Sweet Saturday Sample from The Bearwalker’s Daughter

Autumn, 1784, the Allegheny Mountains of Western Virginia

Music? Jack McCray wondered if he was so bone-tired he’d fallen asleep in the saddle. The last time a fiddler had regaled him was back during the war when that drunken musician cheered their weary camp in return for draughts of rum.

Shaking his head to be sure he was awake, he listened intently. The spritely strains enlivened the gloom in the murky woods and lifted his spirits. He patted the slick neck of his long-suffering mount. “Almost there, Peki.”

Neither he nor his horse had eaten for hours, but he hoped their sorry state was about to improve. The perceptive animal seemed to sense his lightened mood and hastened its pace between glistening trunks silvered in the full moon rising above the mostly bare trees.

There! Up ahead, light shone from a dwelling like a beacon. A little closer and Jack glimpsed the stone-flanked cabin, more of a house given its size, standing in the clearing. The dark shape of fenced in fields and outbuildings surrounded the prosperous homestead. This must be the place; it met the description given him and was in approximately the right location. After his seemingly endless trek through these harsh ridges, he’d finally reached his destination. And the home resounded with gaiety. Seems he’d come in time for a celebration.

Hers, he wondered, with no idea what she’d be like. Forbidding, if she took after her black-hearted father.

But what good fortune to arrive now. Festivity meant abundant food, drink flowing like water, and perhaps being reunited with his family. A mix of anticipation and uneasiness fluttered in Jack’s chest at the thought of meeting kinfolk he hadn’t seen since boyhood. And the quest that brought him here. How in God’s name was he to snatch—

Pain seared his shoulder as a blast erupted in the night. What the devil? Clutching his upper arm, he scanned woods faintly illuminated in the ghostly light. An inky figure darted away. By God, if he could get in a shot!~

“I thought The Bearwalker’s Daughter was an outstanding book.The story was refreshingly unique. The paranormal aspects were mild enough that they didn’t take over the story, but enhanced it. The characters never strayed from the post-revolutionary war mannerisms, speech, and attitude. However, it’s not enough to tell you what I thought. The important thing is how this book made me feel.

I felt as though I were traversing an ice-cold rapid river on the back of a horse named Peki. My heart pounded at the sight of a huge grizzly bear in my path. I smelled the smoke of the campfire as my frozen fingers thawed. I could go on and on.” ~ Amazon Review by Sandra Dailey

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4 responses to “Sweet Saturday Sample from The Bearwalker’s Daughter

  1. Lovely scene. You’ve done a great job showing his anticipation and his fear, as well as creating a vivid scene for your character to ride through. Can’t wait to find out who’s shooting at him, and why!


  2. Wonderful description of what was going on in his mind. Great cliffhanger at the end


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