Somewhere My Love Is A Night Owl Top Pick!–Beth Trissel

SOMEWHERE MY LOVE 1I’m delighted with this wonderful review from Night Owl Romance.

A snippet: “Somewhere My Love tells the tale of the beautiful Julia Morrow and the dashing William Wentworth. A pair worthy of a Shakespearean epic, Julia and William have known each other before. Star crossed lovers of the highest caliber; they must overcome the ghosts of the past to have the chance to fulfill their love. It is a beautiful love story with plenty of suspense and mystery. The story will draw a reader in and will not let go until the very last page. It is a novel that will live in the hearts of its readers for a very long time. I certainly will not forget it. It is a truly wonderful story.” ~ Reviewed by Hitherandthee

reviewertoppick2To read the full review visit the above link.

***For now, Somewhere My love is only .99 at Amazon kindle.

One response to “Somewhere My Love Is A Night Owl Top Pick!–Beth Trissel

  1. Congrats Beth.
    Sue B


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