Fight the Good Fight–Beth Trissel

cowboy galloping on horse waving his hat“You are not finished when you lose, you are finished when you quit.”~quote from daughter Elise’s private basketball coach, Bobby, back in the day.

That wise man was full of inspiration not only for our struggling girls who needed all the help they could get, but also their long-suffering moms (and a few dads) looking on from the sidelines every Saturday morning for seemingly endless months. But they did end. Not the life lessons, though. Many times I have thought of Bobby’s encouragement and forged ahead with my own dreams, like writing novels and pursuing publication. Even now, when the going gets tough, I think back. In the end, basketball, like so much else, is a mind game. Success is all about believing. Don’t give up on anything or anyone you truly love.

Bobby also said, “When you are behinddon’t give up; when you are aheaddon’t let up.” He had a great selection of motivational quotes. Much needed and appreciated.

Here’s one I came across:
“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon…must inevitably come to pass!” ~ Paul J. Meyer

10 responses to “Fight the Good Fight–Beth Trissel

  1. Wonderful. Thank you so much. It was just what I needed!


  2. Beth, What your daughter’s coach said is so true. One of the first quotes I was given by a good friend who began his career about the same time I did was “The road to success is littered with quitters,” which is another way of saying what the coach said. We can only fail if we quit. Although, it’s important to say that some people must decide to change course in their career if they find they’re not suited for their first choice. As long as they don’t stop trying, they’ll succeed.


  3. Elise was fortunate to have Bobby as her coach–and you as her mom!


    • Yes, we were so blessed by Bobby, a god among basketball coaches, and thanks for the mom high five. Man, I miss those days. Watching her scrap on the court…but I have athletic grandbabies…


  4. Great post. I needed that too.
    Sue B


  5. Love this Beth…Thank you for sharing this just when I needed it…Love you girl.


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