Weddings and “Bridal Wreath” with Author Donna Dalton

Bridle_Wreath_SpireaWelcome Donna. I’m also a fan of spirea. Now, back to Donna, her lovely post, new release, and ***Giveaway!

Spirea is one of those old-fashioned, heirloom shrubs that many people prize. My grandmother had several bushes growing in her yard. They are easy to maintain and some varieties can grow up to eight feet tall and twelve feet in diameter. The Vanhoutte Spirea, often called the “bridal wreath”, has a fountain-like growth with a rounded top and arching branches that curve to the ground. In late spring, the pendants bloom with tufts of small white flowers that give off a honey-sweet aroma.  The leaves are small and greenish-blue and will turn plum-colored in the fall. It’s no wonder the pliable branches from this lovely bush are often used as decorations.

In researching my historical short story, LOVING BYRNE, I discovered that spirea was often used to festoon wedding venues. Arches and columns were wrapped with them. They were arranged in vases and used in bouquets. They were even woven into wreaths, hence the name. So, when I created the wedding hall for my story, I decorated it with spirea and white roses. That hall must have smelled heavenly. 🙂

***Sounds beautiful. We used spirea in my daughter Alison’s wedding. What an enchanting addition to your story.

LovingByrne_w7965_750For those interested in learning more about Donna’s short story, here’s a blurb for LOVING BYRNE.

Lieutenant Stephen Byrne stands guard over a British envoy asleep after an all-day drinking binge. So when his fiancée arrives, Stephen feels safe leaving his post for a quick meal. Yet his worst nightmare comes true when the Englishman slips from the room and leaves the hotel.

Victoria Manning will soon have everything she’s ever wanted—a loving husband and a new life at Fort Leavenworth as an Army officer’s wife. When loneliness and a special picnic lunch for her fiancé bring her to the Willard Hotel, their meal soon falls by the wayside as their passion ignites and their agreement of abstinence is put to the test.

Stephen and Victoria must put their special night on hold as they search for the fugitive envoy. Can they find him and save Stephen’s commission in the Army, or will their future together be in jeopardy?

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Learn more about Donna and her books at

Donna Dalton….romancing the past

Oh, and cookies to be served shortly. Still in the oven. 🙂

15 responses to “Weddings and “Bridal Wreath” with Author Donna Dalton

  1. I remember spirea from our yard when I was growing up, And I loved it. Why don’t I have it in my yard, now? Hmmmm. Better look into that. Your story sounds great, Donna. Best of luck with it.


  2. Hello Barbara, thanks for stopping by. The variety of spirea that I have is more bush-like. It doesn’t have fountain-like pendants, but it’s still lovely in the spring. Thanks again for commenting.


  3. Next to the porch of the first house I remember living, stood a large Bridal Wreath. I loved that bush, which always bloomed around my birthday. Thanks for reminding me, and I’ll need to check if that variety grows in the NC mountains.


  4. Well, I think I lost my comment, so if it shows up twice, I’m sorry. I came for the cookies, but they’re not ready, so I’m all confused now. 🙂 Anyway, the spirea is just beautiful, and the book sounds great, too. I love the title.


  5. Hi there Liz, cookies and comments and confusion, oh my. Don’t you love alliterations? Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  6. I didn’t have spirea until I was an adult. It’s a lovely bush, but needs to be kept under control. Great post. I tweeted.


  7. Great post! I didn’t even realize what the name of that lovely plant was until now! Tweeted as well.


  8. Thanks Ella and Lana for dropping by.


  9. Looks like a wonderful book! Congratulations.


  10. And Ashantay, you snuck in there on me 🙂


  11. It would be beautiful in bouquets I would imagine. I do love flowering shrubs.


  12. Thanks everyone for stopping by and participating. I had a great time reading all the wonderful comments. And now to announce the winner of the drawing…drumroll, please…the winner is Barbara Bettis. Congrats, Barbara!!!!


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