To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

Despite the controversy over possible copyright infringement with users repinning  other artists’s or photographer’s work, Pinterest remains extremely popular.  While mindful of the warnings, I have not yet deleted my account, but am keeping a watchful eye on the situation.   I certainly do not intend to sue anyone who repins stuff from my blog.  Most of my images are taken by my family, purchased from royalty free stock (I’ve spent way too much at istock), or used with a link back and credit given to the original site.  If the original owner is lost in cyber space, as has happened, I hope they will contact me with the option to purchase their image rather than raise holy you know what.   Some images fall into the realm of public domain.  Not exactly certain which ones these include.

How about quotes?  As many of you know, I love and often use quotes, always crediting the original author even if that individual is ‘unknown.’  But are quotes safe to pin and repin on Pinterest?  One can but hope.  I fear this country has gone mad when it comes to suing everyone, as is covered in an article recently brought to my attention entitled: Why I Tearfully Deleted My Pinterest Inspiration Boards Those of you interested in all the legalese can click the link and read on. I appreciate the amount of effort that went into compiling this detailed info.  After running my eyes over it, I say, Bummer.  Cause Pinterest is fun.  Or was, before these dire tidings.   Now, I’m not sure what to think.

Mia, pictured with her soulful eyes, doesn’t know either.  Neither does Kitty Pavel, who I threw in here just because he’s cute.  What about you?

17 responses to “To Pinterest or Not to Pinterest

  1. It seems kind of silly to me considering that most of the people pinning are just doing it to remember stuff. Not necessarily to use it for anything else. Of course, I’ve heard stuff like this before. Either the site will get shut down or nothing will come of it. Rarely does the third option happen and that’s a good solution is found. Meh …


    • Hope you’re right. It’s a great site. My oldest daughter loves it. She finds lots of craft ideas to do with the kids, recipes, sayings, etc…and is the one who introduced me to it.


      • I find lot’s of jewelry making stuff on there and I love seeing stuff I wouldn’t normally find and/or see. That’s why I love it. Pinterest just sent out a note saying they’ve updated their info. Mainly on the part that the pics can be used by them and it implied being resold. I think that’ll clear up some of the issues. 🙂 Honestly though if pics are proprietary people can cut access to them. I’ve run into a few sites like that. 😦


      • I did discover their updated note, which, I agree, should help. Pinterest has so many varied offerings, I’d hate to see them fold.


  2. I’ve been wondering what to do myself. I started pinning because I was tired of copying and pasting URLs in emails to myself so I could find articles I was interested in revisiting later. I figure they’re fair game. I also decided places like restaurants, clothing companies, books and such would want the free advertisement, since I’m pinning them because I like them or want to try them.


  3. *sigh* Since I’d just barely dipped my toe in the Pinterest whirlpool, I took the safe way out and deleted my account. It’s a shame really. For me, it was a good way to relax and smile at the end of a long day. I fail to understand the current trend to sue sue sue! I guess it all boils down to one thing: greed. Great post, Beth. (and your fur babies are SWEET) 😉


  4. They’ve changed their terms, and I think there’s been much overreaction. When you pin something online, it automatically links to where it came from. As long as you don’t purposely remove the link, use it for other purposes, or save it to your computer and pin it as your own, there should be no issue. I’d be glad for people to pin from my site and blog – it’s exposure! (as long as they do it with link intact) But then, if you put an image online, there’s nothing you’re going to do to keep it from being grabbed. It’ll happen. I mark my own images with my site addy and only post lower resolution images. Individual responsibility is the best deterrent.


  5. I don’t know, Beth. It was on my list of things to do, but after all those warning went around the net I decided to wait. Honestly, I don’t mind not having another account to go to and use my limited writing time.


  6. Beth, I haven’t joined Pinterest yet and wondered whether to. I spend too much time on social media now, but would join Pinterest if you think it’s a good promotion tool. For fun, I do other things like read, genealogy, or one of other hobbies. With your gorgeous photos, I can see where you might have people steal them (You actually gave me permission to use one), but those of my daughter always include her copyright mark. As Maeve said, there are too many people eager to sue now. You’d think frivolous law suits would be dismissed but look at the woman who won millions from McDonald’s because she spilled her coffee on herself. Stupid!


  7. No comment on the copyright aspect of this. I’d have to think that one over for a while. Haha. But I’d never even heard of the site until now. I’m liking it a lot so far.

    Thanks for making me aware of it.

    Lauren Ruiz


  8. Hi

    I loved your post and love your pinterest boords and blog. Keep up the good work it is very informative, entertaining and a great read.



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