North American Tribal Culture, Beautiful Native American Women, Jewelry

beautiful Native American woman

5 responses to “North American Tribal Culture, Beautiful Native American Women, Jewelry

  1. Rebecca? Im not sure if im replying to you directly. if so HI your even more beautiful then I remember I wouldn’t have thought that possible.but here you are,..Would love to talk to you its been so long Im sure thinking (who the—) its Mike we were friends a long time ago.. Our Dads introduced us …We met on a cold rainy day,and went for a long walk in the woods in the rain….From that moment my life was neverr the same.a fairy tale that came true for me complete with the most beautiful breath taking princess….Wow you still take my breath away…If you see this please drop a note it would be great to say Hi…….In the event this is not going to be seen by the model used in this spread.then I tip my hat to who ever picked her to represent your product You have great taste, and she truly is The most beautiful Native American Woman inside as well as out.Thank you for your time, and for this ad which maybe the closest I ever come to seeing my soulmate again


  2. I think Native American women can be some of the most beautiful women on earth. I love this culture and would like to see more young native Americans take an interest in their heritage.


  3. If only more Native American women looked like this! The ones around North Central Oklahoma where I live sure as hell don’t. Most of them look like they could wrestle a grizzly bear and not break a sweat. Rawwr!


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