have been delving into The Tudors series and are completely hooked.


  4. My son loved Terra Nova. He was very bummed it wasn’t coming back. He loves Falling Skies too. He is a big Sci Fi nut. I loved Fringe and that is gone too. Very dissapointing when you find a good show and it gets cancelled.
    Sue B


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