I Have A Cheap Fairy Godmother

I got a bunny buck. For those of you ‘not from around here,’  bunny bucks are the vouchers awarded to faithful patrons of a local grocery store. In the weeks preceding Easter, customers receive bunny bucks based on purchases. When you accumulate all seven you get ten dollars off your groceries–or a ham.

Yesterday while shopping there with daughter Elise, I commented that I only needed one more coveted bunny buck, and I hoped it didn’t turn out last year, when, ‘woe unto me,’ I forgot to cash them in. Much lamenting followed–by me. The others bore up. Well, lo and behold, as I’m in the checkout line an elderly woman tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I needed a bunny buck. Why yes!  Magic, right? Then it occurred to me that I’d used up my wish on a bunny buck.  Apparently, I’m alloted a certain number. Not many.

Years ago, when we were poor as church mice, not sure what we’ve gravitated to now, barn rats maybe,  I’d recently given birth to my eldest daughter and had a craving for potato chips–not something our budget extended to.  Generic saltines were the limit and I even made my own crackers. They were pretty bad and live on in family lore.  But back to the longed for chips. Weary, as new mothers are, I took a nap with the wee ones and awoke to discover an Old Order Mennonite neighbor on my doorstep holding a paper bag which she extended to me saying, ‘Our family got together today and made potato chips. As I was passing, I thought you might like some.’

I just stared at her. My wish was granted. We might lose the farm, but by golly I had potato chips. Similar events have led me to the conclusion that sometimes, in the most unexpected ways, my wishes come true. Not the miraculous answer to prayer sort of way, but the kind a fairy Godmother might grant with a wave of her wand. Either I need to be loftier in my wishes or more specific.

Well, we didn’t win the lottery my hubby informed me this morning–he’d actually gone all out and bought two tickets. Nope, I got us a bunny buck.

22 responses to “I Have A Cheap Fairy Godmother

  1. Loved your post. I have had small things like that happen where you want something and all of sudden it shows up or happens. It’s nice. Got a big wish by winning a TV before Christmas. That was real nice. I do feel the little things make a nice surprise.
    Sue B


  2. LOL!!! I call those God Winks.


  3. I HAD to read your bunny buck story out loud to my hubby and he enjoyed it as much as I did. You just have a way with words — must be why your stories are so well received. I always put a disclaimer on my wishes and dreams to protect myself – I add “if it was meant to be” just to be safe. 🙂


    • Thanks so much, Paisley. I add a disclaimer to many of my prayers too now, like the ones for strength, for fear God will give me a taxing situation to make me develop strength. I just want it zapped my way. 🙂


  4. Beth, I believe those small wishes are granted to show us God is at work in our lives. I like Judy’s term “God winks” as it seems a nice way to put it. I’m glad you received your Bunny Buck from a kind person,. I love your blog as well as your books, as Paisley said. You do have a way with words. Bless you!


  5. I enjoyed your post. I had to read it aloud to my sister who is currently pregnant and craving sour cream and cheddar potato chips, which her hubby is having a hard time finding on a regular basis at their local grocery store. When I read the last few lines of your post about not winning the lottery, she said she hadn’t won either but that you were luckier than her because you got your bunny buck and she had no chips. :o)


    • 🙂 Thanks Katherine. Yes, at least I got my bunny buck. As to the cravings, they continue after birth with hormonal changes and if you’re nursing. I once ate half a gallon of ice cream by myself–claimed my three year old ate a lot too. Did not. 🙂


  6. Beth, you crack me up. I loved your post. When I was pregnant for #2 I also had a craving for potato chips. However, I was harder to please. They had to be Tom’s barbecue chips with diet Dr. Pepper. No wonder the kid came out redheaded.


  7. Great post, Beth. I always enjoy stopping by here.


  8. That is how life surprises us every time. Hope you keep getting such lovely surprises often. 😀


  9. I can’t help giggling, Beth. Just remember- it’s those small things that really matter. 🙂


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  11. Sounds familiar. LOL

    I always remember it’s the small things in life that really matter. 🙂


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