Following Our Creative Dreams with Rebecca J. Clark

I’m happy to welcome my talented friend author Rebecca Clark to my blog today. She’s sharing a favorite subject of mine, going after your dreams.  And now, back to Becky.

~I changed majors several times in college, finally choosing from a list of majors that didn’t require me to take any math (I don’t think kids have that option now). I ended up majoring in graphic design. (*I changed majors so many times, I didn’t even get around to graduating.)

I hated every minute of the classes and the work in the field afterward.

Why? It wasn’t my passion. Graphic design is artistic, but it wasn’t the type of art I wanted to do. I wanted to major in fine art (no math required LOL)—portraiture and watercolors. But I knew I couldn’t make a living off drawing people and painting watercolors…at least I couldn’t plan on it.

Looking back, I realize I made the right decision not to major in art. The term “starving artist” was created for a reason. (*Our youngest daughter Elise, also very talented, is a 2011 art major graduate. She’s living with us and pursuing her dream while working a day job at Target.)

But it’s still in my blood. I love browsing through art galleries and local art shows. Every time I’m at Barnes & Noble, after the writing reference section I head straight to the art section. I have almost as many art instruction and reference books as I do writing books (don’t tell my husband, LOL). But I can’t remember the last time I picked up a pencil or paintbrush with the intention of creating a work of art. (*Ah, but you must!)

My hero, Gabriel D’Angelo, in my new release, DELIVER THE MOON, isn’t an artistic slacker like me. His passion is photography. Escaping to his darkroom as a child kept him safe from an abusive foster-mother, and he’s carried that escapism into his adulthood. Through his artistic photography, he not only makes a good living but also is able to ­­­­­exorcise the demons of his past. He travels the world as a documentary photographer (think National Geographic magazine) and visits some of the most horrific places. Yet, through his camera lens, he manages to find the beauty and hope and spirit of the people he photographs.

I haven’t created any art in a while, but I really need to get back to it. Not much feels better than creating beauty from a blank piece of paper. Even if no one other than me appreciates that beauty.

Gosh, that sounds kind of like the writing process, doesn’t it? (*Yes, hmm…)

What about you? Do you have a passion you’ve set aside for whatever reason? I’d love to hear about it. I think you should get back to it. I will if you will.~

*And so say all of us.  The voices in my head…

Blurb for Deliver the Moon:

Once upon a time, he promised her the moon. It’s time to deliver.

Louisa D’Angelo used to believe in happily ever after—until the tragic death of her son and the demise of her marriage. Now, five years later, with her life back in order, she has a great career and a wonderful man in her life. So what if the passion and excitement isn’t there? In her book, passion and excitement only lead to heartbreak. Then, her ex-husband shows up and upsets her tidy little world.

Gabe D’Angelo never believed in happily ever after—until he met Louisa who taught him how to love and be loved. But their happiness was short-lived. Guilt and grief forced Gabe to walk away. Now, though he’s pulled his life together and should be happy, he realizes something’s missing. After seeing her from afar at a family wedding, he knows what it is. It’s Louisa.

The problem is convincing her she’s still in love with him. ~

*I really like the sound of Deliver the Moon. The title is fabulous, and it’s interesting how you drew on your artistic past for the concept behind the story .

Deliver the Moon is available at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.


These lovely paintings are by the author! I’m a fan of both but the lady in the hat with the flower garden is my favorite. Of course. 🙂

22 responses to “Following Our Creative Dreams with Rebecca J. Clark

  1. Wonderful blog and site! Your SOMEWHERE, MY LASS really appeals to me, Beth. OK, another must-read added to my list 🙂


  2. Beth, thanks so much for having me on today. 🙂 The blog looks great.


  3. Diane, I really appreciate you coming on today. Have a fabulous rest of your day.


  4. Alison Henderson

    Good morning, ladies! Becky, I LOVE your paintings. I majored in art history in college and loved every minute of it, but I have no painting talent myself, so I doubly admire yours. Can’t wait to read DELIVER THE MOON. It sounds wonderful. Congratulations!


  5. Loved this post Ladies. Rebecca, I also hang out in the art section; I have more coffee table art and photography books than I have sense (and I actually READ them)! Museums are my passion (although I struggle with the elements of modern art, it jumbles my mind to the point of knit brows). Many of my all time favorite novels, including The Agony and the Ecstacy and Dancing for Degas are about artists. Just last night I settled in for a TIVO’d marathon of Art Wolf programs. Art started out as an artist so each of his photographic compositions have strong elements of texture, design, light and color. His work blows me away–hauntingly beautiful. My parents and sibs each carry the artist’s gene (oils, cartoonist, etc) but not me. My passion is scattered hither and yon from photography to textiles. Even though I don’t have this over-achiever’s demanding level of mastery in any of them, my addiction is fed through ameteur tinkering and, most certainly, the beautiful works others create.


    • Jude, so awesome to see you here. 🙂 The Agony and the Ecstacy is one of my favorite reads too, but I haven’t read Dancing for Degas–I’ll have to check that out because Degas’ work really inspired me in school.


  6. Rebecca and Beth, lovely blogpost. My hidden passion was always writing. But, oh, the self-doubt. Finally my Calvin said, “Stop with the excuses and write.” By then I’d been hanging onto the dream for over 50 years. Ladies, don’t wait so long. Follow your dreams and your passions now. Don’t procratinate the way I did. Love the art, Rebecca. Art, whether on canvas, the printed page or through the camera lens, is the language of our souls.


  7. This book sounds fantastic! I’m a writer, too. I pour myself into it heart and soul. I used to paint, though… I don’t anymore. I should, though. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


    • Patty, you need to get back to your art. I need to practice what I preach, too. LOL. It’s a great outlet between writing sessions. Unlike writing, I find painting very relaxing. Writing just hurts my brain…


  8. Lynne Marshall

    Hi Rebecca and Beth 🙂

    My passion was dancing when i was young. Found out by age 24 that I was already over the hill. LOL. I’d break, rip or tear something in my body if I tried jetes these days. However, I’m thrilled they have programs like So You Think You Can Dance to appease my old passion.

    Your paintings are lovely. I used to like to sketch, but didn’t show much talent for it. However, that is something I could take up now and it wouldn’t pull my hamstrings. LOL

    The more I hear about your characters, the more I look forward to reading this book.


    • Lynne, I’m so happy you stopped by. 🙂 You’re not too old to dance, by the way. I’m 47 and teach Zumba classes (funny, as I’m SO not a dancer and SO very introverted). Have you tried Zumba? It’s Latin-inspired aerobic dancing. Lots of hip shaking and shimmying. You should check it out. Or try a Barre class–ballet inspired toning. You’ll find your inner dancer again in no time.


  9. Not sure I had a passion but if anything it was field hockey, that vied with reading novels and Munro bagging(Scottish hillwalking). None of which were romantic! I’ve sadly never been artisitc, but love your paintings. good luck with the book which sounds so enticing.


    • Nancy, you are so awesome to stop by here. 🙂 I’ve never heard of Munro bagging. I’ll have to Google that–sounds intriguing, and sounds like you need to put it in a book. Do you still play hockey? If not, you should get back to it somehow.


  10. What a fun day this has been, receiving such interesting and inspiring comments. Well done Beth and Rebecca. Thank you!


  11. Jennifer (JC Page)

    Congrats with “Deliver the Moon” Love the excerpt and comments. Glad I took the break this afternoon! Beautiful artwork too 🙂


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