Fairy Update from my Wee Niece

Several of you had questions about fairies and their habitats in regards to attracting them to your garden.  I dutifully reported these queries and in response to whether fairies live in Alaska or the desert, Cailin said: Snow Fairies live where it’s cold and are quite tiny—she stretched out her little hand to show their height–and added that they’re few in number.  Desert fairies, she said, are also small, though slightly larger than snow fairies, and very scarce.  As to fairies in the Shenandoah Valley,  she told her mother (my younger sister Catherine) about Forest, a female fairy with blond hair who wears a wedding dress and lives locally.  She recently spoke with Forest.

Also of interest, Cailin speaks with animals and had what she termed a ‘disscussment’ with the cat, so that contrary feline would understand the rules of living inside the house before she becomes an outside cat.  I’m sure Cailin has that all straightened out now and bad kitty will behave.  If not, my sister and her husband have a lovely fenced in garden she can hang out with Forest and the other fairies…

***I should add, if you have any further questions about fairies I’m sure Cailin would be happy to share her insights.

24 responses to “Fairy Update from my Wee Niece

  1. I Believe ʚϊɞ You’re dear granddaughter is beautiful Beth 😀


  2. I would love to know what fairies eat. 🙂


  3. Pamela Asbury-Smith

    Au contraire… I live in the desert and we do have faeries here. In fact, my tiny garden is named for my littlest granddaughter…”Maddie’s Faerie garden.” We even held a moonlit naming ceremony… and my faeries eat a banquet of faerie food. Its sort of like angel food.


  4. Pamela Asbury-Smith

    Cailin is right… we don’t have as many faeries in the desert as one does in a forest. They’re all different, like different cultures. These faeries love to eat cactus fruit and use cactus needles for swords in case they need to fend off desert insects. They also love being able to see all the stars in the sky… for they commune with angels.


  5. How absolutely adorable. I have always thought before, but am now certain that you live in a magic place, Beth. Your flowers know it and for certain all those fairies do too. What beautiful children you have in your family. You are truly blessed in all that you have and do and I think we are blessed that you share with us.


  6. Thank you, Cailin. Those are very important facts to know.


  7. I have to add a correction. When I called this morning to offer Cailin’s fairy update, I admit I got the name wrong…as I was recently corrected…And, there are actually TWO fairies…one is named Florist (she wears a white and black striped/ polka dotted/ squiggles covered dress that goes to her knees), the other is named Flora (she’s the one who wears a wedding dress). They like to eat crumbled up leaves with lily pads, flowers, pollens, and honey. They need clean water. They like lemonade too, but they can drink water from ponds.


  8. What a truly lovely post! Once again, you have brightened our day and warmed our hearts with sharing your family and the wonderful magic surrounding you with the rest of us. May your family always continue to bring much happiness to you ~ as you try to bring to others! Many Hugs!!!!
    ~ And yes, both children and animals can always see the wee fairies –
    the magic is keeping a wee bit of them in our hearts as we grow older


  9. What a cute post, Beth! Love it. Cailin reminds me so much of my Tannis! She has such an imagination!


  10. Cailin reminds me of my youngest daughter Bea as a child. I used to walk with a neighbor and her toy poodle came with us. There were not sidewalks so we walked at the edge of the street. My freind had tried and tried to get the dog to walk on the grass beside the curb, but the dog would not obey. Bea kneeled down and “reasioned” with the dog softly, and the dog hopped on the grass and walked beside us there. She has always had this gift with animals, and used to be fascinated by fairies.Sounds as if Cailin has a gift too.


  11. So cute


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