The Vital Importance of the Storytellers–Beth Trissel

“I come from a family of great readers and storytellers.” Katherine Dunn

So do I, and I’ve given much thought to the inestimable value of the storytellers, both in the family and those with a far broader reach. In each generation, the storytellers remind us who we are, where we’re going, and most importantly to me, where we came from. The keepers of the story pass on that knowledge, those family accounts, the history. Someone must keep the stories alive, lest we forget. I am blessed to come from a family with a rich wealth of genealogy and lines traced back as far as Geoffrey Chaucer, and farther. I know who I am and where I came from and hold it as a sacred trust to pass that on. In this crazy world, it’s more important than ever to remember. So I tell my children, my grandchildren, my nieces…and reach out to the world through my writing. I am one of the storytellers.

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”
Peter Handke

6 responses to “The Vital Importance of the Storytellers–Beth Trissel

  1. Great post. My son is a school teacher. To be good you have to be a story teller. He is also the family historian. He just had his first novel based on family history published in both print and Kindle.


  2. I love this post. I take my position of storyteller very seriously, too. I have been writing down and collecting family stories so that the later generations will have the tales we stopped telling for whatever reason.

    And I write books, weaving my own tales.

    Stories make an individual, a family, a legacy. I’m honored to pass them on.


  3. I love this post. Without Storytellers, the world would be so lost. It is through the storytellers that our stories are returned to our people.

    Thanks Beth for such an important post.

    Love you spirit sister,


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