Paranormal Account From The Shenandoah Valley–Beth Trissel

ghostly imageThis account is from ‘Shenandoah Voices by late Valley Author/Historian John Heatwole:

Dark Being:

“Between Dayton and Bridgewater (not far from where I live) around Christmas 1901 there were reports of a dark being standing by the road in the dead of night. Apparently, it threatened no one, but it was not considered human, and for a few weeks there was a general uneasiness in that part of Rockingham County. (The not human part would get my attention)

In Harrisonburg one night, a stranger stopped by C. L. Jordan’s livery stable on German Street and requested to be driven out to Bridgewater. Mr. Jordan harnessed a team and carriage and asked Follinsbe Welcher to accompany them, so he’d have a companion on the return trip.

Dark ForestThe three men drove along quietly for some time. They passed Dayton and were on the upgrade toward Herrings Hill when they beheld the dark form that had terrified the countryside by its mere silent presence. It stood close by the road, featureless. Mr. Jordan was a brave soul, and he sprang from the carriage to investigate. He grabbed the creature, but was overpowered by an unnatural strength and could do no more than call for help. Mr. Welcher rushed to his aid, only to find his added strength to be insufficient in contending with this entity. The unequal contest lasted for several minutes, and the two liverymen were left sprawled on the ground. The creature, the dark, unyielding form, had melted away into the night.~

What was it and where did it go? Nobody seems to know.  But I’m creeped out and hope it stays gone. I don’t want to see the dark being while driving by that spot at night.

20 responses to “Paranormal Account From The Shenandoah Valley–Beth Trissel

  1. Follinsbe, now there is a name you don’t hear everyday.
    I agree, very creepy.


  2. I don’t like this, Beth! LOL I would totally avoid that stretch of road…in whatever way possible. I would drive miles out of my way to go around it. We have a house down the road from us that is supposedly haunted. Paranormal investigators came and everything to spend the night there. When my niece was in high school, she was asked to babysit there and ended up calling the parents to come home early because she was so creeped out by the unusual stuff going on. Do I drive past it? No way. Especially at night, I go the loooong way around. No thanks. LOL


  3. I wouldn’t want to meet it in the daytime, either. LOL I am a believer in ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural.


  4. Very creepy. Love hearing about this kind of stuff but; never want to see it in person.
    Sue B


  5. You know I believe in spirits, Beth. I’ve encountered several down in Placerville, which was known as Old Hangtown at one time. They had a judge who would hang someone if he thought they might do some illegal. I think there are a lot of those spirits around town. I always love hearing your stories – and I really love reading your stories, too. 🙂


  6. I enjoyed this story and hope you will post more. I believe in spirits like Paisley does and though I could handle a gentle ghost, I don’t want to encounter a nasty one!


  7. VERY creepy! I wonder why it was there and who it was waiting for? It didnt hurt anyone so makes me wonder if it wasn’t waiting for a specific person? (insert twilight music here)


    • I know! So odd and creepy, and with such strength it could have killed the men who wrestled with it, but didn’t. Just melted away. Oh, I should add, I would not want to be the person it was waiting for. Yikes!


  8. Melinda Elmore

    Very interesting post….Makes one wonder huh? I always love your post. Thanks Beth…


  9. Jennifer (JC Page)

    I too believe in spirits and have witnessed a few oddities in my earlier counseling days(volunteer) with the Catholic Church. I too, would stay away from that spot…spooky Beth…


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