How I Got to Neverland

Some people would probably say I’m still there.  Well, it all began with a tree and a monkey.

The timeless story of Peter Pan was first shared with me when I was five and visiting my missionary grandparents in the Philippines. An elderly gentleman with a twinkle in his blue eyes gathered us children beneath the shady boughs of a big tree and read from this wondrous book while his pet monkey ran up and down the trunk chittering at us. I sat enthralled listening to Mr. Mahy’s every word.

It was a simple act of kindness on his part and the beginning of a lifelong love of stories and imagination on mine. I will always be indebted to him. Not that my parents weren’t also gifted in storytelling, but this singular event is still stamped in my mind with images of pixies and sparkly dust that made you fly, Wendy and the lost boys, the bad old croc that swallowed a clock, and the battle of good and evil between fun loving Peter Pan and the heartless Captain Hook.

And I wonder, what exactly is Neverland? A place of magic and adventure where anything is possible, a land of pure enchantment, or does its potential lie within each of us who have hearts to believe? Is it only children who possess this ability or can any of us, beleaguered and cynical though we might be, still reach for the stars?

Clearly, writers believe that.  Each of us can bring a bit of wonder into the lives of those within our circle by the tales we weave. Tell your stories, whatever they may be.  Share the wonderful gift of imagination, and believe.  Someone will be very glad you did.  Thank you Mr. Mahy.

Direction to Neverland:

Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning!”

You might just stay.

*Image of beautiful green-eyed boy reminds me of Peter Pan

*Royalty free images

16 responses to “How I Got to Neverland

  1. GOOD STORY! and I loved the invitation on the loop to come read it.
    Teresa R.


  2. Great post. It brings back so many memories. My mom pushed ‘Alice in Wonderland’. My sisters preferred ‘Wizard of Oz’. But I was a ‘Peter Pan’ girl.


  3. I loved this post. It’s absolutely true–we writers refuse to give up on Neverland and tug everyone else with us. All it takes is holding hands and a little pixie dust. 😀


  4. What a wonderful memory!


  5. What a cool story!..Love the way you tied it up in the end 🙂 Pleasure to read. Thank you!


  6. Pamela Asbury-Smith

    Loved all the Peter Pan stories and films; and that is my all-time favorite quote. You planted a seed, Beth; I think I’ll re-read Peter Pan… again!


  7. The Never Fairy

    Actually, in Barrie, there is no “star” in the directions to the Neverland. That’s only in the musical and Disney.

    And did you know there’s more to the story as per the Barrie? Not only is there his “backstory” Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, but his notes for a sequel were made into a book as well! Have a look! Click!

    Another terrific Pan adventure by a different author. It’s a “What if?” tale that veers far off course without losing sight (and respect) for the original. But be warned, this one is NOT for kids! Click!



  8. As usual, you’ve woven another web of beautiful words around us, Beth. This was a beautiful post. Thank you for reviving the memories.


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