Sweet Saturday Snippet from My New Historical Romance Novel–Beth Trissel

A beautiful Scots-Irish healer in the rugged Alleghenies finds herself accused of witchcraft. With the terror of the French and Indian War fresh in her mind, can Kira love a white warrior?

Out in print now at Amazon and The Wild Rose Press—available in eBook on Nov. 2nd—historical romance novel, Kira, Daughter of the Moon! Set among the superstitious Scots in the rugged Alleghenies, the story is an adventurous romance with a blend of Celtic and Native American flavors. Although written to stand alone, Kira, Daughter of the Moon is the long-awaited sequel to my award-winning historical romance novel, Through the Fire.


“My secret in exchange for yours.”

Tantalizing.  He was drawing her into his snare, but she couldn’t resist asking, “How do you know I’ve a secret?”

“To begin with, you’re hiding in a tree.  What from, a wild beast?”

“Near enough.  You.”

He smiled.  “Was I to think you a large red bird, or overlook you entirely?”

Drawing her remaining shreds of dignity around her like a mantle, she said, “This isn’t one of my best hiding places.”

“Indeed?  Where are the others?”

“That would be telling.

The strengthening breeze tossed the branches around them as he considered.  “You never could keep secrets from me, Cricket.  I’ll discover them and you.”

An assertion she found both disturbing and oddly heartening.

His lips curved as if the deed were already done.  “Why were you hiding?  Am I so very frightening?”

“Oh––I feared you were some sort of warrior.”

The humor faded from his eyes.  “I am.”

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10 responses to “Sweet Saturday Snippet from My New Historical Romance Novel–Beth Trissel

  1. Love the last line. It leaves us with so many possibilities


  2. I’m reading Through the Fire right now and can’t wait to get this one as well. 🙂


  3. Great dialogue — as much for what WAS said as what WASN’T said. Lots of tension between these two characters, in a good way.


  4. I hated to see the humor leave his eyes. What could be next?


  5. Beautiful book cover. Oh Beth I will have to add this one to my reading also. Want to find out what other secrets there are.
    Sue B


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